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Your Expert Guide For The Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers For Hills (Buyer`s Guide + Reviews)

Want that perfect manicured lawn, but find that you are having problems achieving it due to those unwanted and back-breaking hills? Change all that with the best self-propelled lawn mower for hills.

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers For Hills

There is nothing like a lazy Sunday with the family, either sitting on the front porch enjoying the beautiful lawn or playing games on that lawn. The only problem is keeping that lawn perfectly manicured lawn, especially when you are dealing with troubling hills. And, that is exactly why you need the best mower for steep hills. Of course, choosing one isn’t as easy as one might think, as there are tons of considerations that need to be carefully weighed ahead of time.

To make your burden a little easier here is an informative guide with a few in-depth reviews of today’s most popular picks.

Comparison Table

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1. Craftsman M215 Self-Propelled Gas Powered Lawn Mower

Craftsman has always been a popular name when it comes to home and automotive repair. And, this is partly in respects to their stellar reputation. They are a company that is more than well known for their willingness to stand behind their products. Just look at their lifetime guarantee on their sockets and wrenches. All that aside, you will also see that the M215 push mower certainly isn’t lacking either when it comes to innovation and quality.

Craftsman M215 159cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 High-Wheeled FWD Self-Propelled Gas Powered Lawn Mower with Bagger
  • POWERFUL 159CC OHV GAS ENGINE: Powerful gas engine comes equipped with recoil and auto choke. No more fussing with a primer or choke - just pull to start!
  • 3-IN-1 CAPABILITIES: Unit has side discharge, rear discharge, and mulching capabilities.

The Powerful 159 OHV Gas Engine

First off, just take a look at the engine on this mower. An engine is without a doubt one of the most crucial components of any device. And, this is why the company spared no expenses when it comes to this mower. This bad boy comes equipped with a 159 CC OHV Engine, which is more than the industry standard when it comes to pushing mowers. This powerful gas engine also includes a recoil and auto choke that will come in more than handy in a number of potential situations.

Other Notable Features

Some other features that make this mower perfect for hills are the 11-inch tires, the self-propelled technology, the variable speed, the front-wheel-drive terrain, and the dual-lever height adjuster. Of course, there are plenty more impressive this about the M215, but these are the ones that will stand out for homeowners dealing will hills.

2. Craftsman M275 Self-Propelled Gas Powered Lawn Mower

Many have called the Craftsman M275 the best walk behind mower for hills. And, when you really sit down and look at everything that it has to offer, it is more than easy to see why this is the case. First, just look at the engine. This mower comes with the same engine as the previously mentioned Craftsman, the 159 CC OHV gas engine. This powerful engine will give you the torque that you need to get up those steeper inclines.

Craftsman M275 159cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 High-Wheeled Self-Propelled FWD Gas Powered Lawn Mower, with Bagger, Red
  • Save time when cleaning your deck’s underside to prevent rust or waste build up | Includes Self propelled mower, One bagger, One V20* Lithium Ion Battery, One Charger & One Engine Oil
  • Product dimensions – 36.56" L x 17.75" W x 17.75" H | Product weight – 86.8 lbs. | Start type – Electric Start | Cut height – 1.25” to 3.75” | Cut width – 21” | Motor brand – MTD Products | Horse Power – 159 CC


This is also a front-wheel-drive model, which means that the front two tires are always pulling when the motor is in gear. With you behind the helm and the two front wheels assisting, you won’t have a problem getting up and down those steeper hills anymore. You combine this with the self-propelled technology and it is easy to justify the extra expense for this mower.

Other Notable Features

Some other features included on the M275 that are worth mentioning are the electric start with auto choke, the dual-lever adjusting cutting height, and the easy to wash deck. This mower was specifically made to make your life easier and it is safe to say that it accomplishes just that and a whole lot more.

3. PowerSmart DB2194S Self-Propelled Lawnmower

The first thing that must be mentioned about the DB2194S is the powerful engine. You already know how crucial it is to have a sufficient engine when it comes to pulling up hills. Well, the DB2194S passes in this respect. The model comes equipped with an innovative 161 CC engine that delivers the power and torque that you need to get up those hills. Not only this, but it all comes crammed into a neat little lightweight package mower.

PowerSmart DB2194S 21" 3-in-1 161cc Gas Self Propelled Lawn Mower
  • Powered by 161 cc engine delivering the right amount of power in a compact, lightweight package
  • 3-in-1 bag, side discharge and mulching capability allows you to spread grass clippings to the side, returning key nutrients to your lawn so your grass can grow healthy and thick

5 Adjustable Height Positions

The thing that really sets this mower apart from the others is the height settings. You can see that both of the above-mentioned Craftsman mowers only come equipped with 3 adjustable height settings. This isn’t the case with the DB2194S. It comes with 5, which really gives you the ability to fine tine and manicure your lawn perfectly in this uneven spots.

Other Notable Features

The mower also comes with a large rear 16-gallon container that will store clippings and leaves. The 21-inch steel deck provides more cutting than your traditional push mowers. The mower only does come with 8-inch wheels, which aren’t quite as big as the Craftsman mowers, but you won’t have a problem maneuvering this mower around because it just nearly weighs 80 pounds. This and in combination with the lightweight design and it will be easier than ever getting up and down those tiresome hills.

4. PowerSmart DB8620 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Here is another PowerSmart and after seeing the last model, you are going to be even more impressed with this one. The first and most notable difference in the two is the engines. This model even comes with an even more powerful 196 CC engine. However, it too is still crammed into a sleek and slim profile. In fact, with the extra weight of the motor, this bad boy only weighs right around 83 pounds, which isn’t too bad. Since you won’t have to push the mower the weight really won’t factor is too much.

PowerSmart DB8620 20 inch 3-in-1 196cc Gas Self Propelled Mower, Red/Black
  • Powered by 196 cc engine delivering the right amount of power in a compact, lightweight package
  • Easy pull starting. 20-Inch Steel mowing deck

Backed With Two Years

It must be mentioned that this PowerSmart comes backed with a two-year warranty. This is pretty impressive when you consider that some of the models out there today aren’t coming with anything. In the first two years of ownership if you experience any technical or other unwanted difficulties all you have to do is contact the manufacturer and they will resolve the issue, even if it means refunding your purchase.

Other Notable Features

Other things that are worth mentioning are the 3-in-1 side discharge. Not only this, but the DB8620 like the DB2194S also comes with mulching capabilities. You can take those old grass clippings and use them to your advantage. This model does come with an additional 3 height settings as well as a 20-inch steel mowing deck.

5. OneInMil RV175D Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

The RV175D might be the only OneInMil on this list, but it has its very own unique qualities that make it stand out amongst the pack. This model offers a rear-wheel-drive terrain, which is different from the others on this list. The rear wheels digging in can give that extra traction and power that you need to power up and around those extremely steep hills. The powerful gas engine with a 21-inch cutting deck ensures that you get the job done in half the time that it would normally take.

No products found.

8 Adjustable Height Settings

This mower also comes with 8 different height settings. Regardless of how hilly or uneven your yard is, you won’t have a problem getting a uniformed cut and look with this mower. The eight different height settings give you the ability to customize and profile your lawn in a way manner that you see fit.

Other Notable Features

Some other things that must be touched on are the electric start with auto choke, the powerful 173.9 CC OHV gas engine, and the extra-wide 21-inch cutting deck. Combine all this with the 4-in-1 mulch bag and it is easy to see why the RV175D is the clear winner when it comes to hills and valleys.

How To Shop For A Self-Propelled Lawn Mower For Hills

There really is nothing like that perfect lawn to increase the overall value and beauty of your home. The only problem is that achieving that perfect lawn without the assistance of a professional isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. This is especially true when you are dealing with tons of hills and uneven spots. Well, you could change both your life and your lawn’s life by investing in the right lawnmower. The best riding lawn mower for hills or even the best push mower will not only make your life easier, but it will save your body tons of unneeded and unwanted wear and tear.

Self-Propulsion Technology

Any time you are dealing with hills and valleys, you without a doubt want a lawnmower that is going to be able to handle the job. And, one with self-propulsion technology is one that can more than handle the job. With this technology, the wheels of the mower are actually pulling, so you don’t have to do any pushing. The mower will literally drag itself right up the hill. All you have to do is steer it in the right direction.

A Powerful And Durable Motor Is A Must

Hills are rough on your mower just like they are rough on your car. And, this is why you need a model with a powerful motor. A powerful motor that is capable of producing torque that can get you up those hills with ease. Not only this, but you want one that is reliable and durable. Before shopping make sure that you examine your yard carefully and weigh it against the power of the motor. If your yard is extremely hilly with lots of uneven spots, you are going to want something that is capable of producing a lot of power.

Adjustable Height Settings

Dealing with hills and uneven spots oftentimes mean that you are dealing with high and shorter grass. The goal is to get all that grass evenly cut so you only have to cut the entire yard once a week. Not only this but don’t you want the yard to look uniform? Of course, you do and adjustable height settings can help you do just that. Make sure you choose a model that offers several different height selections so that you can customize your yard any way that you need to.


Why Does My Mower Have Problems Starting After Sitting During The Off-Season?

Owning and maintaining a mower can be a lot of responsibility as well as a lot of work. In fact, you need to clean and degrease key components of a mower before storing them for the winter. Not only this, but you need to make sure that the tanks are filled with fuel stabilizer, otherwise the old fuel will become thick and clog the carburetor.

Why Won’t My Mower Start Back After Tipping Over On A Hill?

Tipping is a common problem with lawnmowers. This is especially true when dealing with a lot of hills. Well, you need to know that it is also common for a mower to not start after tipping over. Even people that tip them when changing the blades have a hard time getting them to start back. And, this had to do with gas getting into key components of the engine. All you usually have to get is give the device 30 minutes or so to air itself out and it should start right back up.

Are Riding Or Push Mowers Better For Hills?

There is just something about a perfectly manicured lawn. Not only does this lawn make you look like a thoughtful and careful homeowner, but it increases the overall value of your home. Your home is a major investment and you should always do whatever you can to add to that value. That being said, there is no disputing that t his won’t always be the easiest job, especially if you are dealing with hills. However, the right mower can help. Of course, choose the right mower isn’t always that easy either. In fact, the entire process can be a job itself. Your first starting task will be deciding between riding and push mower.

How Big Is Your Yard And How Steep Are Your Hills?

When deciding between a riding and push mower for hills, you must first look at the entirety of your yard. How big is your yard? Do you have maybe 1 or 2 acres? Maybe you just have a quarter of an acre. Whatever the situation is, you want to make sure that you are choosing the right device for the job. Obviously, if you have at least one 1 or 2 acres, you are probably going to need a riding mower. However, this doesn’t mean that you will be able to safely use that riding mower on those hills. You may have to buy an additional push mower for those hills, depending on their slope. If the slope is really steep, you are going to want to go with a push mower just for safety reasons.

What Is Your Experience Level?

If you are dealing with a larger yard you might not have any choice but to opt for a riding mower. However, if you do have that option and are still considering a riding mower, you may want to consider your experience level. Have you ever ridden a lawnmower before? Do you even know where to begin? Sure, there is a learning curve for everything, but learning to ride a lawnmower is scarier and takes more time than you might imagine, It is even entirely possible that you could get injured during the process. It might be best to just avoid the entire situation if at all possible.

Considering Storage

Push mowers alone aren’t that easy to store. You almost need a shed or basement for these items. Well, just look at a riding mower. They are going to be even harder to store. You will without a doubt need an additional shed or garage for these items. After spending so much money on one of these machines, you simply wouldn’t want to leave it sitting in the front yard exposed to the elements. Of course, you can always cover it up with a tarp, but how is this really going to look?

Maintenance And Care

Lawnmowers are also going to need maintenance and care. They are mechanical and will break down is not cared for. Do you know how to work on mowers? If not this might mean a visit to the mechanic. And, they do not have towing services for mowers. Getting your mower to a mechanic will mean that you will physically have to get it there. Do you have the means to transport a riding mower?

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Jack Gibson October 13, 2020 at 10:44 am

Another well known brand in garden care is Husqvarna. This Swedish company has been around for 300 years and you can expect the highest quality from its lawn mowers especially self propelled ones. The 7021RC is one popular model, built with 190cc Honda engine and a 21″ steel cutting deck. The XT721F on the other hand comes with a 173cc Kohler engine. This front wheel drive mower has a 21″ steel deck perfect for the households with average lawn areas.


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