Why You Need an Espresso Machine

Espresso is a unique type of coffee that has gained popularity over the last two decades. People queue in cafes to get a taste of this drink every morning. Coffee has a large following of people and it will probably stay that way well into the future.

Have you ever thought about making your own coffee? Is it something you would consider?

Here we are going to learn about espresso and why you need to get an espresso machine and make it yourself.

How is an Espresso Made?

It is made by forcing hot pressurized water through finely-ground coffee beans.

Espresso is a drink that is full of flavor and can be used to make other coffee drinks.

The Variations of Espresso Include

Caffé latte- It is a drink made of two shots of espresso and milk flavored with syrup.

Cappuccino- It is a drink made up of a single shot of espresso and frothed or steamed milk.

Red Eye- It is a drink made up of regular coffee and a single shot of espresso. This is the real wake up call.

Caffé Americano- It is a drink made up of hot water and a shot of espresso.

There is a specific machine that makes espresso. This machine is called an espresso machine.

What Are the Types of Espresso Machines?

The pump-driven machines are the most popular these days. They contain an electronic pump that drives hot water into a chamber filled with coffee.

They Are Further Sub-Divided into Three Categories

Semi-Automatic Machines

It combines the use of an automated water system to create an espresso. The barista grinds the coffee and controls the extraction time. They also have to stop the overflow manually.

Automatic Machines

It has similar features to the semi-automatic except these have an automated stopper for overflow. They make equal volumes of espresso. They are therefore popularly found in cafes.

Super-Automatic Machines

It performs all the functions the others do and makes shots that are consistent every time. It is popular in homes and offices.

Why Would You Need an Espresso Machine?

Convenient in Making Your Cup

You can make your cup of coffee anytime you like. Imagine waking up at midnight craving an espresso. All you have to do is go to your kitchen and make a tasty cup.

The convenience of making a cup in the morning is also time-saving. It has been discovered that people take up to 45 hours a year queuing for coffee at cafes.

With your machine, you will need 10 minutes to make your cup and move on to the rest of your day.

Cheaper Coffee

Making your coffee can help you save money. Cafes tend to overprice their coffee to show off and as a marketing technique to lure you in for a ‘unique’ cup of coffee.

It may not seem like you would save much at the moment, but adding up the amounts per year will surprise you.

Experiment with the World of Coffee

Having your espresso machine at home, means you could test different types of roasted beans. There are always unique tastes out there waiting for you to explore. Do not get stuck with the same packets of coffee which are limited to the creators’ idea of coffee.

Become an enthusiastic explorer of coffee with your aide in hand, the espresso machine.

Environmental Sustainability

Have you ever wondered what happens to the small coffee cups after everyone is done taking their coffee? What do you do with your little cup? You throw it away in the nearest trashcan. So does everybody else. The packaging is made from non-recyclable material and therefore not sustainable. The trash ends up in huge landfills. You know they will take forever to decay, probably not in your lifetime.

With your machine, you can make your coffee and pack it in a reusable cup. You can carry it to work and back home later. You will conserve the environment and still enjoy your cup of coffee.

Create Your Own Coffee Parties

When you have friends come over to visit you, you can make them coffee. Nurturing relationships in your home rather than in cafes will bring positive energy to you and your friends as well. You also get to boast as the best home barista of the year!

Expertise in Coffee

The more you create different types of coffee, the more you learn about your tastes. You also get to experiment with the effects of changing some elements such as temperature, and measurements of coffee to come up with unique coffee.

Do some research on the origins of different coffee to help you understand the reasons behind the tastes and aroma of a particular coffee. Knowledge of issues surrounding the coffee market globally should make you feel like a coffee expert.

You could even write about your coffee explorations on a blog and let the whole world know about your love for coffee.

An espresso machine will open you up to the world of coffee. Taking charge of the first drink you take every morning is revitalizing. You will enjoy exploring different aromas from different coffee regions of the world. Before the invention of this machine, people were confined to similar tastes of coffee tins. Why would you in this day be willing to live in the same cocoon?


Get an espresso machine and start making the coffee you deserve and you will love the experience.

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