Why Lift Chairs Are the Best Gifts for an Elderly Person

Lift chairs, also known as power lift recliners, are an amazing invention for older people who while standing up face difficulty. This is loved by the elderly and it’s a perfect gift for elderly people who have difficulty getting up from their chair.

The good thing about them is that they are not expensive at all, so should they be a must-have for the elderly in the home? An individual’s independence, especially if he’s old, is very important. For those who are caring for older people, the safety of the elderly is the first thing which comes to their minds. Both of them are provided with a lift chair, the elderly person then gains independence safely and the carer gains peace of mind. If there are elderly in the house and there’s some space in your house, you have the budget available as well, do not waste any time and install a lift chair for the older person at your home who has difficulty in standing up.

With age, older people lose the mobility from their limbs which restricts them from their independence. To provide the elderly with their independence, the first thing that must be considered is their safety.

Lift Chair Benefits

We can see this very clearly that with growing older, it becomes difficult for older people to move around freely and independently, and it sometimes hurts that the things we enjoy cannot be enjoyed by our elders the same way. Giving them their independence with care and an intense focus on their safety in mind is something every caregiver does, because injuries caused by falls are the most common in the population of elderly people.

According to a survey held by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • Every year, about 3 million older people get their treatment in emergency departments because of their fall injuries.
  • Every year, about 300,000 older people get hospitalized for hip fractures.
  • More than 95% of the fractures of the hip is due to falling, especially falling sideways.
  • The most common cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are falls.

Can a Recliner Be Converted into a Chair Lift?

It is possible to install a Universal Lift Frame and change your standard recliner into a lift chair. It usually works by placing the lift frame underneath the recliner. On activation the recliner helps the person to first sit and then stand up as the back of the recliner is pushed up. It’s less costly than purchasing a lift chair, but labour cost must also be taken into account if you’re not skilled to install it yourself.

Types of Lift Chairs

There are three different types of lift chairs:

  • Two-Position– They have a reclining range of 45 degrees.
  • Three-Position– They are known sometimes as another name. They can recline almost flat but can stop midway between sitting up straight and almost flat.
  • Infinite– They are known as zero gravity recliners as they can recline completely flat and midway between sitting up and almost flat. Most people love other recliners and do not recommend this on a basis that it has more chances for an older person to fall off. If the elderly has the ability to control his body movements and has somewhat of an agility in an emergency, then this lift chair can be used by them.

Choosing a Recliner Lift Chair

There are a variety of designs for recliners. The lift recliner’s design collection is limited, but still there are plenty to choose from. Choosing the lift chair is not much of a process. The decision making process is almost the same as considering the ease of using the recliner, the comfort it offers, and the space it takes to fit into your house.

The things most people look for in the recliners for decision making are the built-in features such as:

  • Type of Control– The person using the chair must be able to manage the controls. Some of the problems faced by older people regarding controls are large buttons, or the control requires some strength from an elderly person. Some recliners can be programmed, e.g. the setting of controls are done once and there’s no need to do that again making it easier to use.
  • Backrest– This is common to consider and we take it into account when buying a recliner chair, e.g. the back of the chair and the seat are comfortable enough for the user who wishes to use it.
  • Footrest– Footrests are always comfortable, and the settings with footrests are easy to use. Setting the degree of recline and footrest should be known by the user and should also be easy for the user.
  • Material– Consider choosing material which is easy to maintain and clean, especially if the chair is being bought for an elderly person who may be incontinent from time to time.
  • Heat or Massage– Some models of the lift chairs come with a massaging or heating facility which can be comfortable and enjoyable for the user of the recliner. The massage feature can work on buttocks, shoulder, and lower back.
  • Size– It’s better to know how much space your house has to incorporate a recliner in it. The size of the recliner must be manageable for your home. If there’s a small space in your house then wall hugger models, or standard models, can be bought. They provide you with the facility to save space.

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