Why Is It Mandatory to Clean Juicers?

With the need for physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle increasing rapidly, many local businesses are offering healthy food services that provide healthy and nutritious foods, and fresh juices for their customers. To do this, they require many basic tools and equipment. One of such equipment is the juicer. Aside from that, the juicer is an important piece of equipment that is available in almost every household.

The juicer: Also known as “juice extractor” is a simple machine that is designed to extract the juices from fruits and vegetables. Juicers come in different types, sizes and mode of operations, but basically they all perform the same task.

As awesome as it seems making fresh juice easily at the comfort of your home and readily available to your customers with the click of a machine and with little time as possible, the juicer comes with a hard task. It is very difficult to clean. This part derails many from attempting to clean their juicer.

Although, it is easy to leave your juicer unwashed for some time, it is important to consider some reasons why it is mandatory to clean juicers.

Health Benefits

The drive for a healthier lifestyle is surging violently more than ever before in our 21st century. It is said that it is better to eat and drink healthy than to pay visits to the doctor.

When juicers are uncleaned after use, bacteria and germs begin to grow from the bits of fruits that got stuck in the machine. Bacteria is one of the leading causes of food poisoning with the common ones being:

  • E.coli
  • Hepatitis A
  • Staphylococcus aureus

Concern for your personal health as an individual and customers’ health as a local business should be your primary concern. After all, the starting point for fitness and healthy living is good hygiene.


The goal of any business is to minimize cost, and maximize profits, while that of an individual would be to save some extra bucks. When investing in buying machines especially electrical gadgets, it is always important to maintain them to reduce the cost of repairs in the long run. Like all machines invented, the juicer requires proper maintenance routines. In the course of usage, liquids from fruits can seep from the juicer containers into electrical component parts such as the motor, the electrical switch, etc. This may:

  • Hamper the performance of the juicer
  • Cause damages like electrical shocks
  • Damage the juicer completely

So if you want to get the value of your money and save on costs in the long run, you will have to up your game in the maintenance of your juicer.

Smoother Operation

All juicers have basic parts which are the nozzles, juice containers, rotating screw blades (augers), bowl/baskets, etc. It is usually very tricky to clean these parts because of their component structures. However, keep in mind that when these parts are clogged with bits of fruits or vegetables, their performance is limited, especially the rotating screw blades, and the nozzles. Essentially, keeping these parts of the juicer clean not only increases its performance, but also enables smoother operation of the device.

Better and Fresher Flavour

Keeping your juicer clean is actually a time-consuming task, especially, when you have loads of customers waiting on you or you are in a hurry. However, the time invested into draining and thoroughly cleaning your juicer comes with a great reward: better flavoured juices. Cleaning juicers always ensure that your juices are always fresh and have an original taste, since there is no mix up of fruits and herbs that are contrary to customers’ orders or your personal taste. Building the numbers of customers waiting in line and enjoying refreshing juices can be made easy with something as simple as juicer cleaning.

Customer Retention

It is a viral saying that “health is wealth” and almost everyone subscribes to it. Customers are highly concerned about the hygiene of a business, when it comes to patronizing, especially with goods that are consumed orally. Cleaning of juicers indicates to your customers that you place hygiene first before profit. It also indicates that you are highly concerned about their health in the process of making profits. Therefore, as simple as it may be, constant cleaning of juicers builds the trust of customers in your brand. When trust is built, customer loyalty is created which increases your business score among customers.

Avoidance of Lawsuits

As funny and trivial as this may seem, constant cleaning of juicers can help your business evade a lawsuit. Lawsuits have the tendency of always siphoning cash from your business and giving it a bad reputation. As aforementioned, about the hygienic needs and benefits, not cleaning your juicers can cause food poisoning. With many laws and agencies governing food and drug consumption these days, you don’t want to get on the bad side of the law. Customers can easily report cases of food poisoning to these agencies and file a lawsuit against your business. Imagine the reputational damage this would cause to your business when it is covered by the local news. Saving your business with something as little as a juicer cleaning is therefore, definitely a great and simple way to stay in business.


Efforts are needed to make things work and keep balance in the long run. Buying a juicer is definitely a bold step to your health and fitness goals as an individual. It is also a great step to adding more items to the menu of your local nutrition/restaurant business. It is however, important to always make sure that you try your best to maintain and keep your juicer in good condition to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in business.

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