Why Is a Proper Golf Set Important?

Golf is a global game enjoyed by a large number of people around the world. The game is played by people of all ages and has come to be one of the highest paying sports in the word. Golf is a game that requires skills, good strategizing, high precision and accuracy, and great equipment.

Golf equipment are the unique markers of the game because they are numerous and look different from other sports equipment. Most important of these is the golf ball, the golf club, tees, gloves, ball markers, bags, etc.

With the wide variety of equipment, it is vital to choose appropriate ones that suit your needs, especially when it comes to your golf set because “one size doesn’t fit all”.

The Golf Set

The golf set is the most important equipment when it comes to golf, it is the total number of golf clubs in a player’s bag. Golf sets come in different designs and are tailored to suit personal preference.

The golf club is the club used for hitting the golf ball in a golf game. It is made up of three parts. Each of these parts have their special function in aiding the golfer in his performance.

  • The Club Head: This is located at the bottom of the golf club. It is the part of the club that makes contact with the ball after a swing is made.
  • The Shaft: The shaft is the long tube that joins the grip of the club to the club head. Its weight varies depending on the length and the material used, usually around 45 to 150 grams.
  • The Grip: This is the part of the club the golfer holds when taking a swing. It is usually made of hardened rubber or leather.

There are different types of golf clubs and each type has its own purposes. They are:

Drivers: Also known as woods, the drivers are usually used by beginners, they are the longest club in golf and have the largest club head. Drivers are used for shooting long distance fairway or tee shots. Drivers have the lowest loft among all golf clubs.

Irons: These clubs have solid, all-metals with a flat angled face. They have shorter shafts than drivers. It is the most commonly used club in the golf arena because you can use them to make a variety of shots. They have deeper grooves which generates extra spin on the ball. It comes in two types;

  • Cavity back
  • Muscle back aka ‘blade’.

Most irons are numbered from 3 to 9, corresponding to their loft angle and their intended distance.

Hybrids: Also called utility clubs, these clubs are the most modern golf club. Hybrids which came around in the 21st century, is the crossbreed of the wood and the iron golf club. It combines the length of the wood club with the swing of the iron club. Its club head is smaller than that of the wood. Hybrids are mainly used by the recreational golfer because of the easy stroke. They have no unique numbering, they are numbered in correspondence to the iron they replace.

Wedges: These clubs are similar to irons, hence they are said to be a subclass of iron. The main distinguishing feature of this club is its loft, which ranges from 46 to 64 degrees. It is of different types, namely:

  • Pitching wedge
  • Gap wedge
  • Sand wedge
  • Lob wedge.

Wedges are used for playing out of sand bunkers or shorter approach into the greens.

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Photo by Court Cook / Unsplash

Putters: The putter can be said to be the most important club in the golf game, because it is the most used in the golf game. It has a flat club head, a loft (usually not higher than 10 degrees) and no bounce angle. They are used on the ‘putting green’ and for hitting balls into the hole. Putters come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, because there are no right or wrong ones, it’s just a matter of personal choice.

You are entitled, according to the rules of golf, to carry a maximum of fourteen (14) clubs in your bag. These rules, however, do not stipulate the types of clubs carried. Getting the right set of golf clubs is crucial to the golfer’s game performance.

The Importance of Proper Golf Sets

Since a golf set is a matter of preference, it is important to make sure your golf set is tailored to suit your goals, and you are not just buying another unneeded set of clubs.

Proper golf sets are important because they increase your performance in the game depending on what you are trying to achieve. When buying a golf set, it is important to pay special attention to the shaft, because according to many, “it is the engine of the club”. A good and proper fitting shaft affects your performance in the following ways:

  • It affects the golfer’s ball impact.
  • Its weight controls that of the club.
  • The weight also matches the total weight of the club to the golfer’s sense of swing timing and tempo.
  • The flex and bend profile of the shaft adds to the launch angle and spin of the shot.
  • The length of the club affects the club head speed and center hit consistency for some golfers.


A player’s golf set is primarily his personal choice as there are no standard clubs. While professionals understand this, many amateurs are confused about the type of set to go for, and usually ends up with improper sets that don’t suit their goals and skill level. In conclusion, it is important to augment your performance in the game.

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