Why Do You Need Mountain Bike?

Mountain biking is a sport riding bicycles over hilly areas, at elevated paths. It has recently gained much popularity as people have become health conscious and environmentally friendly. Instead of paying for petrol and cabs, they prefer to buy or rent a bike to get to places. I need a mountain bike because I am a fitness freak and addicted to traveling the world, and; this sport gives me the satisfaction of both. The pleasure of burning those extra calories along with seeing the world, nothing else can feel so charismatic.

Here, I am jotting down a few reasons that made me fall head over heels with mountain bikes:

Full Body Workout:

I am obsessed with being healthy; I can go to any extent to keep myself free from diseases. Right from eating healthy to getting up early in the morning and working out for hours together. I can do it all; my only need is getting positive results on the weighing scale and with measuring tape. You have two options, either practice several exercises for each body part or choose a sport which will work single-handedly for everything. Mountain biking is such a sport, it works on your legs, butt, shoulders, abdominal muscles, and at the same time strengthens your core.

Healthy Heart:

Heart pumps blood and purifies it, blood carries oxygen, and carries it to every body part. The more physically active we are the more blood will be pumped. Now, if we are sedentary, our heart is not working much which is reducing its efficiency. Biking makes you active, keeps you always on your toes which in turn makes the heart work more. Mountain biking especially uses large muscle groups which need more oxygen and hence the heart works steadily and increases its efficiency. This improves cardiovascular fitness.

Decreased Rate of Diseases:

Regular exercise, especially when all muscle groups are involved increases your fitness. Fitness is inversely proportional to diseases. It keeps you away from obesity which is the millennials’ biggest concern. To conclude, it keeps your heart healthy, mind relaxed, and body, as a whole, sound and healthy.

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Being a people person, I love to network with people; people from different backgrounds, gender, and occupation. When you go to study or work, you meet the same genre of people there. But, when you go to a social event such as trekking or biking, you get to know diversity. They come from a different location, talk different languages but have a single motto: a passion for biking. I have moved to several locations for work for many years, wherever I go, I join some kind of club which makes me meet, connect and mingle with different races and tribes.

Travel Buzz:

I have a divine love for traveling. I can get tired of sleeping but will never complain about the tiring journey. Travelling gives me an adrenaline rush which is the happy hormone. Biking allows me to mix two of my passions. Go traveling and you don’t have to sacrifice your workout routine. When it comes to mountain biking, it gives you a different satisfaction, probably because it’s more challenging than normal cycling but the reward is worth taking the pain; the aerial view you get of the city from the top of any mountain is simply mesmerizing. This buzz makes me crazy.

Amidst Nature:

The kind of atmosphere you get on top of a mountain or hill is something you can miss all your comforts for. If you are an early morning cyclist, you can even feel the clouds around you. It feels we have reached the clouds, literally. Far from the city’s pollution, it’s the perfect destination to get yourself some fresh air which will make your lungs healthier. Fresh air, tingling feeling of clouds touching your face and greenery all around will make your day. It feels like an accomplishment to find such a spot.

Get Rid of Insomnia:

If you are an insomniac and have trouble sleeping, mountain biking is the remedy. It makes you tired, with a good feeling though. At the end of the day when you hit your bedding, you will instantly fall asleep. At least this is what happens to me; getting up early makes the duration good enough for you to get some sleep and intense workouts all through the day are like icing on the cake. If you are an insomniac, trust me, this is worth a try.

Feel-Good Factor:

With so many positive aspects connected to mountain biking, it certainly has a feel-good factor. Owning a mountain bike gives me a sense of pride and pleasure. Whenever I can, I grab the opportunity to take my bike out, be it traveling within the city or going for a weekend ride, I am always game for the trip.


Mountain biking is a complete package of happiness, which includes, disease-free life, a healthy body, a relaxed mind and traveling around the world. There is one more aspect to it, what to look for when you go to buy a bike. No bike is flawless, and every bike can be perfect; it depends on your need, budget, where you are going to use it and how often you are going to ride it. Keep these points in mind, analyze properly, and then invest in your mountain bike as investing in a mountain bike is investing in your happiness.

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