Why Choosing the Right Putter for Beginners Is Important

A putter is a type of club that is used in golf to make short strikes with the purpose to roll back into the hole from a short distance.

It is the most important club a golfer can carry in their bag. Putters can be classified into different categories depending on their features. Here we will look at 2 main classifications, head shapes, and balance.

Types of Head Shapes


They are lightweight clubs that are long and narrow. They’re most preferred because of their lightweight feature and can be used to do faster putting greens.


They have larger heads with some extra weight on them.

They are also preferred because they reduce wrist action, allowing the golfers to use the pendulum swing to increase their chances of success. For slower greens, the mallets are preferred to avoid putting hard and gaining control of the swing.


It is a putter with a unique size that helps in hitting different strokes. They are smaller than mallets and bigger than blades, which then means they have borrowed advantages from both the clubs. They have a comfortable unique feel and are very stable clubs.


The putters have different lengths but the most important thing to remember is to choose the putter that feels right and comfortable for your wrist.

A beginner in golf can be bombarded with information on how to find the right putter. Beginning anything including golf is never easy.

Tips That Can Help a Beginner When Looking for the Right Putter


A beginner needs to know that the weight of a club is important to how they make the swing. The putter should have more weight on its head and the grip.

This will help in reducing unwanted wrist movement which can over time lead to injury. Injury is something that a beginner would not start worrying about as it puts you away from the course for some time.

The Grip

You need to find a putter that has a thick grip. Remember, in this game, the putter is the grip that will give you the straight edge. The putter should have the right size and length to give better abilities for the game.

A thick grip will relieve the wrists off the swing and out of the stroke. In golf, this is a big aim for all golfers to avoid wrist injury.

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As a beginner, you can be tempted to pick an expensive putter. Especially if you link price to quality. However, this cannot always be true.

It is important to choose the design of a putter over the price. Focus more on how efficient the design is and how it will improve your capabilities on the golf course. Again, do not buy an expensive putter to impress your new golf buddies. Focus on yourself and the game.


Length is an important factor when choosing a putter, especially for a beginner. The basic advice is to put on your golf shoes when you are measuring your height. With the correct measurement, you can prudently choose the right putter for you.

Head Shapes

The mallet putters have a large head and carry a little more weight. The weight is distributed on the head to allow minimal wrist movement.

The blade putter is long and narrow and is quite light.

As a beginner continues to learn what kind of golfer they are, they can then choose the appropriate head shape putter for their game. Understanding that success in golf comes with both knowing yourself and finding the right golf tools can be called “golf wisdom”.

Putter Loft

The putter that a beginner chooses should come with just the right loft. If the putter has too much loft, lifting the golf ball can become tricky and the ball can lose on distance traveled, thereby missing the hole.

If the putter has too little loft, it may end up skidding and pressing the ball into the turf. As a beginner, it is important to choose the right putter. You do not want a putter that keeps skidding or a putter that hits and misses all the time.

The Lie Angle

The lie angle is the distance between the sole to the shaft of the putter. Generally, the angles are between 70-72 degrees.

A beginner needs to choose a putter that has the right angle that can work with their individual swing. This will allow the golfer to achieve putts on their chosen line.

New inventions have made it easier for golfers because most of the putters are bent in a way that increases the lie angle.


All these are factors that will help a beginner to choose the right putter. The right putter allows the beginner to avoid injury thereby maintaining fit wrists and hands. The choice of putter also helps the golfer understand themselves better on the course and learning becomes easier and fun-filled.

We’ve seen the importance of choosing a well-designed putter over price. A good putter will enhance the beginner’s performance on the golf course. Every golfer wants the best performance. The quicker you learn, the sooner you will join an elite golf club.

As a beginner, you need to appreciate that choosing a putter is a process that is influenced by preference and practical knowledge. Always strive to choose the best putter for your newfound love, golf.

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