The Best Tabletop Ironing Board to Buy in 2021

An ironing board is a necessity for homemakers and other individuals who want to look their best all the time.

Shopping for a new ironing board was once very easy, as there was only one model available across the market. Today, there are innumerable brands and designs available, so it will take a bit of research to find out which one is more suitable for your needs.

Best Tabletop Ironing Board: Quick Comparison

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How To Choose The Tabletop Ironing Board?

Foldable Design

Just like a traditional ironing board, the tabletop version must offer a compact storage. When searching for a new tabletop ironing board, be sure to only consider brands that are foldable. While these ironing boards are already compact, the legs can create an issue for storage, if they do not fold in and old. By folding the legs inward, you will have the option of storing the ironing board between your washer and dryer, in a small cupboard, or on a shelf above your appliances.

Non-Skid Feet

Since the ironing board will sit on a table or other flat surface, it must come with non-skid feet. Without this feature, the tabletop ironing board will slid everywhere. The stoppers on the feet must be made of rubber to prevent the board from sliding about, while also protecting the surface from scratches.


Ironing requires a bit of manpower, since you must put a specific amount of pressure on the material to allow the heat from the iron to smooth wrinkles. With this said, if the ironing board is not capable of withstanding the weight of your iron and the force of your pushing down, it will be rendered useless. Before investing in any tabletop ironing board make sure that it comes with reinforced steel legs.

Washable Cover

The ironing board cover will become stained over time, due to exposure to fabric wrinkle removers and starch. To ensure you always have a cleaning surface to work with, only consider investing in an ironing board that includes a cover that is machine washable.

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