Waterproof Golf Shoes – What Are They?

Golf is a sport which is played using a club and a ball. The club is used to hit the ball and make it enter through 18 holes arranged on the golf course. Unlike other sports, it doesn’t have any fixed measurement of the total area covered and is usually huge. The player who manages to hit the ball into all 18 holes with a minimum number of strikes is declared the winner. To traverse through all the holes, players usually walk. Hence, they need to stand up, walk and bend for a long time to complete the full game.

What Is the Importance of Golf Shoes in Golf?

The most important part of this sport is to have a perfect aim to strike the ball to the destined hole. All holes are not simple and straight, a few are bent towards one side known as “dogleg left” or “dogleg right” whereas some are bent twice known as “double dogleg”. Next to getting a perfect shot from a distance, another important aspect of this game is to walk a long distance and stand for hours. On average, a golf game with 4 golf players lasts for 4 hours. Hence, they must have enough strength in their legs as well as have good shoes.

What Kind of Shoes Are Required for Golfers?

Shoes give support to your feet. A good and comfortable pair of shoes makes our day to day life easier and when it comes to golf, it is an absolute necessity. Golf is played round the year these days. There cannot be one single pair of shoes for all seasons.

A Few of the Most Commonly Used Golf Shoes:

  • Spiked Golf Shoes:

These are the most traditional golf shoes. Spikes can be of iron, plastic, or leather depending on one’s choice and comfort. Spikes help you in getting better aim and stability to make the perfect shot. Traditionally spiked shoes were bulky and hence made it difficult for users to wear and walk long distances; however, modern technology has made our life easier. It has waterproofing technology to make it suitable for early morning games when the grass is usually wet. There are plenty of lightweight, waterproof spiked shoes available in the market these days.

  • Spikeless Golf Shoes:

This is one of the revolutionary shoes for golfers. These are lightweight and flat-soled comfortable shoes. The material used in such shoes is mostly rubber and plastic. These look like normal daily wear shoes but provides the ease of a professional runner’s shoes. This type of shoe is specially designed for individuals who tend to suffer from back and foot pain which is very normal in this profession. Due to its multi-purpose make, this can even be used for driving or off the course purposes.

  • Boot Styled Golf Shoes:

These are very rare but highly robust shoes. They look like hiking boots but have been designed for golf players. They are very heavily made and might be difficult to carry and can feel like a burden on your ankles but its USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is being waterproof. Not just in the morning sessions, they can even be worn during slight rain and on wet grass. They have a firm grip with long grasses, long grasses are made to increase the difficulty level of a normal golf game. These are a little expensive compared to their other counterparts but analyzing their overall features, it’s worth the expense.

  • Summer Sandal Styled Golf Shoes:

A few golfers prefer comfort over style, these sandal style shoes are made especially for them. During summer when your feet are ought to sweat and make you uncomfortable, these open shoes will give you some edge over your rivals. These are one of the cheapest options available, although they have limited usage in wet weather, mostly because of their open feature.

Why Waterproof Golf Shoes?

Similar to other ball sports, golf is now not limited to good weather conditions, people now prefer to play even during monsoons, although not during heavy rainfall. Such adverse circumstances demand you to give some extra effort and your feet, which have a key role to play in your victory, deserve the best. There are a variety of waterproof shoes available in the golf market.

The Bifurcation Is Based On:

  • Quality: Waterproof shoes can be made of either pure leather or synthetic material. Based on material used it can be used in either slight or extreme weather conditions.
  • Expense: Affordability is one of the major concerns while we go out to shop. The more money we invest, the better quality and comfort we get.
  • The Extent of Wet Conditions: Golf is not soccer and hence cannot be played in heavy rain. Based on your preferences and weather forecast, you can choose your collection of shoes.
  • Comfort: Many men have a wide foot, so there are shoes especially designed for them to make them feel cozy in their shoes even in wet conditions.
  • Weight: Weight of a shoe is yet another factor in choosing the best shoe for you, it depends upon what suits you best, whether you like a feather-like super-light shoe or a heavy boot like experience.


Concerning all the scenarios mentioned, it can be concluded that every sport has its list of equipment and without them it is very difficult to accomplish victory. Get yourself geared up and go ahead to mark your win.

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