The Reason To Purchase A House Humidifier

A house needs to be comfortable to live in all year. Humidity and temperature levels play a key role in house management.

The extremely low temperatures in winter make the air dry. The humidity levels can then fall to almost 10% which is low compared to the ideal humidity levels in a house which should fall around 30-40%. To raise the humidity levels in the air you should purchase a house humidifier.

How Does It Work?

The running furnace brings the dry air into the humidifier. When the dry air enters the humidifier, it is exposed to moisture from the water supply which directly evaporates into the air. The air moisture levels rise and it is then sent out into the room. The system makes sure that all the air in the home has sufficient moisture levels.

Reasons Why You Should Purchase a House Humidifier

Increased Warmth

Once the humidifier has increased the moisture levels in the air, the air becomes warmer. The released warm and moist air spreads the warmth to the house. It will feel so warm and cozy. Who wouldn’t want a warm and cozy house in those chilling months?

Ward off Illness

It is not fun to keep fighting flu all winter. With humidified air, there is a decreased chance of disease-ridden bacteria thriving in your house. Bacteria multiply in dry air. You can say goodbye to itchy throats and running noses.

You will keep away even the nosebleeds! If you are the person who has to deal with nosebleeds during winter, you should consider purchasing a house humidifier. By breathing moist air, your nostrils will remain moist as well and the nosebleeds will go away.

Protect Your House Décor

Dry air not only affects people, but it also affects furniture and other furnishings in your house. Your furniture can crack under too little moisture, while your wallpaper slowly peels away.

The cost of repairing all the indoor damage from dry air can slowly pile up. Humidified air, therefore allows you to keep the integrity of your indoors at no extra cost.

Skin Protection

Dry air irritates the skin on the hands and face making it dry and itchy during the cold seasons. Your lips are not spared either. You’ll notice they chap often when it’s cold.

With the consistent circulation of moist air in your house, your skin will absorb the moisture leaving no chance to irritation.

Quality Sleep

A dry throat can make breathing difficult when sleeping. Humidified air will rid you of this problem completely. Moist air allows you to breathe better, improving your quality of sleep.

While we are at it, moist air can also help you with your snoring problem. Dry air increases can increase sinus congestion which leads to heavy snoring. No snoring and no trouble breathing. How much more peaceful can sleep get?

Protects Your Plants

Do you have beautiful pots of plants that you adore? A small indoor garden maybe? Would you like to see them thrive even in winter? Do not leave them unprotected in the cold and dry air. Dry air leaves very little humidity for growth.

Remember, humidity was one of the essential factors for plant growth that we learned back in science class. By adding moisture to the air in the house you will prevent them from browning or dying. You can enjoy watching your plants thrive due to your extra love and care.

Reduced Bills

In winter, utility costs can skyrocket as you try to keep your house warm. With a humidifier adding moisture to the air, the air can retain more heat as well.

You will find that you can eliminate the need to purchase other heating equipment for the winter. This a machine that can help you save some money.

Promotes Faster Healing

Humidified air can help ease symptoms of illnesses such as colds and flu. People who have allergies and conditions such as asthma can benefit from the purified air as well.

With a humidifier giving out moist air, your nose is well-lubricated, eliminating germs and thereby allowing healing to take place faster.

Reduces static

Static is a nuisance that is with us all year but increases its intensity in the cold season. Dry air allows the buildup of electrical charge on objects.

A humidifier increases the moisture in the air leading to higher levels of humidity. The high humidity, in turn, reduces the static charge from building up in the house.

The plants in your house will thrive when the air has good levels of humidity. Do you know what else they can do? They will give out the moisture to their surroundings and add to the arsenal in reducing static.

Protect your voice

Dry air can have adverse effects on your vocal cords. The lack of moisture in the breathed-in air may lead to drying of the mucosal tissue in the throat. This can lead to poor quality of voice and even damage. Adding a humidifier to keep the moisture in the air will help you eliminate your patchy throat and irritation.


By purchasing a humidifier for your house, you get to enjoy all the benefits it brings. There is no doubt your home will be much more comfortable and lovely for your entire family especially in winter.

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