The Pros of Keyless Door Locks

What are Keyless Door Locks?

Keyless door locks are locks that have no keys associated with them. It just works on a secure code. It comes with a zero-access code and you can change it to your convenience. These have become so popular these days that it has become an absolute necessity of every household. Also, because of the increasing popularity, it is very easy to find several designs at an affordable price.

7 Reasons Why Keyless Door Locks are the Best

No More Late-Night Lock-Breaking

In the good old days, this used to be a nightmare; people used to check their house key now and then. When in the middle of a meeting at work, during a happening party, on a romantic date, and so many other embarrassing examples exist. The only culprit was fear of losing the key, and it was very difficult, if not impossible to get a lock breaker if you were late to reach home. If you were lucky and you found one of them, they would cost a fortune for such a small, almost effortless job. At times, they would help you get a spare key, other times they would simply break your lock, ending in you spending more money on a new lock. Thanks to keyless locks, gone are those days and the nightmares.

No Need for a Spare Key

While you are leaving for work, your parents or relatives announce that they are arriving today while you will be at work, this creates a moment of, “what do I do now?” And the only solution is keeping your house’s security at stake. You certainly cannot skip work because you have something urgent to take care of, hence you keep your key below the doormat, or behind the flower pot thinking it’s safe and nobody but your parents will know. But, the irony is, it is the most known trick, even to the thieves. Now, with keyless locks, we can simply communicate our secure code to our dear ones and they can enter the house without much hassle.

Monitor Your House

Keyless locks have a virtual key that is a secure access code. Now, say if we give our key to a traditional lock to a friend, how will we know when they entered and how much time they spent there? What if something is wrong and the person is not ready to take responsibility for that? No more messing around now, due to the presence of keyless locks. We can have multiple secure access codes set up for every individual. Also, we can have a notification sent to our phone whenever they use that security code. This will help us track who entered when and stayed for how long.

Key Not Required

Now that we don’t possess any key to this new lock system, we don’t have to carry a bunch of keys and at times a bag only to carry the keys. We can now get rid of that awkward sound when they clink inside. It is also a major task to remember which key belongs to which lock, if you have multiple doors and hence locks at home. Digitalization of locks has made all that so much easier, all we have to remember is the code and even if we do not have a good memory, we all have a note app in our phone that comes in very handy in such cases.

Save Time and Money

This saves us time and money, money to get multiple keys; whenever we had a new member added or maybe if somebody visited us for a month or so, we had to have a spare key made, dedicated to that new member. This requires both time and money. With this new technological invention, invest in your lock once and keep using it until you get bored of it and feel like installing a new one.

Redefined Styling

When we love interior designing so much, that we hire designers to get a new trendy look for our house, why do we leave the front of the house in such an unfashionable way? The answer is: security comes first. We have got a new style statement for our house in the form of locks. There are various styled keyless locks available in the market. Just get one of those and flaunt the fashion starting from the entrance itself.

Advanced Security

These locks are taking our security requirements to the next level. We can sync our phones to the new fashionable locks. If ever somebody breaks into the house, we will know instantly and if we have not asked anyone to do so, we can simply call the police and the burglars can be caught red-handed. Also, this comes with so many functionalities such as cylindrical latches, dead latches, mortises, deadbolts, etc. Do some research and find the best support system for your house according to your needs and secure your house like never before.


To sum it up, we have got a new invention in our life in the form of keyless door locks, which is redefining the style for our house. In doing so, it is taking our comfort, security and modern lifestyle all into consideration. It won’t be wrong to say: technology has made our life so much easier and better.

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