The Pros Of A Rangefinder

A rangefinder is a gadget that is used to determine and measure the distance from the observer to a target. It usually functions by sending a laser beam directly to your target. The laser beam bounces off your target and back to you. All along, an internal clock in the device measures the distance during this process.

Rangefinders have undergone various recent upgrades. They are now faster than ever. They are also more rugged in design. All this is achieved but still, the aspect of simplicity is taken into account. Although rangefinders undergo various technological advancements, it still needs to be easy to use and operate.

Rangefinders emit a laser beam by the simple push of a button. These beams bounce off distant targets. The rangefinder’s high-speed clock measures the total time it takes from when the beams leave the unit until they return. As we already know how fast the beam is traveling (speed of light) the unit can simply use that time measurement to calculate the distance it traveled. The rangefinder displays the distance to the hunter. Rangefinders still have a lot of room for innovation around the implementation details. Ranging performance usually depends on many factors but the ability to spot the target and to get the laser energy on the target is the biggest differentiator between rangefinders.

Rangefinders make use of actively synchronized transmission and travel time measurements. The time differences between several received signals are used to determine exact distances. Rangefinders can also obtain ranging from passive radiation measurements. That is, the noise or radiation signature of the target generates the signal that is used to determine range. The rangefinder achieves this by obtaining multiple bearings instead of appropriate scaling of active pings.

The first-ever functioning laser rangefinder prototype was presented by John D. Myers. This was in 1964.


The pros of a rangefinder include the following

  • Rangefinders are both small in size and have less weight. This makes them very suitable to take them with you during hunting. They’re convenient to use as one can easily use and store it effectively. Rangefinders also accommodate various tools used in hunting. Bows and rifles for hunting can nowadays be fitted with rangefinders. This enables one to conveniently use such tools during hunting.
  • Rangefinders take two important aspects into account, magnification and distance. They provide a wider field of vision. They do eliminate the issue of one carrying around many devices during hunting. The rangefinder itself is fitted with these devices instead. Rangefinders also provide the layout in detail. Thus, while hunting nothing passes by you without you noticing.
  • Rangefinders enables one to prepare for the hunt. It saves time as it makes scouting your hunting area more effective. It also gives you a clear outline on where you should mark your hunting area. It also saves one the frustrations that come along when hunting in the dark or early morning. Rangefinders enable you to range and demarcate relevant spots. Thus, one will have a better idea of where to aim.
  • Rangefinders also prevents one from shooting something else. They’re now fitted with improved technology that can determine whether you’ll hit your target or something else. Rangefinders do provide the distance of the furthest target.
  • Rangefinders are also very affordable. Those that have quality performance are readily available. One can also acquire those that indicate accurate distance readings.
  • Rangefinders also eliminate the aspect of guesswork. It does this by providing the accurate distance between you and your target. Rangefinders also eliminate the issue of tracking a wounded animal. It also omits afflicting unnecessary pain to the prey. They do this by providing the highest possible chance of a clean shot.
  • Some rangefinders are fitted with nitrogen filled lenses. This prevents fogging. It also allows for water submersion of about five feet. This is possible as some rangefinders have a waterproof capacity. Rangefinders have a rugged magnesium housing and aluminum casing. This protects it from almost all forms of environmental or physical abuse. Thus, prolonging the rangefinder’s life.
  • The angle compensation features of a rangefinder accommodate all forms of terrain during hunting. They give you the true horizontal distance between you and your target. This will compel you not to aim too high or too low. It would also prevent you from missing a shot. All you need to do is adjust your sights to match the rangefinder readings. The on-target clean spot will avail itself to you.
  • Rangefinders also enables a hunter to get closer to his/her prey. The rangefinder makes this possible without necessarily the hunter physically closing in. A perfect long-distance marksman is catered for. Rangefinders allow for a unit that can range up to one mile in distance. All this is achieved with the hunter not having the fear of spooking his/her prey.
  • Rangefinders also give the hunter the perfect amount of time to range his/her target. It enables ranging beforehand. Rangefinders enable you to accurately estimate distances. Thus, this aspect also caters for that unexpected and lucky moment when it comes your way.
  • Rangefinders also assists rifle hunters over long distances. They enable the hunter to measure the distance to a target and give room for projectile drop. Rangefinders are also used to detect operator movements and locate objects during hunting.
  • Some rangefinders come with built-in anti-leaf filters. This aids in surveying. They can also gauge the slope and the wind altogether.


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