The Best Ceramic Brake Pads Reviewed

Are you in the market for brake pads? When selecting new brake pads, there are various options including ceramic brake pads.

This is one of the many components that are part of the vehicle’s braking system. They’re one of the most important parts of the system because they put pressure/friction on the brake rotors of the car or truck. The rotors are the discs that sometimes lie a little behind the vehicle’s wheels. It’s the pressure put on the brake pads that work to slow down and then stop the auto’s wheels.

A Quick Comparison

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While the function of the best brake pads is quite basic the pads themselves are actually quite complex. Factors like the speed of your car’s or truck’s wheels and the weight of the vehicle affect how much pressure is put on the brake pads. This highlights the need to pick quality brake pads that can withstand all the stress put on them for thousands of miles.

While there are several types of brake pads to choose from, one of the top overall choices is ceramic brake pads. These are also known as organic or non-asbestos organic (NAO) brake pads. They were developed as an alternative to asbestos pads. They’re made of different fibers and held together with binding resins. Some of the common materials in the brake pads include carbon, fiber, glass, Kevlar, and the materials/tools that are used to make organic brake pads are very inexpensive, so nearly three-quarters. This affects brake pads cost and explains why new autos sold in the US are equipped with them in the car factory.

Picking the Right Ceramic Pads

There are several benefits of brake pads made of ceramic over other types including the following ones:

  • Little heat required to create good friction
  • Soft/Quiet brake rotors
  • Normal driving on several terrains
  • Low production costs
  • Less dust than metallic pads

Here are some key features to consider when picking the best ceramic pads:


The price of the pads is based on various factors including the brand, materials, quality, etc. You can find several quality ceramic brake pads for under $50. It’s a matter of shopping around to find quality pads for the right price. As always the pads’ quality affects the price so it’s better to pay a higher cost for better quality.


There are various features available for these pads, including stopping power, noise level, and more durability. These are important features because there’s so much pressure put on the brake pads based on the vehicle’s speed and weight. The pads’ price will be higher based on the extra features but it’s worthwhile if it means the quality is better.


Unlike other auto parts the companies that produce brake pads are usually less known than ones that produce parts like stereos and tires. It’s especially true when you pick specialized items like pads made of ceramic. In that case, there will be fewer brands to pick from so it’s especially critical to learn about the main players that produce ceramic pads. That will make it easier to make your selection.


When you pick brake pads from companies like Amazon you can find customer reviews/ratings. This is a great way to gauge whether the online consensus is mostly positive, negative, or in-between. Make sure to look for brake pad products that have received generally positive feedback like those with an average of 4/5 stars. You should also read several customer reviews to learn what they like or dislike about the particular model.

1. Akebono ACT815 Brake Pad Set

If you want to upgrade your brake pads then this is definitely one of the best options. That’s because it provides a high-end brake pad made of ceramic. That, in turn, will help to boost the quality of your vehicle’s braking system even if you already have quality pads.

Optimized ceramic formula

Ceramic pads can actually include different types of materials. The key is to use the right ingredients to get the best results. That’s definitely a situation you’ll have if you use this model. The formula used to manufacture the pads will help to make sure that you get the best results. Meanwhile, other products don’t include that optimization, so, the results tend to be less effective. That’s a case you’ll want to avoid.

Brake Pad Set
  • Ultra-Premium Brakes
  • The Package Length of the Product is 16.256 centimeters

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This product includes a warranty, which will help to protect your purchase. Make sure to read what the warranty does/doesn’t cover and how long it’s valid after your purchase. That will help to put you on the right page about what’s actually included in the warranty.


  • Very quiet: These brake pads help to control levels of noise, harshness, and vibration. This is one of the key issues to consider when selecting brake pads. You’ll want units that can help to reduce the overall noise that’s produced when your vehicle’s braking system is implemented. While you’ll want the pads to work effectively it’s a nuisance when they cause a harsh screeching sound when the brakes are applied.
  • No break-in period: This is a plus because when you use brake pads you’ll want them to be ready to go as soon as you start using them. That’s one of the key features of this unit since there’s no break-in period.

2. Centric Ceramic Brake Pad Set

This is produced through extreme pressure that makes the friction material more compressed. The process used for this unit is one of the most advanced techs in the industry.

Precision-cut/shaved backing plates

This helps to lower vibration/noise by guaranteeing proper fit in the caliper. This produces consistent braking power and even brake pad wear.

Quality braking performance

The overall braking performance of these brake pads is high-quality. This helps to improve the overall quality of the brakes as well.

Centric 105.04360 PosiQuiet Ceramic Pads
  • Package Dimensions: 7.8 L x 10.3 W x 16.3 H (centimetres)
  • Package Weight: 1.746 kilograms

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  • Hardware included: This is a key feature because it prevents the need to purchase new hardware when you install the brake pads. That can be a hassle and add extra costs to your purchase. Instead, you’ll get the hardware you need when you purchase these brake pads.
  • Steady friction performance: This takes place across a wide range of temperatures. It’s important because the temperatures can vary significantly based on how fast you have to break. For example, when you have to brake quickly, it results in high temperatures. So, it’s important for the brake pads to function effectively in that situation.
  • Quiet brake pads: These pads include application-specific and mechanically attached shims. This provides better noise reduction compared to other types of shims.
  • OEM match: Customers who used this product have shared that they match the OEM pads well. This is an important issue because it helps to make sure that the replacement pads are a good option. When you change the brake pads, it’s important to have a good match with the OEM pads.

3. Akebono ACT905 Brake Pad Set

This is one of the main benefits of these brake pads. They’ll help to control the harshness, vibration and noise levels. That, in turn, will help to improve the overall value of the pads. That’s because while you’ll want them to be effective you’ll also want control of the pads’ noise and vibration, for example, to be high-quality.


The brake pads contact the rotors directly, so, it is important that they don’t cause too much stress when that happens. It will help to extend the life of the rotors. This is important for various reasons. The rotors are one of the most important components on the brakes, so you’ll want to extend their life as much as possible.

Akebono ACT905 Disc Brake Pad Kit
  • Ultimate upgrade for OE semi-metallic, organic and low-metallic brake pads
  • Ultra-Quiet - controls noise, vibration and harshness levels

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Another key issue is that the cost of replacing the rotors can be somewhat high. This is based on various factors including the rotors’ brand and others. The cost of maintaining a vehicle can be quite high, so it’s important to minimize the costs as much as possible. One way to do that is by selecting quality brake pads, so, they’ll help to extend the life of the rotors. That, in turn, will reduce the overall cost of the auto parts you’ll have to invest in.


  • Great OEM pads: When you have to replace your original OEM brake pads, you’ll certainly want to pick ones that are a good option. That involves various issues like whether or not the pads are a good fit. This is an issue you won’t have to deal with if you pick these brake pads. That’s because the fit is excellent when replacing the original brake pads. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the pads being difficult to install or sliding off quickly after you install them.
  • No break-in period: This is a key benefit of these pads. As soon as you install them you can start enjoying the benefits of the quality units. You won’t have to worry about the pads getting worn in before they start working effectively. That’s a plus since it means you can start enjoying the benefit of quality brake pads as soon as you install them.
  • High Performance: This is another key benefit of these brake pads. That is based on the ceramic formula that’s used to produce the pads. It helps to ensure that they’re high-quality and their functionality is optimized.

4. Akebono ACT976 Brake Pad Set

This is a plus as it means the product will be covered in certain situations. Make sure to read the details of the warranty so you’ll know what it includes and excludes.

Excellent upgrade

These ceramic brake pads are a great upgrade whether you have organic, semi-metallic, or low metallic brake pads installed on your vehicle. This adds more flexibility to the pads because you can replace several different brake pads using them. That’s a plus over other units that can replace a lower number of brake pad types.

Akebono - ACT976 Brake Pad Set, GREY
  • Ultra-Premium Brakes
  • The Package Length of the Product is 16.256 centimeters

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No break-in time: This is a major plus as the brake pads provide high-end quality as soon as you start using them. You won’t have to worry about spending time breaking in the pads, which can take a while. As soon as you install these units they start working effectively. Super quiet: There’s going to be some sound made whenever you use brake pads because there’s friction between the pads and rotors. However, as a general rule, you should try to pick pads that are as quiet as possible. This is important because it won’t be too irritating every time you hit the brakes.

5. UrbanAutoParts Brake Pad Set

When picking brake pads and rotors for your vehicle, this is one of the best options for pads and one reason is the hardware kit. Since it’s included, you can save money since you won’t have to purchase it separately.


There’s a warranty offered for cracking and warping/defects. This is a plus since you’ll be covered if those events happen within the warranty period.

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  • Low-dust/Asbestos-free: These are big plusses and especially if you’re concerned about the production of asbestos when you hit the brakes.
  • Vibration-free: The rotors are developed to guarantee no vibrations during operation
  • OEM fit: These pads provide a good fit for OEM pads.


  • Very squeaky: Some customers argue that the brake pads squeak more than usual. This could be an issue if you’re looking for super-quiet pads. However, it’s a good idea to test the pads first to determine whether or not it’s a problem with your own car.

When it’s time to replace your vehicle’s brake pads you should certainly consider ceramic brake pads. The durability and performance will help to provide you with the best results possible.

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