The Best Alternator Rebuild Kit : Which One Should You Buy in 2021?

Car owners are expected to take care of their car if they want to live with it beyond its life expectancy. However, it is also to be expected that there are times cars break down, especially with the alternator.

When the alternator breaks down, you will need an alternator rebuild kit for it. But before learning about what you can do with the alternator rebuild kit, here are some things that you need to learn about the component that operates the vehicle.

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What is an Alternator?

In the automotive charging system, it comes with 3 major components – the voltage regulator, battery and the alternator. The alternator operates with the system’s battery in order to produce power for all the vehicle’s electrical components, like for the exterior and interior lights. It also powers up the instrument panel.

The location of the alternator is usually right next to the front of the car’s engine, which is driven by its crankshaft. This then converts the up and down maneuver of the piston in one circular movement. The way these alternators are installed in the car is different from one model to another. Some of the early vehicles utilized a drive belt separately to the alternator pulley from the crankshaft pulley. However, most cars today are built with a serpentine belt or a belt that operates all the components that will rely solely on the crankshaft power. Most of these alternators are installed utilizing brackets that are bolted into a particular point into the engine.

Signs that Alternators need fixing

At this point, you know the importance of the alternator. When this starts to fail, you will notice either the dashboard lights or the headlights starts dimming. Once they do that, it is an indication that the alternator is starting to malfunction.

Another sign is the warning light, which is a component common in modern cars. It will alert you that the alternator is failing. Most of the time, the light is in the form of a battery, although other models have it written in the letters GEN or ALT, which stands for generator and alternator respectively. This light only triggers when your car is using several electrical components.

Having a dead or weak battery is another indication of a failed alternator. Everybody knows that batteries do not last long. Alternators also need to be refreshed like batteries do, however, when the battery is dead or weak, it will be difficult for the alternator to bring it back to life. In this situation, there is a good chance that the alternator is still working. To get a clear answer, you have to let your car get checked out at the auto repair shop.

The Alternator Rebuild Kit

You’ll find more signs that are associated with the failing alternator, but a number of car owners take matters into their own hands by doing their own mechanic work by choosing their own alternator rebuild kit. Below are three different repair kits designed for replacing the broken alternator in your car. Keep in mind that you are only going to do this if you know you have dexterous hands and you know how to handle cars.

1. Victory Lap FDA-04 Repair Kit

This alternator rebuild kit got a 4.3 out of 5 ratings at Amazon; 66 percent of those who posted a testimony gave 5 stars, 21 percent for 4-star rating; 4, 2 and 7 percent for the succeeding star ratings.

Victory Lap FDA-04 Alternator Repair Kit
  • ·         Victory Lap FDA-04 Alternator Repair Kit fits Ford “3G” IR/EF series, 95-130 amp. Alternators used from 1989 to 2008 in vehicles equipped with Ford 3G alternators.
  • ·         The FDA-04 Repair Kit contains the parts required to do a quality repair at the best price possible. All parts are new and of OEM spec. or better. The selection of parts is made to balance performance and economy.

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  • Reasonable and economical repair option
  • Have all the parts needed
  • All parts are new and are part of the OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications
  • Comes with illustrated instructions
  • Fits about 90 percent of the automobiles made in America

One customer shared how they purchased this kit to replace the internal alternator regulator in their car. The kit met their expectations because it was exactly what they needed. They have one thing that they want to tell their readers, which is to take a look at the prices from every vendor they can find this alternator rebuild kit since it can be different from one to another. The repair kit comes in a small box package rather than that of card stock. Some do not find this favorable, but it works for most customers.

The rest of the components appeared to be okay when the package was delivered. One thing that many customers were concerned about in this product was that the leads were not properly insulated. Its plastic insulators are made from stiff materials.

2. Victory Lap GMA-01 Repair Kit

Unlike the first alternator rebuild kit review, this one’s got a good rating from customers – 4.6 out of 5 stars. But that doesn’t end there – 71 percent of those that bought this gave 5 out of 5-star rating, which is something you can look forward to.

Victory Lap GMA-01 Alternator Repair Kit
  • ·         Victory Lap GMA-01 repairs GM/Delco 10, 12, 15, 17 SI series 40-65 amp. Alternators that are used in most 1962 to 1992 GM cars, light trucks and many ag. & Industrial units.
  • ·         The Kit contains the parts required to do a quality repair at the best price possible. All parts are new and of OEM spec. for a perfect fit and original performance.

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  • Every new part are OEM specifications compliant
  • Comes with illustrated instructions
  • Includes all the parts needed
  • Comes with a reasonable yet economical repair option
  • Fits about 90 percent of the American made vehicles

Satisfied customers report that they were able to buy this alternator repair kit cheaply, instead of letting the automakers handle the purchasing themselves. It saved them a lot of money from this just to bring back their vehicle to life. It definitely works right after the new repair kit was used to replace the old one.

3. Victory Lap GMA-04 Repair Kit

This third alternator got 3.7 out of 5-star rating from a total of 26 customers that posted their testimonies online; 50 percent gave their 5-star approval rating. While it may be low, customers are mostly satisfied with what this alternator repair kit comes with. First, it does not only include instructions and parts to repair the failed alternator, but it also made them save about $120 from buying it from other vendors. The kit is well detailed and thorough with its instructions.

Victory Lap GMA-04 Alternator Repair Kit
  • The Victory Lap GMA-04 Repair Kit fits GM/Delco CS130D, 124-140 amp. (IR/IF) alternators used in 1981-2007 GM and other cars, light-trucks, and ag. and industrial units.
  • ·         The Victory Lap GMA-04 Alternator Repair Kit contains the necessary parts for a professional quality, reliable repair of most GM/Delco CS130D alternators. The selection of parts in this kit are made to balance performance and economy.

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  • Have all the parts needed
  • An economical, yet reasonable option for repair
  • Includes instructions that are illustrated to make it easier to follow
  • Fits about 90 percent of cars made in the US
  • All the new parts are OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications compliant

Just don’t forget that not all the alternator rebuild kit mentioned here may be compatible with your vehicle. Make sure you check out the model and make of your car before you buy any of the kit mentioned above.

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