Storage & Organization Ideas for Small Rooms With No Closet

No closet? No problem! Just because you don’t have the traditional closed-door storage doesn’t mean you can’t stay organized with your clothes and belongings. For those with small rooms, a closet will only consume too much space. Instead of stressing yourself out, we have listed here 15 ideas for small rooms with no closet. A little creativity goes a long way here!

1. Clothing racks

The primary option in the absence of a closet is to get a clothes rack. This can be used in storing your clothes and drying them, so you got two benefits in one. Aside from that, clothing racks come in different sizes to suit the available space in your room.

Clothing racks are the closest thing you can get from a closet. You can still keep your clothes on hangers to prevent creasing. We recommend using the same type of hanger so your clothes will look tidy once you put them on the rack.

2. Bed frame storage

You can also utilize the underside of your bed to store your clothes. There are customization services that provide bed frames with drawers. It’s a great spot to store your blankets, mattress covers, and sheets. You can also use this space to stash your seasonal clothing you won’t be using in months.

If you don’t want to spend on a new bed frame, you can make DIY sliding drawers that can you place beneath your bed. Here, you can place sheets and large clothing pieces. If it’s too bulky, you can set the items on plastic suction bags first.

3. Vertical rack for shoes

Even if you have a closet, a dozen pairs of shoes won’t fit inside. So to solve the issue, you can get a vertical rack for your shoes. This way, you can store your kicks without consuming too much space on your floor. You can use typical vertical racks or use tension bars instead. Feel free to customize the rack to suit your preference and the space available in your room.

Vertical rack for shoes
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4. Hanging hooks for accessories

If you don’t want to bring in any furniture or purchase a large item, you can use hanging tools for your accessories. You can use the same one you have for your keys. Here, you can hang your belts, scarfs, and bags.

We recommend placing the hooks on a corner so your room will not look untidy. Also, it will keep the entire room looking spacious. If hooks aren’t handy, you can even use thin nails for the job. For scarfs, you can tie a knot, so it doubles as a decorative touch to your small room.

5. Use S hooks for jeans

Are you running out of space for your jeans? Instead of stashing it on your drawers, you can utilize some S hooks as one of the clothing storage ideas for small rooms. You don’t need to do some drilling here. You can get a clothing rack with a rod that’s thin enough to accommodate the curve of the hook.

After that, you can hang your jeans using the middle belt loop at the back. However, you must ensure that the rod where you’re placing the hooks are high enough to suspend the full length of your jeans.

6. Utilize a curtain

Are you uncomfortable with your clothes in the open? If you don’t have a closet, you can utilize a clothing rack and hide it using a curtain. This way, you can also manage a small changing room within your bedroom. It’s best to place this in a corner so it wouldn’t ruin the space of your room. You can use a decorative curtain so your clothing will look inconspicuous.

7. Improvise pipes as closet rods

If you are the handyman type, you can make your own clothing rack using some pipes. This way, you can customize the dimensions of the rack to suit your room. You can also install the pipes in different heights and make a detachable mechanism so you can collapse the unit if need be. Also, you’ll need wall fasteners to keep the pipe rods in place. Drilling is needed here, which is something you need to consider if you’re renting a place.

8. Go multi-level

Instead of laying everything on the floor, you can make multi-level racks to hang your clothes. This is a great way to free up space while ensuring that all your clothes are tidied up. Two layers of hanging rods are ideal as long as the height is good enough to suspend the length of your clothes. For a small room, you can’t afford to place everything on the floor.

Go multi-level
Photo by Dan Gold / Unsplash

9. Install floating shelves

Floating or picture shelves are ideal for small rooms. It allows you to utilize your wall spaces while adding a decorative touch to your room. But for your clothes, you can use it for your folded shirts and jeans. Again, you can place this behind a curtain on your makeshift walk-in closet.

We recommend going minimalist with the shelves and avoid overdoing it. Three tiers should be enough as supplemental storage space for your clothes.

10. Laundry hamper at the back of the door

Instead of putting your hamper in plain sight, you can hide it behind your door using a hanging laundry hamper. So when someone opens your door and enters your room, they will not see where you store your dirty clothes.

Remember, when it comes to dirty clothes, you shouldn’t waste floor space. You can allot the saved space to keep your room spacious or for additional furniture. You can purchase a hanging hamper like one from KEEPJOY. It already comes with door suction cups and stainless steel hooks. Straight from the box, you can put it in place to organize your room.

11. Door organizers never go old

Door organizers are must-haves if you have a small room, and you don’t have a closet. It’s great storage for undies and socks. We recommend getting one with deep pockets so it will hold your clothing articles well. You can also use the door organizer as an instant shoe rack.

We personally like the MISSLO Over the Door Organizer. It has mesh pockets that keep it breathable, ideal for shoe storage. It also works well in holding small pieces of clothing as well as hygiene products. You can also stash your hot iron and other styling tools here to avoid clutter. Overall, door organizers will serve like hanging cabinet design for small bedroom.

12. Make a cork wall for jewelry

If you have lots of jewelry, you can use a corkboard. Simply mount it on the wall and use some pins to hold your jewelry. It’s also a decorative piece, especially if you have elegant selections of earrings, necklaces, and the likes.

For added flair, you can frame the corkboard to suit the style of your room. It’s very easy to do, plus you can easily place your jewelry without any special tools.

13. Use drawer organizers

It’s not enough that you have lots of drawers. Without proper organization, you will not maximize the full storage capability of these spaces.

We recommend using drawer organizers. This simple tool divides your drawers so you can store items properly and without mixing everything together. You can make a DIY one using cardboards or purchase a ready-made unit like the one from Evelots. This is a great tool in organizing your socks, undies, scarfs, and hankies inside your drawer. You can also use this in storing your jewelry, wristwatches, and other small accessories.

14. Get a mirror jewelry cabinet

Do you want to style without rummaging through your drawers? You can get a mirror jewelry cabinet instead. It’s like a medicine cabinet but with mounting hardware to keep your accessories in place. It’s an inconspicuous place to hide your valued jewelry.

We recommend the SONGMICS Lockable Jewelry Cabinet. It’s already lined with a special material and has mounting hardware inside. There are also shelves for large bracelets and hooks for necklaces. You can also utilize this to store cosmetic items, cash, credit cards, and other valuables.

15. Use a collapsible shoe organizer

If you’re addicted to shoes, you might as well get a collapsible or stackable shoe organizer. Here, each pair will have a slot. You can also collapse some of the slots if you don’t have too many pairs to organize.

This organizer only consumes a small floor area since it’s stacked on top of each level. We recommend the NEATLY Shoe Organizer with 12 units of stackable plastic containers. Each one has perforated backs for breathability and an easy-open door. You simply have to stack it against the wall.


Not all of us can manage to have a closet in our small rooms. Still, it doesn’t mean we can’t organize our clothes. These 15 ideas will surely help a lot, regardless if you have tons of shoes, jeans, or shirts to arrange. With added creativity, you can come up with budget-friendly solutions.

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