Staging the Living Room

This is the space in which adults love to entertain their friends and family in a more formal and sophisticated setting. The rooms should, therefore, reflect a sense of sophistication, while maintaining the homeowner’s lifestyle, yet appealing to a wider group of buyers.

The furniture should look its best, so if the sofas appear outdated or their pattern is clashing with the overall style of the home, cover them with attractive and affordable slipcovers. Dress the sofas with trendy throw pillows in a similar color that can be splashed around the room, as with other attractive accessories, ensuring a common theme is maintained within the space.

A well-staged living room will impress prospective buyers.

Dress the walls if they’re bare. Choose beautiful artwork, mounting each at its ideal height. Print and frame your own photos, either in color or black and white,  ensuring the matting envelopes the image for a more professional look. All this can be done for a few dollars apiece and will move on with you to your new home! If an electrician is not in the budget, install affordable candle wall sconces and light them before your visitors arrive.

A lamp on each end table is a must; however, if there’s just one end table, complete this look with a floor lamp or a large plant on the opposite end to create a sense of balance. The coffee table should house an attractive bowl, vase, or similar accessory. Add a  couple of books or magazines, neatly arranged to could spark quality conversations.

Create a focal point in this and every room, as with a fireplace. Paint it in a bold color and decorate the mantel so that it can’t be missed. No fireplace? No problem. Create another focal point, such as with a pair of bold-colored armchairs separated by a mirrored table and topped with a small, yet sparkling chandelier. Take a step back, and observe the room. Is there too much of a horizontal line which translates into a room that is boring? Fix it with a tall plant, or a large-scaled frame. Simple solutions like this make home staging affordable and effective. Be careful with mirrors, however, as they must reflect something attractive or interesting.

How to Stage a Bookcase

The other area for proper staging in your living room (or study or den) is a bookcase. Many times people are concerned that there are no books on the bookcases in the living room.

However, in many homes, there are either dens or libraries that house all those books. With that said, bookcases in the living room are perfect for showcasing some great accessories or collections. Another recommended tip would be to find a nice color to paint the back of the bookcases or use a special wallpaper to give it more dimension. Use any special item collections and then group them into odd-numbered groups such as three or five items.

By the way, don’t worry about putting books here either. If you do use books, some should lay flat and some should be standing up. After some time is spent with different arrangements of these areas you’ll probably get a better feel for what they should look like.

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