Is Purchasing An Electric Bike A Good Idea?

Our world is rapidly advancing technologically. We are stepping into the future like never before and technology never seems to stop improving our lives. The electric bike popularly called, “e-bike”, “power bike” or “booster bike”, is one of such technological creations that make transportation easier.

When it comes to the decision of buying an electric bike, many perhaps wonder if it is really worth it. Considering the advancement in the technological industry, this is really not a bad question. Now, before answering this question it is essential to discuss briefly what an electric bike is.

What Is an Electric Bike?

As guessed, an electric bike is a bike that uses an electric motor instead of the usual kinetic energy for propulsion, to assist human effort in biking but not completely supplant it. Its motor style can be small or as powerful as that of a moped. There are different types, namely:

Electric bikes are rapidly getting popular these days and come with lots of benefits which cannot be underestimated. Some of them are discussed below.

They are Relatively Affordable

In today’s world where everyone is trying to get the best value with as little money as possible, investing in an electric bike might not really be a bad idea. When compared with a motor car, the electric bike cost of purchase and maintenance is remotely cheaper. First, the lowest cost of an electric bike ranges between $500 to $3,000. Secondly, with an electric bike, you don’t need to spend money on gas. All you need to do is charge the battery which you can do while pedaling or simply plugging the bike to a power outlet, and you are good to go. Also, unlike electric cars, this cost of charging is incredibly cheap.

Augmented Biking

When compared with the traditional bikes, electric bikes make biking easier. With its hybrid nature, you can alternate between its mode of operation from a low level of “pedal-assist” usually 30% to a high level of 100%. This “pedal-assist” feature makes it easier to travel on mountainous terrains and headwinds, and also, it reduces the physical toll on your part.

Greener Transport

The technological advancements of the 21st century did not come for free. We have issues of global warming, and its consequences. The pollution from our vehicles are now of a greater concern more than ever before; so why add to the issue? One of the benefits of purchasing an electric bike is the energy consumption rate. When compared to other means of transportation, the energy usage of an electric bike is incredibly low. Its energy consumption ranges between 5 watts to 250 watts.  Another benefit of an electric bike is nonusage of fossil fuels. Unlike other popular means of transportation, the electric bike has zero emissions thereby making it totally eco-friendly.

Readily Available

Other perks of the electric bike are its availability and its numerous varieties. With many companies producing, you can easily get an electric bike that suits your lifestyle, taste, and budget.

Extended Range

It is no news that an electric bike is faster than a traditional bike due to its obvious upgrades. With the assistance of an electric bike, you can cover longer distances within a shorter amount of time than with a traditional bike. So, when weighing your decisions about purchasing an electric bike, just know that it doesn’t hurt being a little early.

A Healthy Lifestyle

With the increased concern for physical and cardiovascular fitness, you can never go wrong with cycling. The electric bike is designed in such a way that you still need to exert energy when cycling which in turn burns calories. Being fit has not been more overemphasized than now. An electric bike is a time and cost-effective way of keeping fit, because you exercise on the go, and you will also have no need to pay for a gym membership.

Traffic Evasion

As cities get more populated due to industrialization, getting stuck in traffic is a major problem. The electric bike comes in handy. It provides a convenient means of evading traffic. It is easier for the electric bike to move in between cars due to its relatively small size. The electric bike is a great idea in a world where we have so much to do and yet so little time.


Progression is one of man’s inevitable goals as we are constantly stepping into the future. Our present drive is towards an eco-friendly, greener environment. Strategies are being made to maintain our ecological system. Ditto, the electric bike is one of the few means of transportation that meets this goal. Hence, we are currently in the developmental stage of electric bikes as further technological improvements are expected.

folding electric bike
Photo by Needpix


Most models of electric bikes can be folded. These come in handy when camping because they can easily be put into car trunks and even packed in bags. Also, unlike cars which require a lot of parking spaces which are sometimes paid for in industrial societies, it requires little or no parking space. Kudos to its portability.


Finally, electric bikes are the new cars. They are everywhere you turn and now even the conventional means of public transport in some countries. With the new widespread popularity, you cannot be left out, so, “join the moving train” by getting yourself one.


The decision whether to buy an electric bike is not really an easy one to make, but with adequate information, one can make an informed decision. Accruing to all the benefits and features of the electric bikes discussed above, one can confidently conclude that purchasing an electric bike is definitely worth all the perks. It is a decision one can make comfortably without regrets.

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