Interesting Travel Activities for Toddlers on a Plane & Long Flights

We know that traveling with a toddler isn’t fun. Still, it can be more bearable if you can keep the kiddo busy.

Long-haul flights can be very exhausting, especially if you’re traveling with a toddler. Kids can get bored easily, so you need to have some tricks up your sleeves to keep them occupied. When traveling with kids, distraction is your best friend. You should have a long list of travel activities for toddlers on a plane, especially on long flights.

Based on our personal experience, every child has his or her own preferred activities. Before you hop on the plane, you should plan the activities of your kid. This way, you can keep the child busy while passing the time on the plane.

Below, we have compiled some activities when traveling with infant and toddler on plane. Take note that aside from keeping the youngsters busy, you shouldn’t forget some snacks.

1. Pack some coloring books

Coloring books are one of the most convenient ways to keep a toddler busy during the flight. Among the things to take on plane for toddler are coloring materials and new coloring books.

However, you should assess if this activity will appeal to your kids. Some kids can go on with this activity for hours, while others can lose interest easily. The trick here is to get coloring books that your child loves.

2. Read some lift-flap books

Lift-flap books will surely catch the attention of your child. Unlike typical books, this one has hidden pockets with small cards and tiny reading pieces. For toddlers that can’t read yet, you can get a colorful lift-flap book with interesting drawings.

We recommend lift-flap books that will keep a kid engrossed. Get one with animals, bright colors, and other things that your child can ‘investigate’. Anything that will engage your child is the ideal choice.

3. Or get busy books

Busy books are books that contain various materials for lacing, pinning, zipping, counting, and so on. It’s called as such because it’s meant to keep a child busy. If you’re lucky, a busy book will keep your toddler interested for more than four hours.

Your pre-schooler can try one thing then move on with another. Over time, you can cycle it back to make the most out of the busy book. The more activities included in the book, the better.

4. Purchase a DoodlePro

If you don’t want the mess of coloring materials and other tiny items, you can opt for a DoodlePro instead. Your toddler can draw to his or her heart’s content with this toy.

If you’re looking for one, we recommend the Fisher-Price DoodlePro Slim. This one has a large magnetic drawing screen as well as an easy-slide eraser. On the left side, there are shape stampers to add fun to the toy. There’s also a pen attached to the toy itself.

Playing toddler
Photo by Stephen Andrews / Unsplash

5. Play with action figures

For little ones who love live-action figures, it would be ideal to bring \some during the flight. If possible, get a new set and give it to your child while on the plane. The distraction and excitement will buy you a few hours, especially if your child has been begging for the toy for some time.

Your participation will make this activity more interesting. A simple storyline for the action figures will go a long way.

6. Get some window gel clings

If you have a window seat, window gel clings would be an interesting toy. This will give hours of fun for your child as they decorate the sky. Gel clings are like soft puzzles that come in a variety of colors.

You can extend the fun by making a game out of it. You can ask your child to form letters or numbers. Expect that your toddler will try to rip this apart. As long as it’s keeping them busy, the ripped gel clings will not be that bad.

7. Stream some kiddie movies

If you can’t get your toddler out of the tablet screen, the best activity is letting them watch movies or kid cartoons. Just make sure that you put them on headphones to avoid annoying other passengers.

As much as possible, you’d want to skip any cartoons with singing involved. The last thing you want to happen is your child becoming a noise machine inside a plane for hours.

8. Utilize some stickers

Stickers are another attention-catching item. Kids who are obsessed with stickers will have hours of fun with a bunch of colorful stuff. We recommend bringing a Busy Book together with the stickers. This way, your child will have a place to put the stickers on.

However, expect that these stickers will land on the window, seats, table, and other areas your child can reach. Also, watch out for potential chewing of the stickers.

9. Play with tiny cars

If your kid loves small cars, you can bring a few onboard. We recommend bringing a large drawing paper where the toddler can draw tracks and lines. This will make the car thing more interesting for a few hours.

Again, opening a new car toy inside the plane will sustain the distraction. Since it’s new, it will take longer for your child to get tired of it.

10. Flashcard games

Flashcard games are interactive activities that you can do with your child. You can get counting or picture flashcards. This way, your toddler learns while passing the time on your flight. However, this activity requires you to be hands-on.

An alternative here is a printed scavenger hunt. For inquisitive toddlers, this game will be very captivating, not to mention that it will also keep them silent.


Traveling with infant and toddler on plane can be challenging. But with some activities and toys, you can survive the flight without causing trouble with other passengers. A little creativity will go a long way here, especially for long-haul travels.

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