Ideal Outdoor Activities In The Fall

Autumn brings with it lower temperatures. However, we can take advantage of the many plans offered by this season.

The change of season arrives and it is necessary to redesign the routine to adapt to the new airs of autumn. There are several ideal outdoor activities that we can do in the fall to enjoy the season.

Whether in the company of the family, alone or for lovers of sports, the options are very varied and in all, you can enjoy a lot. Ideal outdoor activities in autumn for the family.

Visit natural parks

Autumn offers beautiful landscapes, ideal for enjoying outdoor activities. In addition, its temperatures become milder and refreshing.

That’s why, among the ideal outdoor activities in the fall, hikes through natural parks stand out. When this activity is carried out with children, some games can be included to make the visit entertaining.

  • Collecting fallen leaves and organizing them by color is an activity enjoyed by younger children.
  • For the older ones, an attractive offer is to take the leaves home and decorate them.
  • Instead of leaves, you can also do this activity with fallen branches.
  • Another option is the famous game “tres en raya” or “la vieja”, where you can replace crosses and circles with branches and pineapples.

Handicrafts with children

In addition to beautiful landscapes, autumn is characterized by the colors of its season. Taking advantage of this range, several family crafts can be made as part of outdoor activities.

  • A beautiful thread of leaves and pineapples can be used to decorate the door of the house.
  • The children can handle the materials. With a long cord, the children are helped to thread each piece.
  • Once the line is finished, both ends are joined to form the thread.
  • Autumn masks can also be made with the leaves. The mask is shaped with cardboard and then decorated with the leaves. For more color, it can be decorated with paint or glitter.

“Trick or treat”.

Autumn is also the time of Halloween in many parts of the world. During this celebration, children disguise themselves and visit homes in search of candy.

  • A fun activity is to build a homemade costume. The children enjoy this type of craft very much. In addition, they will be able to choose the costume they like best.
  • Ideally, waste or recycling material should be used to build the most original Halloween costume.

Recommended Fall Sports

For sports lovers, fall also offers many options. The most common sports to practice in the fall are cycling or outdoor yoga. However, there are other highly recommended options as well.

  • Hiking

It is the sport of greater preference in autumn, because it allows to enjoy the landscapes. Due to the arrival of this season and its refreshing temperatures, it helps to make the trip pleasant. Those who prefer a higher pace can replace hiking by the trot or race. Autumn is the ideal time for long-distance or long-distance races. Among other things, because the body does not suffocate at high temperatures.

  • Bicycle

Another ideal outdoor activity in autumn is cycling. As in hiking, the scenery is the main attraction of this activity.

Outdoor Yoga

The autumn scenery provides a special calm to enjoy yoga. A good breath of air is essential for yoga. But when it is accompanied by natural air, the experience is complete. The advantage of yoga is that it does not require any major utensils or logistics. It is enough to settle in a comfortable and clean place.

yoga autumn
Photo by Jacob Postuma


Although skates have lost the battle of preference over bicycles, they are an excellent option for fall. During the visits to the natural parks, one can take advantage to cut the way with some skates. Skating helps to exercise the legs and improve circulation. It requires balance and coordination. Also, doing it with friends or family will make it a lot of fun.


Couple diving in the sea surrounded by goldfish. During the autumn you can observe the changes in the aquatic nature. An unconventional but attractive activity in the autumn is scuba diving. Although the outside temperature begins to drop, inside the water it stays warm. It is, therefore, an excellent opportunity to dive into the sea.

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