How to use the best wrist weights for small wrists

There are many people right now who are obsessed with looking good. As such, they will do anything to make it happen. It is why you are likely to come across various workout equipment available for sale.

For our case, we will look at the best wrist weights for small wrists. Do not act surprised as there are many other contraptions that people use for working out than wrist weights.

Just as the name suggests, these weights are strapped around the wrists to boost your workout routine and performance.

The weights will vary a lot in terms of how you wear them and the overall weight. For those who might have small wrists, the last thing you need is to wear too much weight on them.

We will look at the benefits of wrist weights, the exercising ideas with such weights, what to consider, and more in this guide. At the end, you will have all the information you need to workout better with wrist weights.

Benefits of Wrist Weights

For most people, they might be intrigued to try out wrist weights, however, they are not sure what kind of benefits come with using such equipment.

To help you get started, below are some of them.

  • The wrist weights are great for aerobic exercises. Whenever you use them, they can quickly improve your endurance when doing the aerobic exercises.
  • The wrist weights are also a good gradual change in the workout rhythm. Maybe you have been slow lately, so you would want to boost your performance. This will be a fun way to get started.
  • Using wrist weights goes a long way to help you develop better range of motion. Your wrists will be more flexible and thus you can do more workouts. That is something most people wish for when working out.
  • You get to try out new things with your workout routine. It should be interesting when you can increase the challenge in working out. There is no doubt this is something that will appeal to seasoned gym goers.
  • The wrist weights are also known for strengthening the arms, wrists, and shoulders. These parts of the body will now have to be stronger to handle this additional weight.

Exercising Ideas of Wrist Weights

Now that you know the benefits of the best wrist weights for small wrists, how can you use them to workout? This leads us to consider checking out some of the exercising ideas you can use with wrist weights.

  • Walking, running, or jogging

You should consider using the wrist weights on your wrists when walking, jogging, or running. This will help you maximize your workout even better.

As much as such weights can be beneficial for your wrist, do not use the same on your ankles while walking or running. This is because they will affect your strides.

  • Cycling

This is where you can use the wrist weights as ankle weights. When used on the ankles, they will strengthen the lower body muscles while cycling. Remember not to over do it as you might end being too sore.

  • Arm circles and swings

The wrist weights can be a nice way to wake up your muscles when doing arm circles and swings. These are simple movements which can get better when you use the right techniques and additional weights.

Take it slow at first before repeating these movements. This helps your arms to get used to the weights and get stronger.

  • Leg raises

As suggest earlier, the wrist weights can be used on the ankles too. If you have been doing leg raises then you know how tough they can be even when using your own body weight. So, imagine yourself doing them with ankle weights.

Strap the wrist weights on your ankles and get down to working out those legs. With the additional weights, you can always feel the burn and get in shape better. Do as many reps as possible so that you can strengthen the legs even more.

These are not the only exercise options that you can do. Try out as many options as possible so that you can workout your body even better. You can always add more weights where necessary.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Wrist Weights

There are thousands of wrist weights available online. What is important is for you to get the right product for your workout sessions. To make that happen, we will look at some of the important considerations to keep in mind below.

  • The comfort and quality

The wrist weights that you choose should have good fabrics that are all about improving the comfort levels. This is important so that you do not have to worry about straining too much when it comes to using the wrist weights.

The material also needs to be good in terms of durability. This is where it would be able to withstand the stress and strain that you put it through while working out.

Depending on the manufacturer, many would try to make the material comfortable and durable at the same time. This can leave you with a high-quality product that does not necessarily injure your wrist while working out.

Look at the reviews to see what other users claim about the comfort and quality of the product.

  • Adjustability and versatility

Yes. If you want to enjoy using wrist weights, then look for something that offers more adjustability too. When you can adjust the wrist weights, then they can be versatile.

People have different wrist sizes. Even for those who have small wrists, they vary as well. So, it would be perfect if you can adjust the wrist weights for a snug fit. This allows you to work as hard as possible without necessarily having the weights falling off.

So, how does adjustment lead to versatility? Well, the same wrist weights can be used on ankles. Rather than getting different weights, you simply strap them on your ankles and start working out.

Adjustability also affects comfort. With the right fit, you would work out even better for longer without any issues.

  • The weight

So, you have decided that you want to try out wrist weights. What should come next to mind is the weight that would be ideal for you.

No need to go for the heaviest of the bunch. It is best if you can start with the smaller weights and progress with time.

It would be best to consult with a personal trainer to see which weight would be ideal for you. The last thing you need is to be sore from using the wrist weights.

  • Non-slip

When you are looking to buy the wrist weights, always consider those made of non-slip materials. This is a must feature for anyone who wants the best wrist weights for small wrists.

Being non-slip ensures that the weights can stay in one place where they were strapped. This is important so that you can workout better.

  • Price

Every person would have a budget to consider. So, the price is still an important consideration for anyone who wants to buy the best wrist weights for small wrists.

Are the lowly priced wrist weights any good? This is a common question that many people would have when considering to get themselves the wrist weights.

As much as the lowly priced equipment are not always the best, you cannot dismiss them. You need to have a keen look at how it is made, the material, and other features.

Sometimes it is possible to end up with a high-quality product that is still within the affordable range. The product reviews can also help you learn more about the unit before paying for it.

How to Avoid Injuries When Using Wrist Weights

So far you are liking what wrist weights are all about. However, sometimes people take it too far and end up with injuries when using wrist weights.

This does not have to be the case always. Let us see some of the things you should do to avoid injuries when using wrist weights.

  • It is recommended that you only add weights when you are already fit. Do not include them as part of your routine when you are a complete beginner. These weights are mostly meant to take your workout routine to the next level and that is not for beginners.
  • No need to wear the weights all the time. Some people think wearing the weights the whole day can help tone their muscles. That is not how it works. You simply need to use them while working out only. Give the wrists a break sometimes!
  • You should be mindful of any back problems. Adding the weights to your wrists and ankles to help strengthen the core can also put a strain on your lower back. As such, when you notice that there is a strain, it is best not to overuse the wrist weights.


The guide above gives you a quick idea of what to expect with the best wrist weights for small wrists. If you can use them correctly, then expect to end up with better toned wrists and many other benefits.

For those who are new to using them, follow the correct fitness advice from experts to help you harness more of the benefits of using wrist weights for small wrists.

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