How an Electric Bike’s Battery Is an Important Aspect

Your decision to purchase an electric bike instead of the conventional models is a big step when purchasing a simple means of transport. However, your decision-making process is not yet over, you are faced with a myriad of options as there are many models on the market. The choice of choosing an electric bike that suits your lifestyle, goals, and objectives can sometimes be tasking. There are numerous factors to evaluate before purchasing one. One such factor to consider is the battery.

Batteries serve as the store of current for your bike. They play a crucial role in the propulsion of the bike; just the same way gasoline plays a crucial role in the propulsion of internal combustion engines. Without batteries to provide electricity for propulsion, there would be no electric bikes, we would simply have conventional bicycles. In purchasing an electric bike, there should be an ultimate focus on the battery. This is because its overall performance in all aspects depends on the battery.

Types of Batteries

Knowing the different types of electric bike batteries available is to make an informed decision. Electric batteries come in different types with the most popular found on new or recent bikes being the lithium-ion battery.

Other types of batteries include:

  • Lead-acid batteries: they were featured in the earliest electric bikes.
  • Lithium cobalt batteries
  • Nickel-cadmium batteries
  • Nickel-metal hydride batteries
  • Lithium-manganese


The distance an electric bicycle can cover on a single charge depends on the battery size and capacity. This depends on the discharging time. A battery with a larger capacity will have less discharging time. This does not mean that we will need to have an eye out for an electric bike with a big battery. Lithium-ion batteries are known for being small yet being able to hold the longest capacity of charge. In purchasing your electric bike, you would need to look out for the best batteries within your budget range and which suits your specific needs.

Charging Time

Your battery capacity is also a factor in determining your recharging time. Typical electric bike batteries have a recharge time of 3-8 hours, depending on the battery constituents.

Battery Capacity

Electric bike batteries come in different shapes and sizes, and also different capacities. The battery capacity determines the distance the bike would cover before it runs out. In addition, it also determines the length of charging time. Furthermore, the battery’s components and capacity is also a determinant of the battery’s lifespan. Subsequently, it can be said that batteries play an integral function in the electric bike.

How Important Are Electric Bike Batteries?

The importance of electric bike batteries cannot be under-emphasized. They are the gasoline tanks of electric bikes. Electric bike batteries affect the following:

  • Power Bank:

This is the most relevant duty a battery plays in an electric bike. The battery serves as a store of electric current. The bike’s source of power is the battery pack. Without batteries, the electric motor which helps in the extra propulsion will only be an extra weight. Furthermore, without a battery pack, as earlier stated, there would be no electric bike.

  • Portability and Flexibility:

An important reason a battery in an electric bike is important is because they provide a safe and portable means of storing power. The battery in an electric bike is also a flexible device. Some come in detachable forms. This makes it convenient for you to carry them indoors for recharge. Other models have USB ports, this enables you to transfer some power from your electric bike to your mobile phone. Its relevance is also seen in the light that the battery saves you the stress of driving to a gas station for a refill of gas. We simply charge the battery from the comfort of our homes.

  • Budget-Friendly:

An added advantage of the electric bike’s battery is that it enables you to save a few extra bucks. In cycling to your workplace, you get to save a few extra bucks that would have been spent on gas. The fact that these batteries are at different prices so you can purchase an electric bike within your financial strength. In cases of charger failure, the cost of acquiring a replacement is not as expensive as some major repairs done on our cars. Furthermore, a reason the electric bike battery is relevant is because, unlike simple one-cylinder engines (found in mopeds), the electric bike battery is easy to maintain. Batteries are one of the simplest devices ever made. Easy maintenance invariably means cheap maintenance costs. Compared to the amount of money spent on buying gas, the electricity bills for recharging a battery are very insignificant.

  • Recyclable:

If you are concerned about making the world a safer place and saving our environment, then the electric bike’s battery will be of tremendous importance to you. A reason it is a better alternative to other sources is that they are recyclable. There are various battery recycling companies around. So, when your battery reaches the end of its recharge cycle, simply send it to a recycling company.

  • Makes Your Ride Enjoyable:

We all love riding on electric bikes. This is because cycling has been made easier. The pleasurable feelings we get while cruising on an electric bicycle is made possible only through the battery pack.


The battery is the heart of the electric bike. All we simply have to do is recharge and we have it working again. In the near future, just like electric cars have chargers installed in public places, electric bike chargers will soon be made available too. This will make it possible for us to charge on the go. A battery is one of the most important aspects to consider when buying an electric bike.

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