The Best Comfortable Reclining Loveseat: Top Pick & Reviews

After a long day at work, nothing is better than coming home and curling up on the couch.

As long as you’ve got a comfortable loveseat or recliner, you will be able to kick back and relax for hours on end, without disappointment. Unfortunately, finding a good recliner for your money can be surprisingly more difficult than you could ever imagine. What should you consider?

How much should you be willing to pay? What is the best leather reclining loveseat for the money? These are all questions you will need to ask yourself. Using the guide below to help simplify this process is highly recommended.

A Quick Comparison

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Best Reclining Loveseat Buying Tips

When attempting to invest in a brand-new loveseat, you will want to carefully consider your options. After you’ve found a few candidates, you will want to weigh their specifications and price to your own individualistic preferences, need, and budget. Below, you will find tips for ensuring you make the right choice.

Budgeting Is Key

It will come as no surprise to learn that spending extra for a good loveseat will prove to be well worth it in the long run. Spending more will ensure higher quality and longest lasting piece of furniture. Nevertheless, you should not feel obligated to splurge. Formulate a budget before considering your options. This will ensure that you do not overdo it and wind up in financial turmoil.

Choosing A Material

It is also vitally important to choose the right material. Are you the type of individual that prefers simplification and convenience? If so, you’ll want to stick with a material that will be easy to keep clean. Plush materials can be very comfortable, but they’re also slightly more difficult to clean. A leather reclining loveseat is recommended if you want maximum convenience. This material can easily be kept clean with a rag and a little bit of soap.

Make It Match

The overall appearance of the seat might not make it comfortable, but this is still something you cannot and should not ignore. After all, you’re definitely going to want a seat that looks amazing inside of your home. Be sure to choose a seat that will complement those other items in your living room. This will help you enhance the appearance of your living room while preventing an eyesore.


Finally, you will want to carefully look at the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Almost all loveseats will come with some type of warranty and it is in your best interest to get the longest one possible. These items are not going to last forever, but your warranty will help to extend its lifespan.

1. Homelegance Reclining Loveseat

The market is oversaturated with amazing loveseats, but few can compare to the Homelegance 9700CP-2 Double Recliner. This specific piece of furniture possesses the best of everything, including affordability, sleek design, and comfort. The seat is designed with a plush microfiber material to provide the user with maximum comfort. While assembly is required, putting together the 9700FCP-2 is far easier than what you might expect. What else sets this loveseat apart from its rivals? You’ll find out below!

Homelegance Resonance 60" Microfiber Double Reclining Loveseat, Dark Brown
  • Cranley Collection seating area is covered in brown textured plush microfiber and side area is covered in faux leather (Bi-cast vinyl or PU)
  • Overstuffed arms, seats and backs upholstered with high-density foam in cushioned comfort

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Dual Recliners

Loveseats are meant to be utilized by couples. Therefore, the seat should easily be able to accommodate you and a friend or girlfriend. And of course, it is vital to ensure that both portions of the chair are capable of reclining. This is where Homelegance scores a major home run. Their 9700FCP-2 Loveseat is equipped with dual recliners. Both recliners operate independently, so you can recline while your friend sits upright. The chair features levers on both sides that are used to control the recline conveniently.

Maximum Cushioning

The cushioning is another area where the 9700FCP-2 excel. This loveseat is overflowing with cushioning in the most important areas. For instance, the arms, backs, and seats are overstuffed with padding. As soon as you flop down into this seat, you will sink into the padding. In fact, you’ll feel like you’re floating on air. The amount of cushioning in the seat is magnificent and will keep you comfortable for many hours on end.

Overall Assessment

The Homelegance 9700-FCP-2 Double Reclining Loveseat is definitely affordable, but it shines brightly in the most important categories. It is comfortable, sleek and downright beautiful. This combination makes this loveseat a great addition to any modern home.

2. Divano Roma Reclining Loveseat

How would you like to save money, while still getting an amazing loveseat? If this is your primary goal, you should definitely check out the Divano Roma Furniture Classic Loveseat. This seat is incredibly affordable, but it features a beautiful, leather finish that will look amazing in almost any home. The extra-strong bonded leather is built to last, so you can guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth from this amazing loveseat. What else do you need to know? You’ll find out below.

Divano Roma Furniture Classic Loveseat Recliner in Bonded Leather - 2 Seater Recliner Sofa (Black)
  • Extra strong bonded leather upholstery prevents rips and tears.
  • Overstuffed and upholstered with high-density foam to provide extreme comfort.

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Two Recliners

One of the best aspects of the Divano Roma Loveseat is the fact that is features dual recliners. This seat is equipped with handles on each side. The handles can be used to initiate the recliner mechanism at any point. In return, this effectively makes the seat two reclines, which work independently of one another.

No Rips And Tears

Divano Roma Furniture strongly believes in providing the consumer with the most bang for their buck. This is why they’ve manufactured the Classic Loveseat with extra-strong bonded leather. When you’ve invested in this seat, you can sleep soundly knowing it will provide you with years and years of comfort. The seat’s leather upholstery is incredibly durable and can easily pass the test of time. This loveseat is far better at preventing rips and tears than many of its competitors. Plus, the leather material is easy to keep clean.


Loveseats deliver the perfect combination of compact size and spaciousness. While they’re compact in size, they still provide a suitable amount of room for two individuals. This is definitely true with Divano Roma’s Classic Loveseat. It measures in at 29 by 56 by 39 inches. Suffice to say, the chair will not consume a lot of space in your living room. However, it will deliver plenty of space for you and your partner. If you live in a small apartment, this will prove to be a great investment for you and your family.

Overall Assessment

The Classic Double Reclining Loveseat is truly an amazing bargain. While it might be low in price, it is big on quality and durability. This seat can easily outlast its competitors while providing the user with maximum comfort every step of the way. Be sure to check this one out for yourself right away!

3. Homelegance 9723-2 LoveSeat

Every home needs a good recliner or sofa that not only matches the décor but also provides comfort for years and years. The only problem is that in today’s market there are so many recliners and sofas to choose from that finding the right one can be quite the challenge. That was until you discovered the Homelegance 9723-2 Double Reclining Love Seat. This loveseat provides users with a one of a kind quality and comfort that cannot be matched by anything else on the market.

Homelegance Geoffrey 71" Microfiber Double Reclining Love Seat, Chocolate
  • Traditional style Love Seat upholstered in chocolate brown premium textured plush microfiber
  • Features button tufted cushions and pillow top arms

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Lightweight And Compact Design

One of the best and most exciting things about this loveseat is its lightweight and compact design. Even if you live in a small apartment or home, you can enjoy the benefits of this amazing product. The dimensions are 70.5” (width) x 41” (diameter) x 39” (height).  Only weighing in at 145 pounds, the loveseat is very versatile when it comes to transportation and maneuverability throughout the home.

Only Minor Assembly Required

The problem with most pieces of furniture is that they can be quite a hassle to assemble. In fact, you either end up having to hire a professional to do the job, or you spend hours and hours trying to do it yourself. However, that will not be the case with the Homelegance 9723-2 Double Reclining Love Seat. This loveseat is already shipped to you mostly assembled. Once you have the loveseat in your location of choice, there will only be a few minor attachments that you need to make.

Extra Support And Comfort

Anytime you invest in a love seat, you want it to provide comfort and reliability throughout the years. That is exactly what this love seat can do. With two oversized arms located on each end of the recliner, users can surely enjoy an extra padded, extra comfortable armrest. Along with this, the seats and back are upholstered with soft fabric to provide even more comfort and support when sitting for long hours at a time.

Reclining Action

Sometimes when you are sitting on a love seat, you might be in the mood for more than just sitting. Maybe you want to recline and relax a little bit. With most love seats on the market, this isn’t even a possibility. However, with this amazing love seat, users can recline and relax to the fullest.

Overall Assessment

Every home, apartment, or office can use a good quality love seat that spices up the place. If that is truly what you are looking for, you need to check out the Homelegance 9723-2 Double Reclining Love Seat.

4. Serta RTA Reclining Loveseat

Serta is truly a name that consumers know and respect. The company has consistently produced amazing furniture for the years. The company’s RTA Palisades Collection 61-Inch Loveseat is one of their most amazing offerings to date. The unique Silica Sand color scheme is beautiful and somewhat neutral, so it can easily complement any existing interior design scheme. This specific loveseat will be examined in greater detail below.

Serta Palisades Upholstered Sofas for Living Room Modern Design Couch, Straight Arms, Soft Fabric Upholstery, Tool-Free Assembly, 61" Loveseat, Sand Beige
  • GREAT FOR SMALL ROOMS: 61-inch loveseat perfect for small apartments, offices, and family rooms
  • MODERN DESIGN: Straight arms and square footers add a modern flair to any room

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Several Colors

First and foremost, you should realize that this seat is available in several different color schemes. They include Silica Sand, Glacial Gray, Flagstone Beige, and Fawn Tan. Each color is gorgeous. No matter which option you prefer, you can guarantee that this loveseat will make a great addition to your living room. The linen-textured fabric is very durable and incredibly easy to keep clean. So, you can guarantee that the furniture’s beauty will remain for many years to come.

Includes Pillows

While this chair might not recline, it makes up for its accessories. When you invest in the Serta RTA Palisades Collection 61” Loveseat, you will also receive 2 pillows. The decorative pillows measure in at 16 by 16 inches. They match the chair to ensure a uniform look that will impress your family members and guests.

Effortless Assembly

Finally, you should know that the Serta RTA Palisades Loveseat offers the most simplistic assembly possible. The assembly process doesn’t require any tools whatsoever. Instead, you will only need to use the included twist hardware. By working with a friend, you should be able to get the chair assembled in less than 15 minutes!

Overall Assessment

Serta is truly one of the most respectable brands in the world. This makes investing in the Serta RTA Palisades Loveseat a great choice. The seat’s assembly is effortless and lightning fast. Plus, the seat itself is durable and well worth the cost.

5. Homelegance 9668BRW Loveseat

While there are many excellent loveseats out there, few can compete with the versatility of the Homelegance 9668BRW-2. This is not an empty statement. This loveseat might be a tad more expensive, but it delivers features that cannot be found elsewhere. For instance, it is equipped with a center console and gliders. This combination makes the seat more functional and more relaxing than more of its competitors. These features will be explored in greater depth below.

Homelegance Center Hill 83" Bonded Leather Double Glider Reclining Loveseat , Brown
  • Center Hill Collection double glider reclining loveseat covered in dark brown bonded leather (seating) & matched bi-cast vinyl/faux leather (body)
  • Traditional rolled arms and channel tufted design feature nail head accent

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Gliders And Console

The gliders are a truly great addition to this loveseat. Just remember that gliding is only possible when the seat is not reclined. Nevertheless, the gliding motion can be very relaxing and it is a good solution for lulling a toddler to sleep. Also, the center console will provide you with plenty of extra options. It includes 2 cup holders and a small storage compartment. The console gives you a place to hold your drinks and your television remote. Just imagine never losing your remote control ever again.

Large And Luxurious

The Homelegance 9668BRW-2 Double Glider Loveseat is definitely bigger than many other its rivals. It measures in at 38.5 by 83 by 40 inches. As long as you’ve got the room for this piece of furniture, you will absolutely love it. Plus, it is overloaded with cushioning. Once you’ve sat down in your seat, you will feel total comfort and relaxation. This luxurious loveseat is truly fit for a king and queen.

Overall Assessment

All in all, the Homelegance 9668BRW-2 Double Glider Reclining Loveseat is a great piece of furniture. It is magnificent in all of the most crucial areas. Plus, it can comfortably support and satisfy two individuals simultaneously. Checking it out in greater detail is highly recommended!

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  1. We have a Lane loveseat recliner. The cushions didn’t last more than a year. They were replaced under warrantee but the replacements lasted less time. It’s time to replace it and I am looking for reviews regarding longevity and durability. Can you help me with a few suggestions?

    • Hi Bruce,
      Sorry to hear your experience regarding Lane loveseat. According to our research, the following loveseat could be what you`re looking for
      If you have enough space this one loveseat could be the best choice for you
      In case you`re looking for the leather loveseat then we suggest having a look into this product
      Leather loveseats are much easier to clean and look more attractive but definitely not so comfortable to relax especially in wintertime. And of course, leather loveseats are much more expensive.


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