Fight Eye Strain with the Best Glasses for Computer Usage

In this modern world, our daily lives are spent in front of some sort of screen. It’s extremely rare to not be constantly looking at one. In fact, we might even argue that it’s impossible to avoid them these days. Most jobs require us to be in front of a computer or some sort of device. We spend our days and nights on our smartphones. Many have even eschewed traditional hardbound books and paperbacks for tablets and e-readers. It’s gotten so common to have devices in the household that even babies and children become introduces to tablets as a form of entertainment. After all, who could blame a parent for seeking an easy way to keep their child busy?

There’s truly nothing wrong with loving your devices. If you enjoy spending time on your phone, tablet, e-reader, or computer one way or another, then have at it! But while you use your screens, you do have to remember to try and take care of your eyes. Blink often and lubricate with eye drops as often as possible. You can take extra care of your peepers by using the best glasses for computer usage too! As an added bonus, you’ll even be protected when you use your other devices. As long as it’s a screen, you’re certainly protected, too.

If you’re wondering whether you must need a prescription to use these glasses, the answer is no. You don’t have to have bad eyesight to acquire yourself a pair of these. You don’t even need to get any prescription. You can simply purchase a pair at will, as you will it.

That all said, we would like to bring you five of the best glasses for computer usage. Our recommendations are below.

1. Intercept Gaming Glasses | Blue Light Blocking Glasses by Gunnar Optiks

One of the biggest names in protective computer use glasses is Gunnar Optiks. They exploded out on the market some time ago when they made a big splash – influencers, streamers, celebrities all started sporting a pair. And then they kind of puttered out a bit, after the initial burst of marketing – but that doesn’t mean that they’re gone from the market. And of course, that doesn’t mean that their glasses are any less effective. The fact is, Gunnars are still some of the best glasses for computer usage, and they have quite a big range to offer to boot.

When you’re looking for a pair of glasses to protect your eyes from your computer use, you’ll want a pair that will offer you a viewing experience that is panoramic. This is something that the Intercept will give you, thanks to the wide-format eyeglass lenses they used. These lenses are even hard-coated using silicone in order to protect them from getting scratched. When you use a computer, you don’t want glare to affect your eyesight. And so, Gunnar Optiks made sure to give the Intercept anti-reflective coatings. Both the front of the lens and the back of the lens is coated for your convenience.

In terms of durability, you’ll find that the Intercept’s lenses are held rigidly in place. The lens mounts will prevent them from degrading as time goes on. This pair of glasses is made using injection polymers that are engineering-grade. The hinges are multi-barrel, allowing them to be both comfortable and long-lasting. On top of that, you get a rather precise fit, so you won’t have the glasses falling down your face or nose all the time.

Intercept can block 100% UV rays, while it can block 65% blue light. So not only will your eyes be more comfortable, but you’ll also be able to sleep better. A win-win, in our opinion!

If it matters at all to you, the US Food and Drug Administration has also approved Gunnar Optiks Intercept. You can get this pair with prescription lenses if you need.


  • Available in different frame designs
  • Affordable in base configuration
  • Comes in different options for protecting against different levels of blue light
  • Can be used with prescription lenses


  • Yellow lenses aren’t for everyone – doesn’t always look good
  • Pricey compared to other computer glasses

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2. Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses by Gamma Ray Optics

If you want a pair of glasses that have been loved and raved about by tons of people worldwide, you should certainly give these a try. Gamma Ray has made a pair of glasses that are not just effective, but also incredibly affordable – so much so that they are within easy reach for everyone. Plus, they last a really long time, so you know that for sure you’ll be worth the money for sure.

Gamma’s glasses are made out of plastic – not just the frames, but also the lenses as well. This, of course, means that they are both flexible and durable to boot. As a result, you can feel sure that your glasses will last through many years of usage. In fact, Gamma Ray is so confident in the quality of their product that they have even provided a lifetime warranty. By that, we mean that you get a warranty for life, protecting against breakage! Not bad, right?

So these glasses have plastic amber lenses. You can get them without any magnification, but for those who need reading lenses, you can get them from 0.00x to 2.50x.

From the feedback we’ve seen about these glasses, customers have been saying that glasses actually reduce strain on the eyes significantly. They’ve even noticed that their eyes do not get as dry or as itchy, both things that happen if you tend to stare at screens for long periods of time.

Another added bonus is the fact that the glasses themselves look pretty good all on their own – About on par with Gunnar Optiks’ offerings. Minus the high price tag, of course.


  • Inexpensive
  • Long lasting, durable
  • Lifetime Warranty (against breakage)


  • Plastic lenses may not be to some people’s liking

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3. Skyper Blue UV Light Blocker Glasses with Orange Lenses by Uvex

Okay, so – if you’re looking for an actual pair of glasses that will protect your eyes properly against blue light, you have it here. However, you do have to consider that this pair of glasses looks more akin to safety glasses than actual sun shades or eyeglasses. Nothing wrong with that, though we do think it’s worth mentioning that it’s not always everyone’s style. If you’re style-conscious at all, you probably won’t be that big of a fan of this pair for most general day to day outfits. But it does work for a “look”, so if you are looking for that look, in particular, well then there you go!

Its appearance aside, we do think that the Skypers are so very worth the mention. You see, the orange lenses on the Skypers are truly effective against blue light. And the absolute best part of all of this? They are ridiculously affordable. Like – literally so affordable, that you wouldn’t even care if the quality wasn’t as good. But it is – and everyone is raving about it. If you check out the reviews on this pair of glasses, you’ll quickly see that practically everyone enjoys them. Most rave about the lenses, which have this technology called “spectrum control”. It promises to absorb up to 98% of the blue light that our eyes receive from screens. Plus the lenses are also tiltable and can be tilted in three different angles or positions. This allows you to look at screens at practically any height without you straining.

And again, although the style of these glasses isn’t fully to everyone’s liking, we do have to say a few things. First off, the glasses have a wrap-around style, which comes with a few features that were included notably for your comfort. For example, the temples are adjustable. This is so that you can have your glasses fitting you properly. Plus, the nose bridge area is also molded – for further comfort.

If you think that you’re still unsure about these glasses, honestly, we would recommend that you simply buy a pair. The fact is, at the price they sell at, you can probably buy a few so you can have some spares. Though you’ll probably have to hold on to them for a while since a lot of people have been saying that the Skypers actually last quite a long time.


  • Incredibly affordable
  • 98% effective protection against blue light
  • 3 angles tiltable
  • Adjustable temples


  • Style isn’t as widely accepted or as “glasses-like”

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4. Blue Light Shield Daytime Glasses by J+S Vision

We completely understand. You probably came here looking for a pair of glasses that you can wear daily. As in, anywhere and everywhere you go. So no amber lenses, no orange either – you’re all about that simple design life. And there’s truly nothing wrong with that. We know that for many, they are looking for a pair that will get them through their day to day screen use. And so here we are, we’ve found you a pair that you probably will enjoy! These glasses are quite stylish yet unassuming. At the same time, the company behind them has made sure that your eyes will remain protected no matter what. Plus, they have even made sure to keep the price rather affordable. This is so that anyone who needs a pair will be able to get their hands on one, no fuss, no need to worry about breaking the bank.

The glasses we are talking about from J+S Vision come in various different designs. They have different colors, different shapes for the frame, and so on. All of these have clear lenses (except for a very slight blue tinge or tint when at an angle or when light reflects a certain way). Because of this reason, the glasses pretty much look like traditional eye glasses or even reading glasses. Nothing out of the ordinary, and you certainly won’t be attracting attention with orange or amber lenses.

If you’re wondering whether the glasses are as effective as amber or orange lensed ones, the answer is yes – to a degree. The lenses on these glasses block about 80% of the blue light that your eyes will pick up from screens on a day to day basis, which isn’t really bad all things considered.

Customers reportedly love just how sleek these glasses look. Add to that how well it helps protect their eyes from itchiness, dryness, and redness, we do believe we’ve got a winner on our hands. If you’re not convinced, you can check out the reviews – they’re right there for you to peruse!


  • Stylish yet subtle
  • Affordable
  • Many options to choose from


  • Only 80 percent protection against blue light

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5. Premium Glasses for Computer Use with Magnification by Prospek

Sometimes, we do end up needing a little extra help trying to understand the text on a screen. You see, it is a given and known fact that for most people, eyesight tends to deteriorate over time. This is why as people get older, they end up needing reading glasses or glasses with some sort of magnification. This is simply the way life tends to go, and you’re no exception – unless you’re one of those lucky few who ends up with a near-perfect vision for most of their lives. But hey, just because you have some trouble with your vision does not at all mean that you cannot wear spectacles to protect your eyes from the blue light coming from your screens.

So if you want to get the benefit of both a protective pair of glasses and a magnification or reading pair, then the Prospek might be a good choice for you. This pair of glasses comes in different strengths of magnification, from 0.00 all the way to 3.00. This way, you can get your pair in the strength that you need. Also, not everyone is a big fan of the whole amber lens type deal, so you’d certainly be happy to know that the lenses for these pairs are all clear. As a result, you will not be experiencing any color distortion at all! Color distortion is something that not many people enjoy as they don’t particularly like their vision tinged. So this pair is certainly ideal.

If you aren’t sold on this pair of glasses yet, considering it is a bit higher priced than the other ones on this list, perhaps you can check out the Amazon reviews. There, you’ll be able to see what people have to say about the Prospeks. Add to that the fact that the seller includes a 90-day money-back guarantee in case you are not happy, we would say that the Prospeks are worth a look!


  • Reading glasses that protect your eyes
  • No color distortion
  • Sleek design
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • A bit pricier than other pairs
  • Not much information about how effective they are versus blue light

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use protective glasses?

There are reasons why you should be using protective glasses – especially if you’re always in front of a screen. This is because constant exposure to screens and the blue light that they produce can cause problems along with eye strain. You may feel that your eyes are dry, tired and strained. You’ll even probably notice some blurred vision. It’s possible that your eyes may look reddened. Enough eye strain and you’ll even get neck pain, back pain, and headaches. Fatigue’s a thing too! So, to prevent all of these along with protecting your eyes from deterioration over time, use a pair of blue light filtering glasses.

What if I have bad eyesight and need a script?

In this case, you most certainly can get a pair of glasses with a prescription as well. If you know your script, you can probably give the information to the provider so they can send you your glasses properly graded. If you prefer to go through your usual ophthalmologist or optometrist, you can do that too. Just ask for your lenses to get blue light filters on them so your eyes will be protected properly!

What do the percentages mean on the product labels and descriptions?

When you start shopping for these glasses for computer usage, you’ll likely run into some numbers. You’ll see 60, 80, 98, and a few other more uncommon ones. You might now be asking – what do these percentages mean, really? In this case, it’s truly simple. Each number is just a percentage of how much blue light gets blocked by the lenses. And so, if for example the lenses are advertised as 80, that means only 20% of the blue light gets to your eyes and affects your eyesight. Naturally, the higher the number, the better the glasses will be. After all, blocking more blue light means keeping your eyes healthier!

How exactly does blue light affect the eyes?

So why exactly do you need eye glasses for computer use? What exactly does blue light do to your eyes? Is it really all bad?

Well, blue light isn’t all completely bad – in fact, it’s part bad and part good for you. Blue light is pretty much everywhere – it comes from the sun, and of course, it also comes from our digital devices. Our eyes are typically pretty good at blocking harmful UV rays from reaching our retinas. However, blue light pretty much passes all the way through to our retinas. Immediately you see we need a protective barrier to block out the harmful blue.

You see, blue light can increase the risk of our eyesight deteriorating. It can speed up macular degeneration, or damage to our eyesight. This happens because our retinas have light-sensitive cells that can get really damaged by constant exposure. And, if your eyesight deteriorates through macular degeneration enough, chances are you are risking legal blindness. Or perhaps, even permanent blindness.

Not enough research has been done to figure out just how much blue light actually causes intense damage to our eyes. However, eye care service providers such as optometrists and ophthalmologists know that constant exposure really doesn’t help. And so, if you spend a ton of time on your devices, it’s good to get a pair of glasses to help protect your retinas.

Trust us, you’ll thank yourself for this later!

Does the brand of glasses matter?

The last question is – does the brand of your protective eyeglasses matter? Will it affect just how safe your eyes will be from the harsh blue light? The answer is – yes and no.

You don’t really need to have any special type of eyeglasses to be able to protect your eyes. There isn’t one singular brand that is the only recommended one. You can choose a more expensive branded pair if you wish, though you can literally get similar results with 10$ glasses too. So we would say no, you don’t need to focus on the brand at all. If anything, you should look at other factors. Here are some other things for you to look at:

  • The protection factor of the glasses – what percentage of blue light is actually blocked?
  • How comfortable are the glasses?
  • Are they durable?
  • Do they come with a warranty?

Final Thoughts

The best glasses for computer usage will truly help to protect your eyes from damage over time caused by blue light. If you spend a lot of time outdoors (yes, the sun puts out a lot of blue light too) or if you work with screens a lot, you’ll want the best glasses for computer usage. This will help you to prevent early macular degeneration so that your eyes remain healthy for a much longer time. Protect your eyesight – you surely will thank yourself later. Purchasing a pair of blue light blocking glasses is a small investment for the good of your eyes!

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