The Best Solar Car Battery Charger : The Ultimate Review

There are millions and millions of automobile owners in the world. These individuals will agree that owning a vehicle has its perks, but it also comes with additional headaches and added responsibilities. Can you imagine being broken down on the side of the road for many hours?

How would you like to be able to prevent this from happening in the future? If you’re dealing with a battery problem, you’ll want to make sure you gain access to a reliable battery charger. With a reliable solar car charger, you’ll be able to get your vehicle up and running right away and without assistance.

Below, you will learn more about these devices.

A Quick Comparison

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Finding The Best Solar Powered Car Battery Charger

If you’re looking for a great battery charger, you will need to research carefully. It is absolutely pertinent to do your research and carefully evaluate each of your potential choices. Below, you will discover a breakdown of the factors that will prove to be most important.

Design and RV Solar Panels

When looking at your options, you will find that solar battery chargers come in various shapes and sizes. It is pertinent to choose the one that will be able to access as much sunlight as possible. Pay close attention to the solar panels. Make sure the device come with plenty of panels, so it can take in plenty of sunlight.

Portable Solar Charger?

While you’re at it, you’ll want to determine whether or not you’re looking for a portable charger. Do you only want to use the product at home or would you like to be able to use it on the go? If you’re interested in using the devices outside of the home, you’ll want to make sure you choose one that is lightweight, compact and easy to move from one location to the next.

Warranty For Your Solar Panel Car Battery Charger

Before moving any further, you should understand that the solar car battery charger isn’t going to last forever. However, this product should at least provide you with several years of use. In order to make sure that this happens, it is downright imperative to inspect the unit’s warranty. Some of these devices offer warranties that extend over a period of 18 months. Others are far longer. Choosing a charger with a longer warranty is definitely a good idea.

1. ALLPOWERS Solar Battery Charger

Whether you are having problems with your car battery, or you simply just want to be prepared, you cannot go wrong with the ALLPOWERS 18V 5W Portable Solar Car Battery Charger. With this battery charger, you will literally always be prepared for any battery issue that could arise. With is unique ability to charge dead batteries by harnessing the power of the sun’s rays, you will fall in love with this innovative charger.

ALLPOWERS 18V 12V 5W Portable Solar Panel Car Boat Power Solar Panel Battery Charger Maintainer for Automotive Motorcycle Tractor Boat RV Batteries
  • ☀️ ALLPOWERS trickle battery charger maintainer can charge 12V batteries with the power of the sun and create 5 watts of energy
  • ☀️ Mono-crystalline silicon panel works in all daylight conditions and is weatherproof(rain drop is OK, but not completely waterproof)for added durability

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Includes Suction Cups And Block Diode

With its incredibly lightweight design and suction cups, the solar grid can quickly and easily mount right to the windshield of any vehicle. Along with this, the device comes with built-in blocking diodes, which prevent any reverse discharge and ensures complete safety in a variety of charging situations.

18-Month Warranty

When you invest in a battery charger, you want to make sure that you are investing in a durable and reliable product. After all, you are going to be depending on this product to pull you out of a bind. That is exactly what this charger can do. With its 18-month warranty, you can truly rest assured that you are investing in a good quality product. Within the first 18 months of owning this product, if you experience any problems the manufacturer will fix them or completely replace the charger for absolutely no charge.

Universal Design

The most unique thing about this charger is that it wasn’t designed to just work with vehicles. In fact, this charger is compatible with any 12-volt battery. This charger will work on motorcycles, car, trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, and a wide range of other products. Along with this, when you purchase this product, you are not just receiving the charger. You will receive a wide range of other accessories, including a cigarette lighter plug, clip line, suction cups, and instruction manual.

Overall Assessment

Regardless, if you are having battery problems, or you just want to be prepared for any emergency situation, you can’t go wrong with the ALLPOWERS 18V 5W Portable Solar Car Battery Charger.

2. ALLPOWERS Solar Charger

It is so much more cost-effective to charge a battery utilizing solar power, especially when you do not have access to an electrical source. With this said, you can utilize the ALLPOWERS 18V 12V Solar Charger for a wide array of applications. The SunPower Solar Cell is designed to ensure more power efficiency than compared to similar models. The solar panel’s workmanship is superior, ensuring durability and many years of service life.

ALLPOWERS Solar Panel 18V 12V 50W Bendable SunPower Solar Cell Water/Shock/Dust Resistant Solar Power Charger for RV, Boat, Cabin, Tent, Car, Trailer, Camping or Any Other Irregular Surface
  • SUNPOWER solar cell is made from US, up to 22%-25% efficiency, while most panel is 17%-19%, you will get greater power efficiency even though the panel is no larger than a traditional model
  • Sunpower solar panel is far more durable than traditional glass and aluminum models; flexible material is ideal for storage in tight spaces or crowded areas

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Easy Installation Process

The ALLPOWERS Solar Cell is extremely easy to install. In fact, it can be mounted on RVs, cabins, tents boats and 4-wheelers. The panel comes with everything you need to complete the installation in 30 minutes or less. The frameless design is very unique, giving the panel more eye appeal. It is reinforced with four mounting holes to make the installation process easier.

The bendable design allows for mounting on an uneven surface. You can actually pend the panel to 30 degrees, so you can install it to irregular surfaces, without needing to make any readjustments or reinforcements. The curved design will also provide sure sufficient power for all applications.

Lightweight Design

The solar panel is lightweight but extremely durable. It weighs roughly 2.5 pounds, so it will not put any stress on your equipment. The lightweight design will also allow for easy installation because only one person can mount it. However, the monocrystalline panel is extremely durable and manufactured in the United States. In fact, it is more durable than traditional aluminum and glass models.

Overall Assessment

The ALLPOWERS SunPower Solar Cell is ideal for charging 12-volt lead-acid batteries and other types of equipment. If you are an avid traveler or handyman that spends a lot of time outdoors, you could definitely benefit from the solar panel. It will provide enough power to charge your hand tools if you do not have access to an electric outlet.

3. ECO-WORTHY Solar Charger

Whether you own a motorcycle, AYV, or a car, you probably already know that the battery is one of the most important components. Without a fully charged battery, you might as well just park your vehicle. However, if you truly want to be prepared for any situation, you need to check out the ECO-WORTHY 12 Volts Portable Power Solar Panel Battery Charger.

ECO-WORTHY 10W Solar Car Battery Charger Maintainer 12V Waterproof Solar Panel Portable Solar Trickle Charger for Car Truck Boat Lawn Mower RV Trailer Tractor ATV Utility Vehicle Battery
  • 💦【Function】Suitable for keeping vehicles/boat battery charged during the weeks unused. No need to disconnect the battery or have someone start the vehicle periodically. The indicator light on the back can observe the charging state. And it’s waterproof, you can safely use it outdoors(After experimental test).
  • 👷【Protection】The 10w monocrystalline solar panel uses trickle charging to charge the battery without causing overcharging. Built-in blocking diode prevents reverse charging without extra maintenance at night. Works even on cloudy days. As frosted surface, the panel doesn't need film protection anymore.

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Maintenance Free And Easy To Install

This battery charger can be installed on any vehicle, boat, motorcycle, or any other type of vehicle in just a matter of minutes. Along with the easy installation, this charger doesn’t require any maintenance whatsoever. Once installed, you will literally never have to worry about it again.

Trickle Charge

If you have a vehicle, boat, or motorcycle, that you don’t drive that often, you have probably found that over a period of time of just sitting the battery will die in the vehicle. This is not only a troublesome problem, but it can be expensive if you have to keep replacing the battery every so often. Of course, you can just start the vehicle periodically to prevent this problem altogether, but it can be easy to forget. However, if you want to avoid the situation altogether, you can install this charger and use it to trickle charge the battery.

Overall Assessment

If you own a car, ATV, boat, or motorcycle, you know that the battery is one of the most important components. If you want to be prepared for any situation that could arise with your battery, you need to invest in the ECO-WORTHY 12 Volt Solar Charger.

4. Schumacher Solar Battery Charger

Are you interested in charging your battery in the most environmentally safe manner as possible? Would you like to achieve this goal, without spending excessively? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you should definitely consider investing in the Schumacher SP-200 2.4W Solar Battery Charger. This specific product is capable of getting the job done for half the price. And of course, it will pose no risk to the environment whatsoever. Continue ready below to learn how this product outperforms many of its competitors.

Schumacher SP-200 Solar Battery Charger and Maintainer - 2.4 Watt, 12V - For Cars, Boats, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Trucks
  • TRICKLE CHARGE: Delivers 2.4-watt trickle charge to boat, car, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, truck, RV, and other 12V batteries to maintain your 12V battery
  • EXTEND BATTERY LIFE: Maintaining your 12V batteries with the SP-200 optimizes the health of the battery and extends battery life

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Works Great On Cloudy Days

Many consumers mistakenly believe that battery chargers only work when the sun is shining brightly. This isn’t true. Solar chargers have evolved over the years and they’re more effective than ever before. This is definitely true with the Schumacher Battery Charger, thanks to the included Amorphous technology. This allows the charger to get your battery charged even on a cloudy day.

All You Need

Also, you should realize that the Schumacher SP-200 2.4W Solar Charger comes with everything you need. It includes the battery clamps, which will be used to connect the charger to your battery. At the same time, this unit comes with the 12-volt plug. This combination ensures that you’ll be able to start using this charger as soon as you get it home. No electricity is needed, so it can be used almost anywhere in the world.

Totally Safe

A lot of consumers will invest in solar-powered devices to save money and protect the environment. There is truly no doubt that the Schumacher SP-200 will be able to accomplish both of these goals. This device is totally safe for you and the environment. If you’re interested in lowering your emissions and carbon footprint, you should definitely consider adding this product to your arsenal.

Overall Assessment

The Schumacher SP-200 Solar Battery Maintainer is great in the most important categories. It is lightweight, easily portable and comes with everything you need to utilize it right away! Thanks to its low price and ease of use, this product is definitely a good investment.

5. ALLPOWERS Marine Solar Charger

Are you looking for an outstanding charger that will not break the bank? If so, you owe it to yourself to check out this product from ALLPOWERS. It might be affordable, but it will definitely leave you impressed. This product comes with plenty of solar panels, so it will be able to soak up a lot of suns and then transform that sunlight into power. The panels are completely water-resistant, so you can set them outside in the sun and ignore them. They’ll withstand the test of time, without any hiccups whatsoever.

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Everything You Need

When it comes down to it, the ALLPOWERS Solar Charger comes with everything you need. For instance, it comes with a cigarette lighter plug, clip line, and instruction manual. This charger also comes with the two clamps, so you will be able to attach the charger to your vehicle’s battery within a matter of seconds. With this specific product, you will not have to worry about purchasing everything else. More importantly, each component is made with precision for long-lasting use.


Another excellent thing about the ALLPOWERS Battery Charger is the warranty. If you want a charger that is going to last, you want this charger. It comes with an 18-month warranty and the company’s customer service is superb. This combinate greatly enhances the overall value of the charger, while simultaneously giving the consumer extra peace of mind.

Great For Various Applications

Some battery chargers are only good for automobiles. This is not the case with the ALLPOWERS Solar Battery Maintainer. This specific product is capable of doing it all. It is capable of charging everything from the motorcycle to boat batteries. You can almost guarantee that this charger will suit your unique needs.

Overall Assessment

It is nearly impossible to lose with the ALLPOWERS Battery Charger. It is very cost-effective and works great for boats, motorcycles, and even tractor batteries. If you’ve got a battery that needs to be charged, you can guarantee that this product will do the trick!


When it comes down to it, all consumers should consider investing in an automobile and marine solar battery charger. Doing so will prove to be a wise decision in the long run. This device will make your life easier, while also saving you money on electricity. Be sure to utilize the reviews above to ensure you make the right choice for your money!

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