The Best Ball Joint Tool in 2021: Top Reviews

Do you work on your own automobile? If so, you will understand how incredibly important it is to make sure you have access to the right tools.

In order to get the job done without needing to make another trip to the store, you’ll want to stuff your toolbox with as many necessities are humanly possible.

Besides your wrenches, you will also want to equip yourself with a reliable ball joint remover. All automobiles have ball joints.

Therefore, all mechanics and those that intend to do it themselves should have a good ball joint tool. Below, you will learn more about some of these products.

What Is The Ball Joint?

First and foremost, you should familiarize yourself with the ball joints. These bearings are spherical and they play a very important role in all automobiles. These joints connect your vehicle’s control arms to the steering knuckles. They feature a ball and socket type design, so they’re very distinguishable and easy to spot. In fact, the ball joint looks very similar to a human hip joint. The joint will include a bearing stud and a socket. Both will be enclosed by a casing. These components will all be manufactured by steel. When something goes wrong with the ball joints, you will notice it almost immediately.

Since it is possible for the ball joints to experience problems at any point in time, you should prepare yourself well in advance. Obtain a reliable ball joint tool, so you can be prepared to replace the worn-out joints immediately.

Signs Of A Faulty Ball Joint

Before pulling out your ball joint press and trying to fix the problem, you should familiarize yourself with the signs of a problem. First and foremost, you should realize that your vehicle will begin to make an awkward sound when the ball joints so bad. The vehicle will begin to make a banging sound that appears to be coming from one corner of the automobile. The sound will closely resemble someone hitting metal with a hammer. You will also begin to notice steering problems. When the joints become worn, your vehicle’s steering will become stiff and somewhat sloppy.

Finally, you should realize that your vehicle’s tires can help you identify a problematic ball joint. If your tires have started to show uneven wear, it is almost certain that you’re dealing with a ball joint problem. When something has gone wrong with the ball joint, the inner or outer edges of the tires will begin to wear out much faster than the rest of the tire.

1. Astro 7897 Ball Joint Tool

There, without a doubt, will come a time when you have to replace the ball joints on your vehicle. Unfortunately, these parts are not designed to last forever and they will wear out over time. At the same time, these parts are something that cannot be put off. You will have to replace in a timely manner or you will compromise the safety of you and your family. Of course, you can always take your car or truck right into a shop and fork out a few hundred dollars for the repair, but with this innovative kit and a little know-how, you can change all your ball joints on your own. The Astro 7897 Ball Joint Service Tool Kit and Master Adapter Set is the perfect tool for an at-home or professional mechanic.

Astro Pneumatic Tool 7897 21Pc Ball Joint Service Tool and Master Adapter Set
  • Removes and replaces ball joints
  • New forged alloy C frame press has industry leading strength and can alone be used to remove and replace universal joints

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Durable Set Built To Last

Ball joints take a beating throughout their life all the while protecting your vehicle and providing you with a smooth ride. Due to the fact that they take a brutal beating in their everyday life, ball joints are designed to be extremely durable. This is a good thing, but after years and years of use, a ball joint can be extremely difficult to break loose. You can pound and beat on them all you want, but without the right equipment, it is near impossible to get them for free. This is why the Astro 7897 kit is constructed of carbon steel. Every component besides the forged C-frame press is constructed of durable carbon steel. This will ensure that the set will last a lifetime.

Designed To Remove And Install Ball Joints

Once you have the ball joints removed from the vehicle, you have only started to have the equation. You now have to install the new ball joint. However, this tool can be used to remove and reinstall the new ball joints. On top of this, the forged C-frame press can also be used to remove and replace universal joints in your driveshaft as well as decompress brake calipers.

Includes Handy, Durable Carrying Case

Owning a toolbox is great, but it can be hard to locate certain tools when you need them if you are not quite organized or don’t remember where you last placed something. However, with the Astro 7897 Ball Joint Service Tool Kit, this won’t be a problem, because the kit comes with a handy carrying case that was specially designed to store every single piece of equipment in this kit. You will never have to worry about misplacing a tool or trying to locate it when you need it because everything within this kit has its own special place.

Overall Assessment

Changing out your upper and lower ball joints can be quite the job that requires certain knowledge and the appropriate tools. With the Astro 7897 Ball Joint Service Kit, you will have all the tools you need to remove those old ball joints and install your new ones.

2. Cal-Hawk Ball Joint Tool

If you have ever worked on a vehicle, you know that you will come across tons of rusted and corroded parts. These parts can be extremely troublesome to remove and even harder not to strip off. As you probably already know, removing a ball joint alone is a job in itself. When you throw a corroded or rusted ball joint into the picture, you truly have quite the problem on your hands. That was until you discovered the unique 4-in-1 Ball Joint Deluxe Service Tool Kit. Everything you need to install and remove ball joints is included in the amazing kit.

Cal-Hawk 4-in-1 Ball Joint Deluxe Service Kit Tool Set 2wd & 4wd Vehicles Remover Install
  • 4-IN-1, 4 wheel drive ball joint remover/installer kit.
  • Perfect for 4WD ball joint service/repair. 1 "C" frame press 1 "C" frame screw

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The manufacturers of this kit understand that sometimes parts are rusted and corroded this is why this unique kit was specifically designed to handle rusted and corroded ball joints.

A Variety Of Uses

While this great tool was specifically designed for the removal and installation of ball joints, it can have a variety of other uses. For instance, the C-frame press also has the ability to remove and reinstall universal joints. It can also be used to decompress brake calipers. All of these are common maintenance requirements that will need to be performed throughout the lifespan of your vehicle.

Designed For 2wd and 4wd Vehicles

It doesn’t matter if you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle or a 2-wheel drive vehicle, because this 4-in-1 kit is capable of handling ball joints on both types of vehicles. Most ball joint kits are only designed for either a 2-wheel drive vehicle or a 4-wheel drive vehicle and not both. Upon the purchase of this kit, you receive 1 C-frame press, 1 C-frame screw, 3 receiving tube sizes, and installation and removal adapters. All of the components should be compatible with any 2wd or 4wd Ford, GM, Dodge, IHC, and Jeep that was manufactured after 1967.

Protect Your Investment

After putting a great deal of money into your tool, you probably want to make sure that you store them properly. This 4-in-1 kit comes along with its own specially designed storage case, so storage is not only easy, but you can rest assured that your tools will be safe when you are not using them. The high impact blow-molded storage case includes specially designed recessed spots for each part of your kit, so you will know automatically if you are missing a piece.

Overall Assessment

Vehicles parts are going to get rusted and corroded over time, so it only makes sense to purchase tools that were specifically designed to deal with rusted and corroded components. That is precisely what you’ll get with this innovative 4-in-1 kit!

3. Alltrade Ball Joint Tool

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional mechanic or a do it yourself type of person, there will come a time when you have to replace the ball or universal joints on your vehicle. Once these parts start to go bad, you simply can not put the repair off, otherwise, you will be putting you and your family at risk. Both the ball and universal joints are major components in your vehicle and they are specially designed to ensure smooth and safe operation of your vehicle. Once they start to wear out, they will compromise the integrity of your vehicle’s safety.

Powerbuilt Ball Joint and U-Joint Service Tool Set, Remove and Install, Ford, GM, Dodge, Adapters Included - 648602
  • Removes and replaces all sizes of press-fit ball joints found on domestic and import rear wheel drive cars.
  • Allows changing ball joint without removing control arm from the vehicle

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If you have ever priced a ball or universal joint replacement at your local mechanic’s shop, then you already know that this can be quite an expensive repair. However, with the Alltrade 648602 24 Piece Kit, you can have everything that you need to do the job at home on your own.

Designed To Save You Time

One of the most amazing and unique things about this 23-piece set is that it was actually designed to make your life easier. In fact, with this kit, you can remove that old ball joint and reinstall the new one without even removing the control arm from the vehicle. This is quite an amazing feat. If you have ever removed a control arm, you already realize that the process can be quite a job on its own. On top of this, this kit will work with most designs and makes of any type of vehicle.

Don’t Need To Be A Professional

When it comes to using most professional tools, you almost have to be a professional or take a day’s long class to understand how they work. However, that is not the case with the 24-piece Alltrade Kit. That kit was designed to make sure it is easy for even the most inexperienced users. In fact, the kit comes along with a handy step-by-step instruction guide that will walk you through everything you need to know about the tool.

Overall Assessment

When you see the name Alltrade you can truly rest assured that you are investing in a good quality product. All of Alltrade’s tools are designed to exceed the factory’s standard safety and health ratings. Suffice to say, this ball joint tool will prove to well worth its price tag!

4. OTC Ball Joint Tool

Are the ball joints or universal joints wearing out on your vehicle? If so, then you probably know that you are going to have to change them pretty quick. Once they start to wear down, it won’t be long before they completely break and leave you stranded off the side of the road or cause you to be involved in an accident. Considering that these components impact the way that your vehicle drives, you probably want to get them fixed as soon as possible. The only problem is that while this process is not quite that challenging, it can cost you several hundreds of dollars at any local mechanic’s shop.

OTC 7249 Ball Joint, U-Joint, and Brake Anchor Pin Service Kit with Storage Case , Gray
  • OTC's Ball Joint, U-Joint, and Brake Anchor Pin Service Kit removes and installs press-fit parts such as ball joints, universal joints, and truck brake anchor pins.Fit Type: Universal
  • Clamp frame features heavy duty materials and construction to prevent distortion in severe use cases

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That is exactly what the OTC7249 Ball Joint, U-Joint, and Brake Anchor Pin Service Kit can do for you. This kit will give you the ability to fix the problem on your own.

What’s Included In The Kit

Upon the purchase of this kit, you will receive several different things. To start off, you will receive a C-frame press, 1 installing cup, 1 receiving cup, 1 installation adapter, and 3 receiver tubes. The dimensions of these receiver tubes are 2-3/4 inch I.D. x 3 inch O.D., 2-1/4 inch I.D. x 2-1/2 inch O.D., and 1-3/4 inch I.D. x 2-inch O.D. Along will all of this, you will also receive a handy storage case that will store your ball joint kit.

Capable Of Performing Several Jobs

While this tool was specifically designed to handle the removal and installation of the ball joint, this is not all it is capable of. With the C-frame press that is included in the kit, you can remove and install new universal joints, and brake anchor pins. This C-frame press also comes in handy when you have to decompress your brake calipers in order to change your brake pads, which is a very common maintenance practice.

Overall Assessment

Never waste hundreds of dollars on a simple repair project that you can do all on your own. This ball joint kit will provide you with everything you need to get started saving money right away.


At the end of the day, everyone can utilize a good ball joint separator. You will also want to equip yourself with a reliable steering wheel puller. By taking the time to explore your options, you will eventually be able to find a good product that will prove to be a lifesaver in the near future. Be sure to utilize the information provided above, so you can guarantee that you’ve spent your money as wisely as possible.

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