Everything You Need To Know Manual Treadmill

There are two types of treadmills: a manual treadmill and an automatic treadmill. Both of them are machines used for exercising, the big difference is that a manual treadmill is not powered by electricity.

It depends on your own movements, this means that if you do not move, the belt does not move either. A treadmill was introduced in the 1st century by the Romans but they used it for a different purpose than it is used today. They used the treadmill to operate heavy objects, before it was improved to be a source of power, to be used as a punishment object.

Fast forward to today, the treadmill is used for exercise. Nothing feels better than having control of your own life and everything around it. A manual treadmill gives you this opportunity to have control over your exercise activities. It turns out that it gives you control of your general life because good health comes with confidence. The discussion below gives you the basic understanding of why you should go for a manual treadmill. Not that electric treadmills are bad, no, in our daily lives we have decisions to make and forego others, the same way you have to make a choice between these two. That is why you need to know why manual treadmills are an option to go for.

Advantages of a Manual Treadmill:

  • In case of a blackout, your exercise is not inconvenienced. It does not rely on electricity, and because of that, it operates all through as long as you are on it.
  • It is not expensive. Comparing the selling price of a manual treadmill and an electric treadmill, a manual treadmill is much more affordable. It does not dig so deep into your pocket. Again, maintaining it is very easy because it does not easily break down. An electric treadmill has more electric powered systems that can easily breakdown either because of power voltage or other factors. A manual treadmill is not complicated.
  • Manual treadmills are not heavy and some are adjustable, thus making it convenient for storage. It does not occupy a lot of space and if well folded (only for a foldable model) can be stored even in the closet. This is a great choice for people with smaller houses or would like to save some space for other activities.
  • Manual treadmill gives efficient results easily. You are powering the treadmill by yourself, which means you exact the amount of energy you need for the activity, jogging or walking or any other activity. This helps you burn calories faster than when you use an electric-powered treadmill. A manual treadmill trains you to stand on your own and achieve what you want without having to rely on help.
  • It trains you how to run. For the belt underneath your feet to move, you have to lean a little bit to the front so that you can exact pressure on your feet to move the belt. This means that you are going to adapt to the position in an attempt to keep the belt movements consistent.
  • A manual treadmill is safer. The chances of slipping off the belt are minimal because the belt stops moving contemporary to your movement. Electric treadmills are prone to safety issues, as you find some people getting off the belt while it is still in motion.
electric treadmill

Factors to Consider When Buying a Manual Treadmill:

Despite the various models of treadmills, not all treadmills are fit for home use.

  • Speed- Sometimes you will prefer an activity more than just jogging and walking. It is good to compare the speed of the various manual treadmills available. You are using this machine at the comfort of your home, you may choose a treadmill that has high speed or one to use at your own comfort for general relaxation.
  • Size of the belt- Without a belt, you do not have a treadmill. Buying a treadmill that has a sizeable belt convenient for you will be a suitable consideration. A strong belt for a long-lasting treadmill is much better to avoid maintenance costs and upgrading.
  • Size and Storage- Some manual treadmills are adjustable and foldable making them convenient for storage. Their sizeable frames also do not occupy much space in your house.
  • Price- The same way they are cheaper than electric, manual treadmills are available from different companies and in different sizes, which means different prices. The weight of your pocket is only known to you. Do not go for something you cannot afford, stay true to yourself. Since it is not going to be a commercial machine, you really don’t have to go for a very expensive treadmill. However, it depends on your financial status and preference.


Manual treadmills have many advantages wrapped up by its convenience. It is also a depiction of what used to be done when there was no electricity. Before electricity, people created ways and means to encounter their various needs with what they had. As much as technology is rapidly taking over the world, we should not forget our forefathers who pioneered these inventions, because most of the things we have now are an advancement of ancient inventions.

Are manual treadmills still good? Yes they are. Especially for cardiovascular exercise. A manual treadmill keeps your body and muscles relaxed for a glossy and preppy appearance. It also comes with a manual of directions necessary for your help.

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