Engine Support Bars – Why Do You Need Them?

These machines are relatively heavy and so are their spare parts. Consequently, they pose quite a difficulty to mechanics during repair. Man, in his problem-solving nature, has invented certain tools to make these repairs much easier than they would have been. One such tool is the Engine Support Bar (ESB).

What Is an Engine Support Bar?

The Engine Support Bar is a tool used by auto mechanics to hold the engines of cars or heavy-duty vehicles in position during major engine repairs such as fixing the transmission or transaxle. It is a great device for working on heavy engines. You just simply position it over the strut tower braces of the vehicle, and it allows you to support the engine from the top. In the alternative, you can put it on a jack stand to support the engine while you work on it from below.

With these features that have been mentioned, perhaps you are still wondering why you need it. Well if you are a mechanic, I guess it’s high time you learned the need for a tool as crucial as the Engine Support Bar.

Below are some captivating reasons why it is mandatory to have one of these inventions in your workshop.

Safety Purposes

In fixing automobiles, there is the paramount need to be concerned about safety. The Engine Support Bar is a great device for keeping your workplace safe and free from occupational hazards. In helping you hold the engine securely in place, it protects you as a person. You would not want a 500-kilogram engine on your chest while making major engine repairs. In some countries, there are regulatory laws with regard to safety measures in workplaces. So, in getting an Engine Support Bar, you might be playing by the rules.

Easy to Acquire

Engine Support Bars are ubiquitous. So, in your quest to get one, you might experience little or no stress at all. They come in different sizes and models which means that you will have a wide variety of options to choose from to suit your specific needs.

Relatively Affordable

The Engine Support Bar compared to other equipment in the workshop is relatively cheap. The price ranges from 20 dollars to 150 dollars. This means that acquiring one will not put too much financial strain on your bank account. In considering whether you need it, know that sparing a few dollars to protect yourself in the long run is definitely not a bad investment.


The device lacks sophistication. Perhaps, this is one of the greatest features of the Engine Support Bar. The fact that they are very easy to handle is a major benefit. It requires little or no previous knowledge about it. Sometimes you may need to skim through the user’s manual, and then you are all set to go. Also, assembling an Engine Support Bar is quite easy. Aside from easy assembly and usage, Engine Support Bars can be adjusted to suit various work circumstances.

Makes Your Job Easier

Gone are the days when mechanics have to break their backs to achieve simple goals. The invention of the Engine Support Bar has come as a panacea to many. Like all working tools invented by man, the Engine Support Bar helps in making your job easier. It invariably helps you finish your projects in time so you can keep up with your schedule.

Low Maintenance Costs

Due to its simplicity, it is very easy to maintain. This is an upshot of the fact that it has very few moving parts. The Engine Support Bar itself is relatively cheap to acquire. Consequently, its maintenance costs will be very low. In the worst situations, you can always order a replacement.


This device is designed to be reliable. This is in view of the fact that they are meant to support the load of heavy automobile engines. Engine Support Bars are made from very thick steel, hence they can carry engines weighing up to a ton. There are several companies in the production of Engine Support Bars, and not one of these companies would want a lawsuit filed against them arising from the failure of their devices. The fact that many companies are in the production of these devices make them compete against each other to outdo themselves. Consequently, when you are considering purchasing an Engine Support Bar, be rest assured that you have reliable equipment.


Engine Support Bars are built to last because they are made from the best of materials. In acquiring these devices, there is a high preference on quality over other factors. This might be because Engine Support Bars that come in high quality have a guarantee of lasting a long time.


Amongst the equipment in a workshop, the Engine Support Bar stands out. This is because of the crucial role it plays. Without this equipment, many major repairs in automobile engines would have almost been impossible or very tedious. With all the benefits listed above, it can safely be said that the Engine Support Bar is a necessary tool in every workshop. It is a tool that has helped raise the standards of the quality of repairs while making it relatively easier for mechanics to make such repairs. With this device, heavy automobile repairs become a simple task.

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