Do You Need a Bowflex Machine for Your Home Gym?

The Bowflex machine has been designed and featured to make exercise more convenient and rewarding for numerous areas of fitness and is widely regarded as the ultimate brand for best home equipment.

They are two types of home Bowflex, extreme 2 SE and Revolution.

They both have resistance through cables. This resistance is important for the beginner, it helps them to develop coordination and strength safely.

You need to have the Bowflex machine in your home for it has several important benefits for our health and fitness.

Maintenance and Care of Bowflex

The machine needs only simple maintenance and care. You need to inspect the machine for any worn or loose components prior to use. You need to pay close attention to cables, straps, and their connections.

You must review all the warning notices. The maintenance of the equipment must be examined for damage and for any repair needed. The components which have worn out or been damaged must be replaced immediately or remove the equipment from service until the repair has been made to avoid danger such as deformation of your body.

Benefits of Having This Bowflex Machine in Our Home Gym

1. Convenient and Durable

It is much lighter compared to conventional equipment that uses weight stack and hence can be moved around with less effort and can be folded for easy storage.

We all understand in our home gym there is not much space compared to a commercial gym where every piece of equipment has enough space for its accommodation, but at home there is less space hence Bowflex doesn’t require large space. It can be folded, no need for permanent installation.

2. Safety

The machines come with high technology power rods, which makes it move smoothly and without much interruption when doing exercise. This is important since the machine prevents injuries in the connective tissues and joints. They have rods that are light which eliminates the risk of injuries that may result from adding plates and picking up weights from the floor.

3. Better Result in a Shorter Time

The machine can achieve better results in a shorter time hence making it so popular. It can be very suitable for an at home gym as many people are so busy and cannot find a good time to work out on a regular basis. This makes Bowflex the perfect machine at home since one will only require 20 minutes to work out, three times a week. This will be enough to see significant changes in the body in six weeks’ time. According to research conducted on people who followed this schedule, it was found that men experienced 28 pounds of fat loss while women experienced 18 pounds of fat loss. This gives clear proof that the Bowflex machine is the perfect equipment in a home gym since it gives a significant change to a perfect body within a short time.

4. Complete Workout

With a Bowflex machine, you will be able to perform complete circuit training. It allows one to train chest, hands, abs, and legs and also provides setup change, where you can change the setup between your exercises so that you won’t lose any fat-burning benefits.

The kind of exercises that you can perform with a Bowflex machine are shoulder press, seated row, bench press, leg extension, bicep curls, seated abs crunch, front lat pulldowns and chest flies. The resistance can be controlled while you are exercising and this will enable one to gain more muscle and burn more fat. Bowflex has a major advantage as it gives toned and lean muscle.

Goals of Bowflex at Home Gym

Before you start using the Bowflex machine you must ensure you have goals. Without having goals you will find no importance on the machine. You must train your body to be what you want it to be.

Here are some fitness components that will help in defining your goals and choose your fitness program:

  • Muscle Strength

This is a kind of maximum force that you can exert against resistance at one time. It’s usually developed when a localized muscle is worked both positively and negatively (concentric and eccentric) respectively at a resistance–great enough so it can perform only five to eight repetition exercises before the muscle fails.

  • Muscle endurance

This is a kind of repeated contraction. It is usually developed when you work on your feet all day. The endurance training of a Bowflex addresses the slow-twitch muscle fiber. To develop muscle endurance, low repetition of about 15-20 reps in each set, three sets to each exercise, working the muscle only to fatigue.

  • Muscle power

This is a kind of speed muscle contraction and strength combined. When training with Bowflex to achieve muscular power, pick a resistance that gives you fatigue for a 3-5 repetition range. When performing this keep in mind to contract the muscle faster rather than attempting to move faster.

  • Body composition

This is the ratio of a fat weight to lean weight. The fat weight increases and the lean weight decreases, Bowflex trained muscle strength will generally increase muscle size and aerobic condition which helps in burning more calories.

Balance strength and alignment are the results for equal strength developed in different parts of the body. An overdevelopment of the back will round the shoulders weak or stretched abdominals.

  • Flexibility

This is where muscles move the joint through a range of motion. The Bowflex incorporates the movement of the opposite muscle.

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