Shower Speaker Reviews: Best Bluetooth Shower Head in 2021 Reviewed

Nothing is more relaxing than jumping into the shower and letting the water run down your body. The only thing that can enhance the shower experience is a little music.

If you truly want to be able to enjoy your shower, you should consider investing in a shower speaker. With one of these devices, you’ll find yourself spending more time in the shower and you may even wake up your spouse while singing along to your favorite tunes.

When attempting to invest in a speaker, you’ll find out very quickly that your options are diverse. This can make it difficult to find the best Bluetooth shower speaker for your unique needs. Use the tips and reviews below to ensure you’re able to spend your money wisely.

Best Bluetooth Shower Head Buying Guide

When looking for a shower speaker, you’ll want to make sure you spend your money to the best of your ability. This means that you should research carefully and make the best decision possible. Below, you will find tips for ensuring you make the right choices.

Battery Life

First and foremost, you should realize that most waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker products are powered by batteries. This is definitely a good thing since it makes life convenient. However, the battery life will be crucial. It is pertinent to make sure that you opt for the longest battery life as possible. If the battery life is short, you’re going to find yourself recharging the battery frequently and this will become a major annoyance. Spend more to get a longer battery life!

Dual Audio

Some of these devices are capable of playing audio and transmitting audio. If you want to be able to speak on your phone in the shower, you should definitely choose a speaker with a built-in microphone. This is not a common feature for most bathroom speakers. However, it is definitely a wonderful addition. Once you’ve added a dual-audio speaker to your shower, you’ll never have to worry about missing a call or jumping out of the shower while soaking wet.

Price And Sound Quality

When investing in a Bluetooth shower speaker, you should realize that audio quality will be enormously important. You do not want a speaker that is going to produce a lot of static. And of course, a slightly more expensive unit will most likely produce a better sound quality. With that being said, you should not be afraid to splurge on these devices. Spending more will generally ensure that you get a better product.

1. SpeakStick Classic Shower Speaker

It doesn’t matter if you are heading to the pool, gym, or taking a shower. Your experience will be much more enjoyable with your favorite tunes by your side. The only problem is that humidity and water can destroy even the most expensive MP3 players and iPods. However, humidity and water is not a problem for the SpeakStick Classic Bluetooth Speaker. With a powerful 400mAh lithium battery, users can enjoy up to 6 hours of solid music on a fully charged battery, and the battery only takes an hour to fully charge.

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Easy And Quick Installation

The best thing about the SpeakStick Classic Bluetooth Speaker is that the installation is quick and easy. There is no need for messy or complicated wiring. With the preinstalled suction cup located on the back of the device, users can easily stick the SpeakStick Classic Bluetooth Speaker to a variety of different surfaces. The speaker is capable of picking the Bluetooth devices up to a range of 10m, which is pretty amazing.

Connected To Bluetooth Phones

There is nothing worse than missing an important business phone call while you are in the shower or enjoying a day at the local pool. With the SpeakStick Classic Bluetooth Speaker, you will never have to worry about missing another call again. As long as your Bluetooth compatible phone is paired with the speaker and located within the appropriate range, you can easily answer the call and talk right through the speaker. You can even do all this while still listening to your music.

Overall Assessment

If you want to make your entire showering experience more enjoyable, you should do so conveniently with the SpeakStick Classic Bluetooth Speaker. This waterproof speaker is incredibly powerful and even easier to install. Plus, it is surprisingly affordable. What more could you ask for?

2. iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Many people like to enjoy a long shower or bath at least once a day. With this said, they also want to be able to enjoy their favorite tunes without all the hassle. Well, with the iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker they will be able to do just that and so much more. The speaker’s waterproof design allows the user to install it in any area, where moisture is present. However, it can also be installed in nurseries, cars and in the laundry room.

iFox Portable Bluetooth Shower Speaker, IPX7 Waterproof Outdoor Wireless Speaker, Built-in Mic, Carabiner, Beach, Camping, Hiking, Pool, Great Gift, Black/Gold
  • TAKE YOUR MUSIC WHEREVER YOU GO - Whether you're at the beach, by the pool, or hiking a trail, this little speaker will make sure your favourite tunes never leave your side. It's 100% waterproof and comes with a handy removable suction cup and carabiner for easy portability.
  • CONTROL THE VOLUME, TRACK SKIP, AND EVEN TAKE CALLS! - With its latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology and built-in Mic, this shower speaker gives you complete control over your music. You can even answer phone calls without having to touch your paired phone.

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Easy Installation

The iFox iF012 is extremely easy to install. In fact, the process does not require any snipping and connecting of electrical wires. The speaker is equipped with a suction cup, so all you need to do is moisten and stick it to any flat surface. This feature offers immense flexibility since the location you install it in is not permanent. Just loosen the suction cup seal and move the speaker from room to room with ease.

Auto Pairing

Once you have the speaker installed on a flat surface, you will need to pair it with a compatible device, like a mobile phone, tablet or iPod. The auto-pairing process is effortless and will be completed in seconds without the need for manual manipulation. The Bluetooth range is approximate 50’, so you will not have to worry about the companion device getting damaged from moisture.

Overall Assessment

The iFox iF012 is the perfect solution for people that enjoy listening to music in the shower. Its flexibility, craftsmanship and performance are outstanding, even though its design is compact. It is also backed by a 1-year manufacturing warranty.

3. SoundBot Shower Speaker

Music can make a major impact on your everyday life. Just listening to a high tempo, the upbeat song can get you pumped and ready for the day. With all the technology available in today’s world listening to music all the time in a variety of locations is completely possible. However, water can be hazardous to today’s devices, which makes it hard to listen to music while you are in the shower or enjoying a day at the beach. Well, all of that is about to change with the SoundBot SB510 HD Water Resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker.

Soundbot SB510 Bluetooth Shower Speaker HD Water Resistant Bathroom Speakers, Handsfree Portable Speakerphone with Built-in Mic, 6hrs of Playtime, Control Buttons and Dedicated Suction Cup (Yellow)
  • High definition Bluetooth 4.0 audio wireless connectivity with seamless streaming and 6 hours of playtime
  • Universal compatibility with Android and iPhone tablets, smartphones, iPods, MP3, MP4 and other Bluetooth enabled digital players

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Available In An Array Of Colors

The SoundBot SB510 is a unique Bluetooth speaker, offering consumers with many color options. You can choose from bright pink and charcoal black, with many other colors in between. Customize your own SoundBot by choosing a color that matches your personality and home design.

Wind/Noise Reduction Technology

Many mobile speakers will deliver a sound with a lot of interference. To eliminate these issues, the SoundBot SB510 is embedded with wind/noise reduction technology. The end result will be a quality sound with balanced and mid-range bass, which will be music to your ears.

Overall Assessment

If music makes a major impact on your life and you truly want to listen to it anywhere you go, you need to invest in the SoundBot SB510 HD Water Resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker. With its wide range of capabilities and features, music lovers will never miss a beat.

4. Empire Brass Shower Speaker

Empire Brass has undeniably produced one of the most innovative shower heads on the market. This specific device is capable of acting as a speaker and a showerhead. It is slightly more expensive than the alternatives, but you’ll soon agree that it is well worth it. The device includes a removable speaker and a USB charging cable. This will give you the ability to get the battery charged very conveniently. At the same time, this speaker features a sleek Chrome finish. It looks amazing and will complement any bathroom design scheme. This ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy your music, without creating an eyesore.

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Bluetooth Range

When purchasing one of these devices, it is vital to pay close attention to the Bluetooth range. Without a sufficient amount of range, your speaker may not remain connected to your streaming device. The good news is that the Empire Brass Company Speaker offers an extensive amount of range. In total, it is capable of receiving a signal from a device that is up to 30 yards away.

Rainfall Spray

Another great thing about this product is the fact that it operates like a speaker and a showerhead. It does both exceptionally well. It can produce a rainfall spray pattern that will feel amazing on your back. If you’re in the process of swapping out your shower’s head, you should definitely think about adding this beauty to your bathroom!

Overall Assessment

The Empire Brass Company SH50-BT Wireless Bluetooth Showerhead Speaker is great. It is a little costlier, but it’ll prove to be well worth the price. It is solidly constructed and can serve dual purposes. If you want a luxurious shower experience, this is the speaker to get.


A showerhead speaker will greatly enhance your life and your showering experience. Just make sure you put in the time and effort to ensure you get the best speaker possible. If you don’t, it’ll quickly become an annoyance and the static will drive you insane. Use the tips above to ensure you’ve spent your money to the best of your ability.

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