Comprehensive Buying Guide: Electric Bikes For People Of All Ages

Electric bikes are gaining in popularity among kids and their parents. These bikes are unique because they are powered by a battery. While many people still prefer the conventional bike, others are more than ready to transition to the electric bike.

There is a broad range of factors to consider when shopping for an electric bike. These factors include speed, battery, size, wheels, run-time, weight capacity, and pedaling modes. Below, you will discover an in-depth buying for electric bikes for kids, teens, and adults.

Why Would You Want An Electric Bike?

Before doing anything, you should find out why anyone would want an electric bike. What is the purpose when you can save money by buying a conventional bike? The truth of the matter is that electric bikes offer many benefits that aren’t available elsewhere. They’re going to help you reach your destination much quicker. There is a good chance that you want to replace your vehicle. If so, you’ll need a good alternative. A conventional bike is good but you’re going to be tired before you get to school or work.

With an electric bike, you won’t have to pedal manually. The bike will do that for you. Electric bikes are cool. They’re becoming very trendy. If you like keeping up with the latest trends, you’ll want to add one of these bikes to your collection. You can use an electric bike for many purposes. They’re fun, practical, and cool. If you live in a suitable area, you should consider buying one for yourself. You will not be disappointed.


An important component of the electric bike is the battery. The bike relies on the battery for power, so it must be high-quality. Since bike batteries tend to run on the high side, you do not want to be replacing it more than necessary. Find out the manufacturer of the battery and do your research to eliminate any additional expenses. Another thing that you should focus on is the battery warranty. Determine how long the battery is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty before investing. Be sure to check out buying guide for the best electric bike battery.


A high-quality bike battery will offer a decent run-time. Several factors that will influence the run-time. The quality of the battery, size of the bike, rider’s weight, and speed. Most manufacturers have tested their batteries, so they an idea of how long it will last between each charge.

You also need to focus on the cycle life of the battery. The top brands will offer a cycle life of approximately 2,000 cycles. You should not expect to achieve that from lower-tier brands. The charging time is also very important. This is especially true for parents with active children who want to spend a lot of time on their electric bikes. The charging time for a quality electric bike battery will average 7-1/2 hours.

Weight Capacity

When it comes to an electric bike, you will want to be guaranteed the maximum usage. This means you will want your child to get the most use out of the bike as possible. Depending on the brand, the maximum weight capacity maybe 80 pounds. Of course, this is going to be a fairly large bike, so it will not be suitable for smaller children.

It is not recommended to purchase an electric bike that meets the child’s weight capacity. For smaller children, it would be best to find a brand that will support your child’s weight for at least two years. Do not exceed the weight limit because it could put your child at a higher risk of accidents and injuries. Putting too much weight on the bike will only lead to a short service life, which is something you will want to avoid at all cost. To get some ideas, be sure to check out our best electric bike under $500 guide.


The seat design will play a major role in keeping the young rider comfortable and safe. With that said, children are continuously growing, which is why it is best to only consider brands with an adjustable seat. The seat should adjust to varying heights to ensure the rider can comfortably reach the handlebar grips and pedals.

The seat should also be padded with thick foam to ensure comfort when riding over rough terrain. A padded seat will absorb some of the impact caused by rocks, bumps, and potholes.


While aesthetics does not have anything to do with how the electric bike will perform, most young children are drawn to eye appeal. Fortunately, most manufacturers have already thought of this, which is why they gear toward trendy designs. Many manufacturers will utilize designs of Marvel Comics’ and cartoon characters for their electric bikes for children.

High-quality graphics will go a long way in adding eye appeal to the overall design. The seat, tires, frame, and handlebars, as well as the handgrips,  should all coordinate with the design. If you want to make your child happy, choose an aesthetically pleasing design.

Height Recommendations

Another factor that should be considered is the height recommendations. Depending on the size and brand of the bike, the height recommendations will slightly vary. On average, a 16-inch electric bike will comfortably fit children between 42 and 48 inches in height. A 12-inch electric bike will comfortably fit children between 37 and 42 inches in height.

The Uses Of The Bike

If you are buying an electric bike for your child, you are probably just assuming that he or she will be driving it around the neighborhood. If you live in a paved neighborhood with concrete or paved roads, you probably haven’t given the situation much other thought. Unfortunately, this could be a mistake because electric bikes are designed for different people as well as different purposes. It will be up to you to decide what you want your child to use the bike for.

For instance, some electric bike designs are geared towards cargo hauling, some are geared toward relaxed cruising, and some are even geared toward trail or mountain bike riding. Consider the activities that you or your kids will be undertaking on the bike before making the purchase. If you want the bike to last and perform its purpose then buy one that is going to be geared towards the activities that you will be using it for. Find out what you’re going to be doing with the bike and start there.

Consider The Kind Of Drive

When perusing the e-bike for kids guide, you probably already discovered that there are really two main different types of electric bikes. This would be the pedelec, which is the most common, and the twist-n-go electric bike. Most pedelec bikes utilize a drive system that monitors the rider’s pedaling. Not only this, but it will add automatically to the motor depending on the rate, force, and speed at which you are traveling. Most of the time, these bikes will be regulated to 250 W with a maximum speed of 25 km/h, which means when you read the speed, the bike will shut off. If you have trouble reaching the speed, the motor will kick in and help you reach that speed.

Some high-performance electric bikes can even reach speeds of 45 k/h. The one downside to these bikes is that they might require a special driver’s license, plates, and even insurance, so they will probably be out of the question for your kids. It’ll be good for you though. The other type of drive that you have available to you is the twist-n-go drive. This drive allows you to trigger the assistance from the motor.

Factor In The Motor Mount

The motor is without a doubt one of the most important and crucial components of any electric bike. And, this is why it is always imperative to choose one that offers quality along with durability. Of course, you will only have two options available to you. This would be the hub motor assist, which is usually mounted on one of the wheels. You also have the crank motor assist. This motor will typically be mounted around the crank and pedal area, right at the bottom of the frame.

These unique configurations give the manufacturers a variety of options to play with. For instance, some manufacturers can include sensors that can detect how hard you are pedaling. If the sensor detects enough force it might cut the motor off. On the other hand, if it doesn’t detect enough force it might add the extra force to help you reach the set speed. That being said, crank assisted bikes usually have the best reputation for doing well on steep hills, but sometimes are a little noisy. Hub motor might not be able to handle the hills and dales as well, but they are much quieter. This might be a more suitable option for the neighborhood.

Kickstand And Light

Indeed, some bikes do not come with a kickstand or a light. This is a real letdown. Think about it for a minute. You’re likely going to be riding your bike after dark. It is nice to cruise around after the sun goes down. This will give you the ability to enjoy the cooler weather. Without a front light, this would be impossible. You could wear a headlight but that isn’t going to cut it. Choosing a bike with a front light is recommended.

You’ll also want a kickstand. This will help you avoid needing to lean the bike against a tree or wall. When you take a break, you can flip the kickstand down and you’ll be good to go. The best ebike under $1000 will come with these features.


At the end of the day, many problems can occur. Even if you buy the premium electric bike, there is a possibility that you’re going to experience problems. With that being said, you should be protected by the manufacturer. You need to make sure that they’re going to back up their products with a good warranty. If they do not, you’re going to run into problems and you’ll be forced to pay out of pocket to fix these issues. Make sure that the manufacturer offers some type of warranty. In this category, longer is always better.

Where Can You Buy An Electric Bike?

Electric bikes have become much more popular in recent years. This is a good thing because it has made them much more accessible. They’re becoming more mainstream so you can find them at many local shops. However, this is the only place to buy them. You’ll find out about the places where you can buy an electric bike below.


First and foremost, you should know that you can buy an electric bike from Amazon and similar sites. Amazon is going to provide you with a wider selection than what you’ll find in your local store. You’ll likely get better prices too. The only problem is that you’ll have to wait for the bike to arrive. That can be a hassle. Still, you should check Amazon’s selection and see what it has to offer.


eBay is another good option. When you shop with eBay, you’ll be able to find many good deals. The selection should be good too. After all, many people sell goods on this website. However, there are some downsides here. For instance, you’ll likely be required to pay for shipping. That can increase the price significantly. Plus, there is a possibility that you’re going to run into scammers on this website.

Direct From The Dealer’s Website

If you want to skip the hassle, you can buy a bike directly from the dealer’s website. To do this, you’ll need to know something about the manufacturer in the first place. If you know the company and know that they’re reliable, you can go ahead and visit their website and purchase a bike. Again, you’ll have to pay for shipping and that can increase the price a lot.

Local Shop

Finally, you’ll want to visit a local bike shop. While they’ll carry a lot of conventional bikes, they’ll also have electric bikes. In most cases, you’ll be spending more on this category. Nevertheless, it’ll be worth it. If you do not know much about electric bikes, you should visit a shop in person. You’ll be able to speak with a worker there and they’ll help you find what you need. You might even get to test drive the bike in advance.

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