Best High Output Alternator – Complete Buyers Guide

Making sure that the electrical system of your vehicle will function accordingly, you should know how to choose the right high output alternator.

There are various types of alternators that you can choose from depending on the model of the vehicle that you own. There are several benefits to installing a quality HO alternator in your car. Firstly, it improves the electrical system of your vehicle. Secondly, it prevents any engine issues along the road. And lastly, it provides enough wire for you to travel around.

It is highly advisable that you change your HO alternator before you travel to long-distance destinations. Here is a complete guide to help you choose from the best high output alternator.

How to choose the best high amp alternator products

First, you need to know how to look for the best product. In that way, you can get the most out of it once installed in your vehicle. Here are the following factors that you should consider in choosing an HO alternator.

Know exactly what you need

In order to narrow down the options that you have, you need to know exactly what you need. The high output alternator varies on the model of vehicle that you have. Therefore, you should make sure that you limit your search to available products specified for your model of vehicle.

As much as possible, you should not exceed the amperage that your vehicle can handle otherwise you will encounter serious problems down the road. Most of the factory high output alternator that you can find ranges from 60-100 amp only. Just enough to handle all the necessary accessories of your car.

Know when to upgrade your high amp alternator products

Upgrading your high output alternator isn’t as easy as changing your car’s air filter. You need to make sure that your vehicle really needs the upgrade. If you have no idea when to upgrade your HO alternator, you should take a look at your voltmeter. It would help you determine if you need to change it or not.

Tips for getting the most out of your alternator

Now that you have chosen the best HO alternator for you, you should know how to get the best out of it by practicing the following.

Use the proper wire

One of the high amp alternator products that you should pay extra attention to is the gauge wire that you are going to use. The wire will let the power from the alternator flow to the battery and to the electrical system. If you choose a gauge wire that is too small, it will most likely restrict the electricity flow and will affect the overall performance. You can use various charts as your guideline in choosing the most appropriate gauge wire for your vehicle and electrical system.

High amp alternator products should be in great condition

High amp alternator products such as tensioner and belt alternator should be all in good condition. High amp alternators have smaller pulley than stock so that it can overdrive the system for up to 16%. Therefore, even the slightest load will add too much stress to your belt, so make sure that it’s always in great condition.

Balance the power of your alternator

You should also know how to properly balance the power in your alternator. If you want to get the most out of it and ensure that it will work accordingly, you have to make sure that the power is balanced. In that way, it will be easier for you to create horsepower gain.


All alternators produce a specific level of amperage. Low output units only produce enough amperage to support a vehicle’s electrical system. High output units produce more amperage than what is really needed for most vehicles. However, if you want an alternator that delivers up to 350A, you will need to invest in a brand that is rated “High Output”. These alternators are capable of providing up to 100A at idle speeds. When you compare this high level of amperage to the 50-80A provided by factory alternators, it is no wonder why most auto enthusiasts turn to high output alternators.


Since high output, aftermarket alternators are considered top-of-the-line, it is only to be expected that they have a hefty price. However, if you desire a higher level of performance from your vehicle, you will not have an issue spending extra. A factory alternator typically costs less than $100, while high output alternators will run just over $200, depending on the brand. So, when you consider that you are spending more for a much better unit, it is only natural to be concerned about the warranty. With that said, you may be disappointed by the warranty offered by most manufacturers. The standard high output alternator warranty on average lasts about a year. And, if the alternator is utilized for racing, the warranty will not exist after installation.


Installing an alternator is genuinely not that difficult for experienced mechanics. Factory and aftermarket alternators utilize the same installation process in most cases. However, some units will require an additional ground wire, which may or may not be included in the purchase. To ensure easy installation, be sure to only consider models with an easily accessible ground point and wire.

Now that you know how to choose the right product for your vehicle, you might want to check out the top 5 best high output alternator that stands out in this year.

Best High Output Alternator: Comparison table

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1. ACDelco 335-1086 Professional HO Alternator

ACDelco is a well-known brand in the automotive industry. So, when it comes to high output alternators, this brand will always deliver high-quality. The 335-1086 High Output Alternator is made from ground up with premium-grade components and state-of-the-art technology. The unit meets the ISO Quality Standards to ensure the highest level of consistent quality.

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Rigorously Tested

The 335-1086 Alternator has undergone a series of testing. These processes test for terminal function, voltage stability and integrity of the electronic circuit board. And, the alternator passed these tests with flying colors. To receive the results of these tests, just contact ACDelco’s customer service department.

Lubricated Components

To ensure the highest level of performance, ACDelco lubricates all of the key components during the assembly process. The lubrication reduces the damage caused by everyday use. The lubrication also ensures the reliability of the alternator, which is extremely important on and off the road.

Internal Fan

Most automotive electrical components are exposed and/or produce a high level of heat. To prevent heat-related damage, the 335-1086 is integrated with a fan that works continuously to keep the alternator’s key components cool.

Overall Assessment

ACDelco stands behind its 335-1086 High Output Alternator. If you experience any issues with the alternator, just return it for a replacement or refund before the warranty expires. The only downside to the alternator is it produces a whining noise, which some people find annoying. The alternator is made from new, high-quality components to ensure durability and longevity.


  • Superior cooling system (internal fan)
  • All key components are lubricated
  • Easy installation (Includes detailed instructions)
  • New positive torque nut included
  • 105 Amps
  • Backed by a 24-month unlimited warranty


  • Creates a whining noise, which you may find annoying

2. DB Electrical AFD0012 High Output Alternator

Own a racing car that is lacking in performance? If so, it may be time to consider replacing the factory alternator with a high output unit. The DB Electrical AFD0012 is capable of producing a higher level of amperage than factory alternators. The alternator is built from the ground up, utilizing premium-grade components. It meets OEM specifications to ensure reliability and consistent quality.

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The AFD0012 Alternator is backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty is no-hassle, so you can return it for a full replacement or refund. The DB Electrical support team is very qualified and knowledgeable, resulting in quality service.

Easy Installation

The included step-by-step installation guide will ensure the easiest installation possible. Just follow each step to complete the process. And, if you encounter an issue during the installation, you can get assistance from the support team at DB Electrical.

High Performance

The AD Electrical HO Alternator is designed to deliver a high level of amperage. If your existing factory alternator is under-performing, a replacement with this aftermarket unit will do the trick. The alternator is guaranteed to deliver enough power to support your vehicle’s electrical system and much more.

Overall Assessment

The AD Electrical High Output Alternator is extremely easy to install, thanks to the included step-by-step installation guide. If you do not find your vehicle listed in the compatible list, just contact customer service. Each key component is premium-grade to ensure the integrity and reliability of the alternator.


  • High-performance unit
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Premium-grade components
  • Built from ground up
  • Easy installation
  • Integrated with an integral voltage regulator
  • Great cooling system


  • Produces a low whining noise

3. Chevy Chevrolet Truck Avalanche Silverado C 6.0L Alternator

An alternator is one of the lifelines of your vehicle. It is the system that keeps your battery charged and the entire electrical system going. This is why when you are shopping for a replacement alternator you need to make sure you are looking for one that can provide quality and durability. The C 6.0L can do just that with its premium quality components. This product will provide the longevity and electrical charge that your vehicle needs during these upcoming years.

No products found.

Versatile Applications

It is true that the C 6.0L Alternator is a one-of-a-kind component with a lot of versatility, but unfortunately, it is only compatible with certain vehicles. If you have a Buick that was made from 2004 to 2006, you are going to be in luck. The alternator is also compatible with other manufacturers like Cadillac’s (2002 to 2005), Chevys (1999 to 2016), GMC’s (1999 to 2016), Hummers (2003 to 2007), Isuzu’s (2003 to 2006), and Saabs (2005 to 2006).

Meets Or Exceeds OEM Specifications

When you are buying an alternate from someone other than the vehicle’s original manufacturer, you might be scared that it isn’t going to provide the same quality or be made with the same craftsmanship. Well, that might be true in some situations, but that certainly isn’t something that can be said about the C 6.0L. This alternator was specifically designed to meet or exceed the OEM’s specifications. This alternator is just as good if not better than the original.

Overall Assessment

The C 6.0L certainly possesses features that make it a suitable replacement alternator.


  • Road-tested for reliability and durability
  • Meets or exceeds OEM’s specifications
  • Compatible with a variety of makes and models
  • Built with quality components


  • Not compatible with every vehicle
  • If you are upgrading from a 105 amp alternator, you will need a bigger belt

4. DB Electrical AFD0110 Aftermarket Alternator

The DB Electrical AFD0110 Aftermarket Alternator is not only a beautiful looking part, but it possesses qualities that match its appearance. This alternator might be an aftermarket part, but it is 100 percent newly built to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications. That means this alternator is just as good as the original one found in your vehicle, perhaps better.

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Compatible With Fords

If you are a Ford owner, you are going to be quite pleased with the DB Electrical AFD0110 Aftermarket Alternator. It seems that this alternator is specifically compatible with a variety of Ford Trucks and SUVs. The DB Electrical AFD0110 Aftermarket Alternator is compatible with Ford F-Series Pickups 04-08 4.6L, 5.4L V8, Expedition 5.4L V*, Lincoln Mark LT 06-08 5.4L, V8 Navigator 05 5.4L V8.

Backed With A One-Year Warranty

When you invest your money into an alternator, you want to make sure that you are getting quality. And, you can rest assured that is what you are getting with the DB Electrical AFD0110 Aftermarket Alternator. The manufacturers are so confident in this product that they have backed it with a one-year warranty. You can rest assured that if you haven’t encountered any problems with this product within a years time, you probably aren’t going to experience any down the road.

Factory Direct Pricing

When you invest in the DB Electrical AFD0110 Aftermarket Alternator, you are basically getting factory direct pricing. This means the middleman has been cut out and you are going to save a bundle on your purchase.

Overall Assessment

You easily see why the DB Electrical AFD0110 Aftermarket Alternator will make a suitable replacement for most Ford vehicles.


  • Get factory direct pricing
  • Looks sleek and mean
  • Backed with a one-year warranty
  • Compatible with a number of Ford vehicles
  • Meets or exceeds OEM’s specifications


  • Only compatible with Fords
  • Some users have complained about the noise

5. ACDelco 335-1196 Professional Alternator

If you are oftentimes buying replacement parts or just consider yourself a car guy ACDelco is a name that you are going to see a lot. They manufacture everything from spark plugs to alternators. And, over the years their name has become synonymous with quality and dependability. That will be pretty evident when you look at what the ACDelco 335-1196 Professional Alternator has to offer.

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All New Components

The first and most impressive thing about this alternator is that is has been rebuilt with all new components. Not only are these components new, but also they have been specifically designed to provide performance and dependability that you simply won’t find elsewhere.

Computer Tested

No one wants to buy an alternator that is going to fail a month down the road or one that doesn’t even work from the start. And, this is something that you don’t ever have to worry about when you buy ACDelco. And, that is because they do professional computer testing to make sure their products work before putting them on the market. The ACDelco 335-1196 Professional Alternator is tested for voltage stability, terminal function, and electronic circuit board integrity.

Lubricated Components

ACDelco always goes one step further than the competition and they have done just that with the ACDelco 335-1196 Professional Alternator. During the manufacturing of this product, the manufacturers made sure that key components were lubricated properly. This not only gives you peace of mind that you are going to get improved performance, but it means that you are going to get reliability under the most strenuous conditions. Proper lubrication is necessary as it reduces friction and overall wear-and-tear of any component. ACDelco always goes the extra mile for their customers and that fact is evident.

Engineering Enhancements

During the construction of this product, there were engineering enhancements that were made to the internal components. These enhancements provide the latest and most efficient operation possible.

Overall Assessment

ACDelco is a trusted name amongst the car community and it is pretty easy to see why when you look at the ACDelco 335-1196 Professional Alternator. Not only are you going to get quality with this alternator, but you are going to get a piece of mind that comes along with the ACDelco name.


  • Computer tested
  • Engineering enhancements make the part more efficient
  • Built with all new components
  • Manufactured under ISO quality guidelines
  • ACDelco is a trusted and well-known name


  • Belt might be tight when installing in some vehicles
  • Not compatible with every vehicle


I hope you learn something from our complete buyer’s guide of the best HO alternators this year. Keep these tips in mind and limit your search to the top and latest brands in the market in order to make sure that you can purchase an alternator that works effectively with your car and will last a longer period of time.

Also, keep in mind that you do not have to rely on your local dealership’s opinion for replacing your alternator, especially if it’s quite expensive. You have a lot to choose from! You just need to know how to choose the best alternator for your vehicle, especially if you are bound to travel because you will rely on your electrical system while you are on the road.

A high-quality HO alternator will most definitely last for a longer period of time. If you want to make a good investment out of it, make sure that you consider the aforementioned factors. While it’s not advisable to try brands that are not well-known for your alternator, you can always try it out if you think it’s the most suitable for a car.

You just need to make sure that it exceeds the specifications and requirements that your car needs. In that way, it will fit perfectly and will improve the overall performance of your electrical system.

The top 5 best HO alternators we featured are just some of the best-selling products in the market nowadays. The featured products are all in the finest quality, most useful and advanced features, and provides you greater control of your electrical system. What’s more satisfying than using an alternator that works according to your wishes?

And now that you’re ready to choose your high output alternator, we hope you make the right choice. With so many choices and aftermarket products around, you can be easily fooled by sellers who only think of generating profit. Be a wise shopper and choose the alternator that you can trust on the road, durable, effective, high quality, and fits perfectly with your vehicle.

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  1. So I dont really know anything about alternators and even less about that eagle high manufacturer. I’m curious to know if these are the best brands on the market in general, or are these the best options for that specific GMC truck that all these seem to fit? And in the cons field of the eagle manufacturer it says it will NOT surpass the performance of the stock alternator. Again is this for that specific alternator or a general rule for the whole brand? Trying to get one for my 06 Altima and I want to make sure its worth it before I waste the money. Thanks in advance!

  2. Uh, the “cons” for the 450 Amp $700+ alternator included, “It will require you to buy different mounts such as Pentax K, Olympus OM, M42 Screw mount, and lenses as well because it is not included in the package.”

    Somehow I don’t think those will issues will be a problem with ANY of alternator.

  3. These are all OEM alternators. I am guessing. So they are very limited in HO. when I think High output I think 200amp range and higher. especially when idle amps is above 100amps. One I was looking at is 130 amp at idle of 2250 alt RPM

    Also I find OEM ones are hard to find for older vehicles. Like g series vans and tops a 105amps. for an AC system so 105 amps is NOT high amps output alternator. The point of going past the OEM spec amps is to provide power for all the things you added that are NOT OEM parts. Like winch, high power lights. added aftermarket climate control you use 24/7. Electronics not meant to be used in vehicle. Welding. etc.

    High output alternator are like the ones from DC power inc. 270amps 300+ amps or if you go with the HP line you get 130 amp at idle of 2250 alternator RPM.

  4. Well I call anything over 300 amp a high output any less might just put the oe back in. 320 to 450 amps is were im looking 160 amp at idle and top power at 1800 rpm.
    No less. Powerbastards is one of tge best all new never used ever.


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