Community Camping: How To Appease Annoying Neighbors

And even on the campsite, in most cases, only chance decides about the family next door. However, it can become really problematic if it is already clear after the first handshake that the other person will definitely not become a new holiday acquaintance. 10 days of precious vacation with these people only two meters next to your grill? A nightmare, which equals a thick thunderstorm. But we can disarm! There are some tips you can follow to prevent a neighborhood dispute at the most beautiful time of the year.

Which neighbors are particularly annoying?

Basically, everyone finds other peculiarities annoying. However, it is also a fact that it is difficult, both on the campsite and in real life, to smooth the waves again after a dispute. All the more dramatic when you consider that the probability of meeting again in the next holidays on the same campsite is not low. Neighbors who need to be soothed are often upset about a variety of factors at the campsite. Perhaps:

Did you get too loud one night and celebrate with your family?

Does the smoke from your charcoal barbecue “always” pull into the neighboring tent?

Wasn’t your garbage can closed and was used as a place to go for bees?

Let’s be honest: there are many reasons to get upset. But how do you make sure that Mr. Neighbor and you don’t become friends, but still get along well before you part ways forever?

Good weather with the neighbor fright! 4 tips for a nice togetherness.

1. The key to a good relationship

There are them, these people, who simply cannot leave it even on their own holidays. They moan here in the morning and there in the afternoon. If such an infernal neighbor is now of all people yours, the first and most important rule remains: stay positive! If the radio plays at breakfast, the coffee smells and the sun shines, there should be no one in the world who takes away your good mood. Even Mr. Meyer from next door, for whom the music is too loud again, doesn’t change anything. As unfriendly as the neighbor’s complaint may seem – friendly listening and a healthy willingness to compromise quickly get the problem off the campsite.

2. An invitation to the other side of the boundary

Love goes through the stomach. And this is certainly true for the majority of campers. Does your neighbor complain that the wind transmits the smoke from your barbecue to him? Offer him a sausage or a steak! Surely after a few minutes, the problem is only half as dramatic.

3. Your holiday does not have to be limited to the campsite!

Especially families with children are often viewed critically by other campers. After all, you don’t always play at room volume. The limited space on the campsite contributes to aggravating the situation. Therefore: treat yourself to a break and take a trip with your family to a nearby playground. Maybe you’ll find other fellow campers to accompany you?

4. (Almost) everybody needs help sometimes,… maybe your camping neighbor?

Especially when you have a grudge against your neighbor anyway, it may be difficult, but: in almost every camping holiday situations arise in which a holidaymaker needs help. Therefore: if your neighbor despairs of setting up a sunshade or otherwise needs help: don’t ignore him. From a psychological point of view alone, the climate between you will certainly improve. And don’t worry: of course, you don’t have to become best friends!


The risk of encountering neighbors on a camping holiday whose interests may correlate with one’s own is a given. And as in normal everyday life, talking helps almost as much as it always does. Another advantage is, of course, that most campers are a little more extroverted and open than the classic 5-star vacationer. Therefore: jumping over one’s own shadow is usually the basis for a more relaxed and harmonious holiday, even with neighbors who seem annoying (perhaps only at first glance?). After all, it always turns out again that many friendships begin with a “In the beginning, I really couldn’t stand you at all!

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