Car Jump Starter – Why Do You Need It?

Cars are horses without hearts, they do not need to be fed either do they fall sick. Unlike horses, all you need do is get some gasoline, crank up your engine and off you go.

However, these indefatigable slaves, just like horses, sometimes disappoint us. You might wake up on a beautiful and bright morning, all set for work, you crank up your engine, unfortunately, it refuses to awaken. Most likely, you are driving on a highway in a dark and lonely night, when your car suddenly comes to a halt because your battery has failed.

You would probably need help in getting it back on. Perhaps the most viable option would be to jump-start the car with a jump cable. However, a jump cable comes with its risks, in addition to the fact that you need a host vehicle. It is unlikely that you would get a host vehicle at night on a lonely highway. This is where car jump starters become very important.

What Is a Car Jump Starter?

A jump starter is a lightweight and portable battery that enables you to jump-start your car when you have a dead battery. Unlike the conventional jump cables, a jump starter does not need a host vehicle to make it work. A jump starter comes with its many advantages which makes it a must-have for every car owner. Below are intriguing reasons why a car jump starter is an integral device for all car owners:

Portable and Safe to Carry

Jump starters come in portable and lightweight designs. This means that they occupy very little space in your car. Their portability makes it easy to carry from your car trunk to the engine where it is needed. Kudos to its lightweight design, if you are a lady, you would not need the help of anyone getting it from your car trunk. This perhaps is one of its most prominent advantages.

Budget-Friendly and Time-Saving

In a situation where your car comes to a halt in the most bizarre circumstances, the jump starter comes in handy. The jump starter is not only inexpensive, but it can also potentially save you the cash you will have to spend in towing your vehicle. This is an extra perk since we are all trying to spend less and save more. In addition to this, a tow vehicle might take time to get to your location. The driver may experience difficulties in finding your location. This is not good when you are almost late for work or an important meeting, and your car is the only available means of transport.

No Assistance Required

The jump starter eliminates the need for an extra hand when your car gets stuck in the most unlikely places. This is perhaps the most pertinent advantage of getting a jump starter. It also eliminates the need for a technician and the need for a host vehicle that a conventional jump cable requires. In doing so, it obliterates the need to find a person to loan you their vehicle. Finding that person can sometimes be an arduous task. With this, it is a glaring fact that getting a jump starter is definitely a great idea.

Safer Usage

As mentioned earlier, a jump cable comes with so much risk. During the connection to a host vehicle, electric sparks can sometimes occur and these can lead to fire or explosions which can cause permanent damage to the host vehicle. In addition, the host vehicle may not be compatible with a jump cable. The jump starter eliminates all these risks. Also, you will not want your neighbor’s car blown up because of you.

The lithium batteries in jump starters have advanced technologically and are very safe to use. The jump starter also comes with superb safety features like overcharge protection, anti-discharge, short-circuit protection, over-load protection, in-built protection unit, etc.


The jet age comes with so many advantages. Jump starters, aside being used to jump-start your car when needed, can also be used for other purposes. Some modern jump starters come with USB ports. This means that they can also be used for getting some juice into your battery. This comes in handy when you go car camping since there are limited power sources in the woods. In other words, the jump starter is a simple yet great substitute for power.

Easy Usage

A jump starter is a very simple device and therefore very easy to use. Anyone can make use of it without a prior technical know-how. In addition to this, since it eliminates the need for a host vehicle, there will be no need to worry about the vehicle’s parking position. Unlike jump cables that require a vehicle to be in a convenient position so the host vehicle can get connected to it, the jump starter removes these obstacles.


Having stated the numerous advantages that the jump starter offers, it can safely be said that the jump starter is a great emergency kit and comes in handy. It can serve as a very valuable help when you are late for work or in times of emergencies. The jump starter is also a great help when you are stuck on a lonely highway at night. It is always a nice idea to have an alternative source of power in your vehicle and something to fall back to as car batteries do not give a note of warning when they want to fail. Finally, you might be saving a life (possibly yours) with a jump starter, you never can tell.

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