Best Outdoor Sump Pump: Top 5 Submersible Pump Reviews

Are you tired of a flooded yard or basement? Not only is stagnated water unattractive and smelly, but it can do tremendous amounts of damage to your home.

Damage that could potentially lead to thousands of dollars worth of repair. That being said, making the right investment in an exterior sump pump can help eliminate all this worry and hassle while keeping your home safe.

Your home is without a doubt one of the biggest investments that you will ever make. Not only will it be one of the most important, but it will also be one of the most expensive. That is why it only makes sense to take the time and money to do everything you can to preserve and maintain it.

Unfortunately, there will be some situations when you have to take extra precautions to safeguard your home. This will be especially true if you live in an area that constantly floods. Luckily, an outside sump pump can help eliminate stagnated water in your yard and basement. However, you still have the obstacle of choosing the right external sump pump for your home. And, that is exactly what this article is going to help you with.

1. WAYNE WWB WaterBUG Submersible Pump

There isn’t much worse than dealing with a flooded home or basement. If you have been through this then you already know what a hassle it is. And, this is not to even mention all the damage that flooding causes. If water is left standing long enough it will not only lead to mold, but it can potentially deteriorate drywall and even weaken wood studs.

WAYNE Waterbug 1/6 HP 1350 GPH Submersible Multi-Flo Technology-Water Removal and Transfer Pump, Yellow
  • DON’T LET STANDING WATER BUG YOU - The WAYNE WaterBUG is your new ultimate multi-purpose water removal tool. The WWB model is easy to use in tight spaces like window wells, or big spaces like basements thanks to patented Multi-Flo Technology.
  • GET RID OF WATER QUICKLY - Multi-Flo technology allows for easy selection of the best water removal option. This WWB water pump will get your basement or yard virtually dry by pumping up to 1350 GPH and removing water down to 1/16”.

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This is exactly why investing in the WaterBUG Submersible Pump makes so much sense for anyone that lives in a potential flooding area. The first thing that you need to know about this impressive submersible pump is that it has a 30 ft max head with the power to remove water down to 1/16 of an inch. This is an extremely small amount of water that can simply be soaked up with a dry towel or a few rags.

Max Flow Rate

The pump also comes with a maximum flow rate of 1257 gallons per hour. In addition to this, it is capable of pumping out 900 gallons per hour at 10 ft. The pump also comes equipped with corrosion-resistant brass discharge outlet to ensure that the connections never rust or corrode. This is more than important because rust and corrosion is a very common problem amongst sump pumps.

Features A Side Discharge And Top Discharge

You will also notice that the WaterBug pump comes equipped with both a side and top discharge. Some individuals might think this is overkill, but it really proves useful in a variety of situations. For instance, you can utilize the side discharge when you are pumping out water from flat open surfaces like a flat roof, basement, or a shower stall. The top discharge, on the other hand, will come in even handier when you are dealing with tight spaces like in a bucket or a window well.

Multi-Flo Technology

Not only does this impressive portable sump pump include two unique discharge ports, but each port also comes equipped with multi-flo technology. This technology was specifically designed to help the user make an easy selection of the appropriate discharge port for whatever situation they are dealing with. Whether you need to utilize the top discharge or the bottom discharge, you won’t have a problem selecting thanks to the multi-flo technology.


  • Two discharge ports that are handy in a variety of situations
  • Removes water down to 1/16 of an inch
  • Capable of pumping out 1257 gallons of water per hour
  • Can be used for a variety of applications


  • Not an automatic model, you will have to turn it on and offering
  • Might not be suitable for large spaces

2. Zoeller M53 Mighty-Mate Submersible Pump

Whether you are looking for a pump for a flooded yard or a basement, there is no denying that you have a variety of options available to you. However, once you look at everything the Might-Mate has to offer, you will see why this pump is the choice of most professional plumbers. First, just check out the nine-foot power cord. Nine feet of the power cord should be enough to ensure that you never have to drag out an extension cord. Of course, some situations might require an extension cord, but nine feet gives you plenty to work with.

Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump, 1/3 Hp
  • Professional-grade, 3/10 HP submersible pump for residential dewatering (sump) or effluent (septic tank systems) use.

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Built With Durability

Another feature that cannot be overlooked with the Mighty-Mate is the powder-coated fasteners. Unfortunately, the fasteners on the pump are constantly exposed to water. There is no denying that water alone can have a lot of corrosive properties, but rainwater is even worse. Rainwater will turn most metal into a bucket of rust after a short time of exposure. And, this is why the manufacturers of this backyard sump pump decided to powder coat their fasteners. Not only are the fasteners powder coated, but the motor has a cast iron housing, protecting it from water and other potentially harmful elements. Simply put, the Might-Mate was built to withstand some of the harshest punishment and conditions.

Oil Filled Motor With Thermal Overload

With the internally sealed motor, you never have to worry about changing or checking the oil of the motor. The motor offers 1/3 horsepower, which is more than enough to handle all residential and most commercial jobs. Along with this, the motor includes a handy thermal overload. This device alone could prevent your motor from completely burning out. When the motor gets too hot the thermal overload will trip causing the motor to shut down until it cools enough to resume operation.

Automatic Operation

Both the WaterBug and Mighty-Mate are great pumps, but where they differ is in the automatic operation. With the Might-Mate, you never have to worry about manually turning the pump on and off. It will automatically kick on when it detects water build-up and it will shut off when the water is pumped out. This eliminates the need to constantly monitor the pump.


  • Offers automatic operation
  • Internally sealed and lubricated motor
  • Comes with a thermal overload
  • Built with durability in mind


  • Weighs 21 pounds, which is heavy for a small pump
  • There is no lift rating, but some individuals have reported using this pump at a 9-foot rise

3. Green Expert 203618 Utility Pump

Dealing with water in the basement is never fun. Dealing with stagnated water in your yard is never fun. Heck, dealing with any kind of flooded or stagnated water is going to be a pain. Luckily, the Green Expert can help ease your worries, while making the water removal process a little easier. It is capable of doing just this thanks to the ¼ horsepower motor. Not only does the motor boast ¼ horses, but it is specifically designed to consume less energy during operation. This just simply means that the Green Expert will take less energy to operate and this is just the start of what this amazing little pump has to offer.

Green Expert 1/4HP Submersible Utility Pump High Flow 1800GPH for Quickly Water Removal Household DIY Drainage Pump Suit to Garden Hoses 25ft Long Cord Easy Installation 203618
  • 【Efficient Water Pump】High efficient PSC motor with steady flow channel structure produces 1/4 HP output power that ensures stronger power/flow conversion but lower power consumption, more energy-saving and quiet. This item has the ability to lift water up to Max. 28 feet of vertical height. Max. Flow will be 1800 gallons per hour at zero feet, 24 gallons per minute at 10 ft of discharge lift.
  • 【Simple Plug-in/off Operation】Pump will be directly running when power on, removes water level down to 0.2”. Designed for efficiently draining clean or slightly dirty water from flooded house, basement, sumps, window wells, water tanks, pools, cisterns, hot tub spas, and flooding in low lying areas.

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Easy Installation

If you don’t want to spend hours on top of hours installing your new pump then opt for the Green Expert. This powerful little pump is more than easy to install and can even be utilized as a portable model. With its 25 feet of power cable, you shouldn’t have a problem reaching a nearby electrical outlet.

Plug-In Operation

This model also offers an automatic operation. In fact, all you have to do is simply plug the pump in and it will go right to work. There is no need to wire anything or install a plug end. Just simply plug the device into a nearby outlet and it will remove any standing water down to 1/5 of an inch, which is practically nothing.

Thermoplastic Shell

There is simply no denying that a sump pump will take a lot of damage over the years. Just look at the damage that water can do to the home. Just imagine what it would do to this little pump if it isn’t built to sustain such damage. It is more than safe to say that Green Expert was built to withstand some of the harshest punishment thanks to its thermoplastic shell. And, the manufacturer backs this up with a one-year limited warranty.


  • The thermoplastic shell protects the motor and other crucial components
  • 25 feet of the power cord
  • Backed with a one-year limited warranty
  • Offers ¼ of horsepower


  • The warranty is only limited
  • Avoid running the pump without water because it will damage the motor

4. Zoeller M63 Premium Series 5

Do you want a sump pump that is going to last a lifetime? Well, you’ll want to take a few minutes to check out the Zoeller M63 Premium Series Submersible Sump Pump. It possesses the characteristics you want but it is not going to break the bank. This could be the best unit for your individualistic needs. If you’re looking to save money and put your mind at ease, you’ll want to buy this one. It will not let you down. So, what sets it apart from the competition? There are plenty of things that do.

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First and foremost, you should know that this unit is covered by a great warranty. If anything goes wrong during the first 5 years of ownership, the company will remedy the problem without requiring you to pay anything. Zoeller is a reliable company so you can sleep soundly knowing that they’ll fix any issues that you may have.

Excellent Construction

You’ll love the construction of this sump pump. When you take a closer look at this one, you will know that it is going to last. It features an all cast-iron construction. This unit can take a beating without malfunctioning. Of course, it isn’t going to take a beating in your home. It will be protected so you can guarantee that it will last.

Thermal Overload Protection

You never know when something is going to go wrong. If something does, you’ll want to prevent the problem from worsening. Overheating can be a big issue with sump pumps but it won’t be a problem with the Zoeller M63 Sump Pump. It features an automatic reset thermal overload protector. This guarantees that the unit is going to be protected in the event that it gets too hot.

Maximum Flow Rate

Ultimately, you need to make sure that your sump pump is going to be able to remove a lot of water very quickly. This pump should be sufficient for most. At the maximum, it is capable of removing 43 gallons of water each minute. That is far better than what you’re going to get with many of the alternatives.


  • An excellent flow rate of 43 gallons per minute
  • Cast-iron construction ensures it will last
  • Thermal protection keeps the motor safe
  • The 5-year warranty is excellent


  • The motor will likely not last 10 years
  • May arrive without a manual

5. WaterAce WA33CSW 1/3 HP Sump Pump

The WaterAce WA33CSW is a high-quality 1/3 HP sump pump. The unit comes with most everything needed to complete the installation. The in-depth, step-by-step installation guide is user-friendly, so no skills are required. The customer service department will assist with installation if you encounter any issues during the process. This is a heavy-duty sump pump that is guaranteed to work continuously to remove excess water from crawlspaces, basements, and other areas that are prone to flooding.

WaterAce WA33CSW Sump Pump, 1/3 HP, Black
  • Submersible for quiet operation
  • Heavy duty cast iron construction for strength and durability

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Quiet Operation

To ensure quiet operation, the WaterAce WA33CSW has a submersible design. This design allows the sump pump to be submersed in water. The external casing is sealed to prevent water from penetrating into the most vital components stored in the internal compartment.

Will Not Clog

The WA33CSW Sump Pump is designed with a thermoplastic vortex impeller. This component allows solid debris up to ½-inch to pass through. This is a very important feature because it helps reduce the risk of clogging.

Wide-Angle Switch

The wide-angle float switch is designed to operate in 18-inch diameter basins up to 24 inches in depth. The float switch will rise and fall, activating the unit to turn on and off as needed to remove excess water. This is a high-quality, durable switch that will ensure reliability even in the harshest conditions.

The WA33CSW is also available with a vertical float switch. Many people believe the vertical design works more efficiently than the wide-angle design. If it gives you peace of mind, you can switch from the wide-angle to the vertical float switch with no problem.

Cast Iron Construction

The casing is constructed of cast iron. This is a heavy-duty material that will resist rust and corrosion. Cast iron will endure long-term exposure to the elements and the harshest conditions. The column is zinc-plated to add more durability to an already very durable design.


  • Cast iron construction with zinc-plated column
  • Maximum flow – 5000 GPH at 10 feet
  • Submersible design
  • Low operational noise


  • The float switch could use some improvement
  • Not as powerful as some of the competitor brands

Buying Guide for the Best Outdoor Sump Pump.

There are several factors to consider when buying a sump pump. These factors include float switch design, construction, column, installation, and warranty. To get the most out of your money while ensuring reliability and longevity, you will need to stick with the most reputable brands.


The impeller is an extremely important component of the sump pump. This component is designed to force the water out with minimal restrictions. It is not unusual for solid debris to pass through the pump. Unfortunately, large solids can cause clogs. To reduce the risk of clogging, the sump pump should be designed with an impeller with a slightly larger diameter. Some sump pumps are integrated with a thermoplastic vortex impeller that can handle solid debris up to ½ inches in diameter.

Pedestal Vs Submersible

If you want to get the best sump pump, you should choose one that is submersible. This means that it can sit in the water. The water will cool the unit and help prevent it from overheating. This will help ensure that the unit remains cool during operating. Pedestal models are good for people who are interested in saving money. If you want a unit that is going to last, you should go with a submersible type.


You’ll also want to spend a few minutes looking at the housing. If the housing is weak, the sump pump is not going to last very long. Most units feature plastic or cast metal housing. It is best to go with a metal unit. This will ensure that it is able to last much longer.

Gallon Per Hour

When it comes down to it, you need to make sure that your sump pump is going to be powerful enough. This is one of the most important factors to take into account. The unit’s HP will make a big difference. If the unit is not powerful enough, it isn’t going to remove enough water. There are several models to choose from. You can find units ranging from ¼ HP to 1 HP. The HP will help determine the GPH or gallons per hour. Be sure to look at both numbers before making your purchase.


If you live in an area that is prone to flooding then it is likely that you aren’t dealing with just water in the basement or crawlspace. It is more feasible to think that you would be dealing with water in the basement and the yard. If this is the case then you want to make sure that you invest in a portable pump. This will afford you the ability to utilize the pump in both areas. In a portable pump, you want to look for one that is not only light in weight, but one that offers a fairly lengthy power cable. Most pumps come available with anywhere from 9 feet to 25 feet of power cable. Choosing the one that matches your exact needs will help make your life easier while ensuring that you have access to power whenever and wherever needed.


At the end of the day, you have to go above and beyond to get a unit that is going to last. This is why you’ll want to choose a sump pump that is protected by a good warranty. This will make a major difference and it’ll help ensure you’ve spent your money wisely. Remember that anything can go wrong and it could result in your sump pump malfunctioning for good. Get a good warranty and you’ll be able to remedy these problems without having to pay out of pocket.


How Much HP Do I Need?

When trying to choose a sump pump, there is a good chance that you’re going to be worried about the power. How much HP do you actually need? Unfortunately, it can be tough to put a universal number on it. It is going to depend on how much rain your area receives. If you want to be on the cautious side, you should go with a unit that offers 1 HP. If your city doesn’t experience a lot of rain throughout the year, you should downgrade to a ¼ to 1/3 HP unit.

Do I Need A Backup System?

So, should you think about buying the best battery backup sump pump? If you’re going to buy a sump pump, you have to understand that it is not going to work when the electricity goes out. Therefore, you should invest in a good backup system. This will make a huge difference. It will ensure that you’re able to keep the water out of your basement even if the electricity goes out.

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