Best Travel Shoes For Wide Feet

For those of us with wider feet, finding the right pair of shoes can be a pain – literally and figuratively. We’re here to help.

Traveling easily means thousands upon thousands of steps walked per day. That can be incredibly hard on our feet, knees, and hips. It is exactly for this reason that it’s so important to have the right travel shoes for wide feet – at least if your feet are indeed wide enough to merit them. A good, comfortable, and durable pair of shoes can be an amazing companion when you are off on your travels. Without them, you could be getting blisters and sores that can make it that much more difficult to explore and enjoy your destination. Not to mention the sore feet you get at the end of the day can be killer, completely ruining the mood for any sort of nighttime exploration.

If you are on the struggle bus trying to find a good pair of shoes for wide feet, we’ve got you covered. In today’s article, we’ve made sure to put together a list of five recommendations which we’ve reviewed. We hope this can help get you started looking for the right pair for you. However, since we know that not all of our recommendations will suit everyone reading this, we’ve also made sure to put together a buying guide to make it easier for you to select your own pair if need be.

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top 5 Picks (Quick Comparison Table)

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If you’re ready to get started talking about the best travel shoes, so are we! Here are five of the best of them.

1. Unisex Arizona Sandal by Birkenstock

We understand that not every single holiday destination will require a pair of closed shoes. In fact, plenty of the popular vacation destinations in the world might even require a pair of open-toed shoes or sandals, like this Unisex Arizona Sandal by the ever-popular Birkenstock. Birkenstock is a name that has been around for an incredibly long time. They’re renowned the world over for their comfortable sandals, so you can bet that Arizona won’t be any different. This pair of sandals is great for casual wear, easy to pair with practically any holiday OOTD (outfit of the day).

Birkenstock’s sandal design is practically timeless and classic, and that does indeed translate into this pair of shoes as well. They’re endlessly comfortable, something that you would come to expect from Birks. They’re also adjustable, so you can make sure that the straps will fit you snugly but not uncomfortably. Wear them to your tropical destinations, or even when you’re off to a city that you want to explore. Just don’t wear them when you know that it’s going to be pretty cold outside – that could end in freezing little toes (not something you’ll enjoy, for sure!).

If you’re worried about finding your size, don’t! Birkenstock has made sure to offer this sandal in a myriad of sizes designed to fit narrow feet, wide feet, and normal width feet. They’ve released sizes for men and sizes for women as well. Plus, finding the right size for you will become much easier with the help of Birkenstock’s chart for size (& width!).


  • Buckles, adjustable
  • Incredibly comfy
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Flat for comfort
  • Durable


  • Made of 100% leather, which is not cruelty-free
  • Sole is synthetic

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2. World Tour Classic for Men by Rockport

Sometimes, you want to have a pair of shoes that can work for almost any situation. You want a pair rugged enough to use for tons of walking and maybe a bit of more intense activity. But then you might also need a pair that looks good enough for most casual to smart casual events. If this sounds like you, then this pair of men’s shoes by Rockport might be a good choice to look at. Rockport is one of the most popular brands when it comes to comfy shoes, so you can pretty much rest assured that this pair won’t disappoint. Rockport’s offering here gives you great quality with uncompromising comfort.

This pair is fantastic for wider feet, as it does offer sizes to accommodate. Furthermore, you’ll find that this pair of shoes is great at multitasking – it’s designed to be comfortable, but looks good enough that you can wear it on an evening out without feeling too underdressed. This pair does come in a variety of color options so that you can choose the one that suits you the most. We’re pretty sure that we’ve already mentioned just how great the quality of these shoes are, but we feel like it’s necessary to mention it again. World Tour Classics won’t disappoint you in quality and in durability. Oh, and comfort too.

On this pair of shoes, you can expect your feet to feel less sore after a busy day since the gum rubber soles help with taking pressure off of the soles of your feet. In our opinion, this is a fantastic pair to bring along with you if you know you’ll be doing a bunch of different activities that may require you to dress up sometimes.


  • Classic leather shoe looks great for both casual and dressier occasions
  • Comfy, won’t make your feet as sore
  • Great quality means durability and reliability


  • A bit more on the expensive side, but the price is worth it due to quality!

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3. Addiction Walkers by Brooks

If you want a more active type of shoe, then you might want to check out the Addiction Walkers by Brooks. This pair of shoes come in both men and women’s styles, so regardless of your needs they’ve got you covered. They’ve got a few different colorways for you to choose from, but most of them come in neutral colors just to give you an easier time when it comes to pairing them with your outfits. This pair also comes in a ton of different size options, including ones for narrow feet and for wide feet (otherwise, we wouldn’t have included this pair on this list!).

The brand Brooks is well known worldwide, with most if not all of their offerings being pretty high in quality. That being the case, you can expect that this pair of shoes will offer you amazing comfort, without compromising durability at all whatsoever. And in case you aren’t sold yet on just how good this pair is for wider set feet, one thing that you should probably know is that this pair comes not only in wide sizes but also in FOUR different widths to accommodate most any foot. Throughout this pair of shoes, you will find patented technology that is aimed at ensuring the pair can accommodate a wider foot.

One thing that we can say about the Addiction Walkers is that they do tend to be a bit on the heavier side. Those who prefer a more lightweight shoe won’t enjoy this pair quite as much, and would probably want to seek other options. But hey, at least this pair of shoes offer plenty of support and cushioning. That way, your feet can stay comfy all day!


  • Huge size selection/availability allows you to accommodate any size of foot
  • Tons of support and cushioning keeps the foot comfortable
  • Durable


  • A bit on the heavy side, not ideal for those who don’t enjoy heavy shoes
  • Limited color selection available

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4. Equalizer 3.0 Relaxed Fit for Men by Skechers

Mention the name Skechers and pretty much everyone in the world knows it. After all, most of the world has Skechers available, being as the company is literally popular throughout the whole world. Skechers’ shoes have the reputation of being pretty durable and comfortable despite their affordable price tags. Many of them make use of memory foam insoles in order to keep the shoe itself comfortable, and here it is no different. The Equalizer 3.0 for men is a fantastic choice for men who want a light shoe that is comfortable. It’s also a great choice if you know you’ll be active, as it’s quite versatile in that regard.

This casual sports sneaker fits feet that are medium width to extra width. If you’re worried that your feet won’t fit, there’s no need, because chances are this shoe will fit most. With its mesh upper and its rubber sole, this shoe is incredibly lightweight. The insole is not removable, but it’s quite supportive and soft so you will feel carefree on your travels. This shoe is suited for flat to even normal arch feet, and it’s designed so you can enjoy a long day of walking without getting too sore.

The shoes lace up, so you can feel safe in knowing that your foot will be secure as you go along your day. It’s relatively durable as well, so you won’t feel as though the Skechers will be falling apart anytime soon! This pair is great for casual wear, some activity (nothing too intense), and perhaps even a night out on the town. Not bad for a pair of shoes that will cost you only around half as much as the other ones on this list! It also comes in several colorways so that you can choose whatever one suits you best.


  • Affordable
  • Comfy and lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Comes in a ton of size options


  • Memory foam insoles will eventually flatten (because this is the nature of memory foam)
  • Insoles cannot be removed

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5. Paloma Flat for Women by Alegria

Most women would also like a shoe that can multi-task, especially when traveling. After all, it would seriously cut down the number of pairs of shoes that must be packed! If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will suit any casual touring through a city, this pair by Alegria won’t disappoint. The best part is it can also be worn for somewhat more formal events, like for business attire or for a casual night out. It comes in a charming style that won’t always be everyone’s cup of tea. But for those who find the style appealing, this pair of shoes will surely be quite comfortable.

The best part about this shoe, the one that makes it so great, is the fact that the insole is removable. And it’s not just any insole either! It is made using latex, which immediately clues you in on just how long-lasting and durable it is. The inner materials and the outer materials are both made out of incredibly strong leather, which makes it even more possible that you’ll enjoy this pair for a very long time. After all, with construction like this, you’d be hard-pressed to break this pair of shoes through casual daily wear.

If you’re looking for ease of use, you’ll take comfort in knowing that this pair of shoes makes use of hook and loop for closure. That way, you can slip your foot in, close up, then be on your merry way.

And so, if a durable pair of shoes is what you need – but you still want it to be versatile – look no further than the Paloma Flat. It’s an incredibly durable shoe made for women’s comfort, by the brand Alegria.


  • Very robust construction ensures the shoe’s durability
  • Comfortable for long hours of walking
  • Insole can be removed if need be
  • The insole is also made of latex, which means it won’t flatten out as easily as memory foam might
  • Closes via hook and loop so you can be out the door as quickly as you need


  • The design or appearance of this shoe won’t suit everyone, unfortunately
  • Hook and loop may eventually wear out, resulting in the need for replacement

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Your Ultimate Buying Guide for the Best Travel Shoes

When choosing the right pair of shoes to suit your needs, there are indeed a few things that you must remember. Taking these factors into consideration will allow you to have an easier time making your selection. The end result is a pair of shoes that will surely last you a long time – whilst also keeping your feet as comfortable as can be during your travels. With all of that said, here are a few things that you’ll want to consider when choosing your travel shoes.

Versatility Can Be an Asset

It’s true. Having a pair of shoes that can be worn in multiple different situations isn’t necessary. However, it can indeed be quite an asset. When traveling, it’s a pain to have to pack and lug around a bunch of pairs of shoes. So why not condense them into one or two pairs instead? Those who love shoes and fashion might crinkle their noses at the idea, but the fact is that one can still be fashionable with a really good pair of comfortable shoes. After all, comfy shoes are no longer pigeonholed into feeling good but looking ugly!

If you find a versatile pair of shoes that can take you from walking around the city all day to going out on the town at night, that is certainly something to celebrate. Not only will you save money on purchasing several pairs of shoes, but you’ll also save on luggage space. Plus, you’ll love the fact that you won’t have to lug heavier, bulkier luggage around.

The same applies for a multi-purpose shoe that can be used for hiking for example but can still be used when walking around the city or town.

Comfort > Style

Another thing that you should consider is that when traveling, you’ll probably want to look for comfort more than style. We know, this is almost directly contradicting our first point above (that you can find versatile travel shoes that are still stylish). But the fact is, when your feet begin to hurt at the end of your day, you will regret going for style instead of comfort. Luckily, there are a few brands out there that have learned that it’s important to fuse both comfort and style, so you should be able to find a pair or two that will not only look good but feel good too.

Sizing and Fit

Of course, you can’t purchase a pair of shoes without considering what is essentially the most important thing when shoe shopping: sizing. It’s so important for you to have a pair of shoes that fit you well. Otherwise, your feet will either feel as though they are getting squished. Well, that, or your shoes are so loose that you end up getting blisters and sores due to chafing and rubbing.

To find the right fit of shoes for you, you should measure your feet first. It’s easy to do – and if you are unsure as to how you can look up some of the numerous guides online on how to do it. Once you have your measurements, you can then do a couple of things:

  • Look at the sizing/fit chart that a brand has
  • Ask the brand for help

In the end, you’ll get a shoe that fits you, no matter the width of your foot. It’s a win-win situation since you won’t likely get any blisters or sores, and your feet won’t feel as though they are suffocating!


When you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will go with you as you travel, it’s so important to look for breathability. Mind you, this isn’t so necessary if you’re going to cold places where you want your feet to stay warm and cozy. But, if you’re going to a city or tropical place where the temps are averaging on the warmer end, breathability is key. This will help you to avoid a few things: sweaty feet, smelly feet, and the development of bacteria and fungi. Plus, it’s just so much more comfortable to wear!

Just imagine wearing a pair of boots with no breathability at all whatsoever (and a thick lining). Your feet would start sweating in a minute if you were in a tropical place!

Destination and Activities

Another thing for you to consider when buying the best shoes for wide feet is where you’re going. And, of course, what you’re going to be doing. After all, you don’t need warm winter shoes if you’re going somewhere tropical. And on the flip side, if you’re going somewhere that’s cold, you would certainly not want a pair of sandals or open-toed shoes. Consider as well the activities that you’ll be doing. If you’re going to be hiking, for example, then perhaps it might be smart to pick up a pair of shoes that will work great for this purpose while still functioning perfectly for walking around the city.

The Usual Considerations

Of course, other things for you to consider are cost and durability. This is a standard factor in any purchase, which we are sure you’ll be able to work out for yourself. You just need to determine a budget and then find a shoe that hits all the sweet spots of comfort, style, and durability within it. It’s difficult, but certainly not impossible! If you’re unsure as to just how durable a pair of shoes is, one thing that you can do is look at reviews online. Previous customers that have purchased a pair in the past usually leave their thoughts in the form of a review. Here, you can see what people praise about the pair, or what they might have a gripe about.

Bonus Tips and Tricks

Before we wrap up, we do have a couple of tips and tricks that can help improve your overall experience with your shoes. So here they are:

  • Make sure that your socks are also of high quality. A lot of people might drop a couple of hundred dollars on a pair of shoes but only slap on a pair of socks that are the cheapest they could find. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, sometimes socks can also help make or break just how comfortable your shoe will be. So, with that in mind, find a pair of socks that will be comfortable and won’t cause you to itch or chafe. There are also a lot of socks out there with built-in technologies that help to prevent smelly feet, for example. You don’t have to get expensive socks, just socks that won’t fall apart on you or slip as you wear them.
  • Insoles and supports are your biggest friends. Let’s face it – everyone has differently shaped feet. And, on top of that, everyone walks different (as in their gait varies). As a result, a shoe that works perfectly for one person may not work at all for another. Due to this, it’s important to purchase insoles and supports that can really help customize a mass-produced shoe. It can help make the shoe fit better and also support your foot better as you walk.

Final Thoughts

When you travel, the pair of shoes that you bring along will make a massive impact on how comfortable you are. Which, of course, directly affects how much you enjoy your trip. So do yourself a favor and find the right travel shoes for wide feet. Your feet will thank you – and you’ll make tons of good memories on your travels!

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