Looking For A Tackle Bag for Bass Fishing? Here’s a Guide & Recommendations

What’s the best tackle bag for bass fishing? There are a few things that factor into this – today we discuss recommendations.

Your tools when you go fishing can really make a difference in your enjoyment. This is no different when it comes to you having the best tackle bag. It’s probably a good idea to make sure you have the best one you can find so that all of your needs are met. It’s a good idea to look for a bag that will be able to fit everything you need, and more. Naturally, you’ll also want to have a bag that can handle all of the things you’ll likely encounter when you’re out fishing. Thus you will need a bag that resists the elements – a bag that is water-resistant (or even better, waterproof) and UV resistant too.

But how do you know exactly what to look for when shopping for tackle bags? And what do you even really need? In today’s article, we give you recommendations of 5 of the best bags out there right now. And of course, we’ve also made sure to include a quick buying guide to help you out too. Let’s get right to it!

1. Outdoor Ritual Bag by Flambeau

For bass fishing, chances are you will need a number of different kinds of lures to make successful catches. Of course, you probably also need a great and efficient way for you to sort and organize them. It’s important to keep your lures in order just to give yourself a much easier time when you finally do begin to fish. Trust us on this, you’ll thank us for it later when you realize just how much easier it’ll make your life during your fishing trips. The Outdoor Ritual Bag by Flambeau is a fantastic way of meeting this particular need. Might even be the best tackle bag for fishing – but your mileage may vary.

As a tackle bag, it provides you plenty of storage space. It’s actually enough space for carrying 4 5007 tuff ‘tainers that can be included with your purchase (it might be an additional cost, depending on the seller). The tuff ‘tainers are basically divider containers with little compartments for your lures and your baits. The lids are glass, so you can find the items you are looking for much more easily.

The front of this bag also includes a rubberized pouch that opens and closes with a zipper. Inside it, you can fit more containers for your tools. On the sides of the tackle bag are 2 zippered pockets for all of your other items. The bag even has a waterproof pocket in which you can keep your sensitive items, like your phone. If you need items easily accessible, you’ll find a few mesh pockets along the outside for this purpose.

Water-resistance is often a feature necessary for tackle bags, and you will be glad to know that the Outdoor Ritual certainly resists H2O. It will even hold up under the harsh sun. It’s durable, it’s sturdy, and there are D-rings on its bottom. For what, you ask? Well, so you can tie the bag down to the boat in case of rough water conditions. The strap is padded, and features markings per inch so you can measure the size of your catch on the fly. Pretty nice touch!


  • Water-resistant
  • Waterproof pocket
  • D rings at the bottom for tying it down
  • Padded strap with measurements


  • Some complaints about durability
  • 5007 tuff ‘tainers supposedly not as good quality

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2. Small Tackle Bag – Berkley

If portability is your thing, you might want to look into this small tackle bag by Berkley. It’s certainly a convenient little bag that is far easier to bring with you than those larger, heavier ones. The bag is small for sure, but you can still fit at least two lure trays that are 9 in x 4.75 in x 1.25 in. Naturally you can also fit a bunch of other things in as well. It’s a tackle bag suitable for those not really looking for all of the bells and whistles. Therefore, if the basics are all you need, and you don’t feel like you have to have a ton of space, this tackle bag may be just right.

It’s small – small enough that you can even carry it on a bike. For quick access, you’ll find three different mesh pockets along the sides. The front also has a pouch that closes with a hook and loop. A lot of people actually leave happy reviews saying that if they are careful about what they pack, they basically are able to bring everything they need and more.

Bait trays are included with this bag. This bag is average in terms of waterproofing, however – this is because despite the bag material is waterproof, the zippers aren’t. And so, water can certainly still seep right through. Thus, if you want to keep your sensitive items really protected, it’s important to put them in other containers first to ensure they’re completely waterproof.


  • Small and portable
  • Easy reach pockets for your items
  • Comfortable to carry


  • Not really that waterproof

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3. Wild River Custom Leathercraft by CLC WT3505

If you’re a bass fisher who wants all the features they could possibly get, take a look at the Wild River Custom Leathercraft bag by the company CLC WT3505. This bag has a lot of selling points, but the main one is the fact that it has a ton of different features. It even has a convenient holder for pliers that you can remove and attach to the belt for easy and quick access. A retractable cable lanyard is included for helping you to secure your clippers and your other tools.

Some bass anglers enjoy going on night fishing trips. If you are one of these people, you’ll surely enjoy the LED light included because this makes fishing in the night much, much easier. You can move the light around, since it’s attached to a cable of its own.

4 #3700 trays will fit into this bag, although the bag manufacturer mentions possibly fitting five. There are two large pockets on the sides with mesh bags on the exterior for easy access. The strap is detachable, but unfortunately, it has no padding. Still, it’s adjusted rather easily, and can go over your shoulder or around your waist. It does, however, lack an actual proper handle.


  • Easy plier access
  • Spacious
  • Durable and well-constructed
  • Adjustable strap can be worn two ways


  • No carry handle
  • Pretty pricey compared to other bags

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4. Waterproof Tackle Bag by LifeFarer

Some bass fishing aficionados look for a bag with a ton of space. This tackle bag by the brand Lifefarer is certainly a good option – it’s got a ton of carrying space, it’s got wheels, and…well – unfortunately, it’s got a hefty price tag to boot as well. However, this bag comes with a lot of benefits too, since you can carry it in three possible ways. For one, it’s got a fully adjustable shoulder strap. Then, it also has a really big carry handle. And of course, it also has an extendable (telescopic) handle to help you roll it around on its wheels.

This bag can carry a total of 30KG. The trolley can be removed, so that you can deploy and use it in a variety of ways. It’s made of EVA – yes, EVA – which makes it flexible and incredibly durable. On top of that, it is also waterproof. A testament to the fact that it is made for use outdoors! Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any boxes or containers. However, it does offer th benefit of allowing you to choose exactly what kind of boxes to use. It holds 44 Litres total, and the inner bag is also removable.


  • Huge
  • 3 different methods for carrying it
  • Trolley removable
  • Waterproof
  • Really durable


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Doesn’t have storage boxes included

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5. Fishing Bag by Kastking

Last but certainly not the least, another contender for best tackle bag for bass trolling, we have this bag by KastKing. It holds up to 7 lure boxes of 3600 size. It’s made out of a nylon type material, which is designed for water resistance. It is also water-resistant. The bag’s exterior even has a coating of a hydrophobic substance for repelling water. Inside, a PVC layer is included to protect all of your stuff.

Kastking thought ahead and made sure that the carrying strap is anti-slip. This allows you to carry it quite firmly, so you don’t end up dropping your things. Of course, the bottom of this bag is also waterproof. And it’s non-slip as well. This way, your bag will be secure as soon as you plant it down on a surface, whether ashore or on a boat.

If you’re worried about storage space, know that this bag has plenty. It’s got 12 pockets internally and externally. It even includes rubber pockets and mesh pockets on the exterior for quick access. Storage boxes are also not included unfortunately, but you can always buy it separately. The zippers are easily opened and closed with the double loop as well. Unfortunately, the bag is quite a bit more expensive, but it is quite high in quality.


  • Big with a lot of storage space
  • Tons of pockets inside and outside
  • Nonslip strap and nonslip bottom
  • Coated with hydrophobic substance for extra water resistance


  • No storage boxes included
  • Pricey

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Buying Guide

To be quite honest, the “best” tackle bag for bass fishing might be quite difficult to pinpoint. Reason being, of course, that the “best” is subjective. It can change from person to person, so quite frankly what’s best for one person may not be for you. So, instead, we’re going to give you this buying guide. Here, we will tell you exactly what you need to look for in a tackle bag. That way, you can tailor your choice to your needs. The end result will ideally be you finding the bag that is perfect for you.

So let’s take a look at what you should consider when you’re shopping for your tackle bag!

The Bag’s Size

One of the first and most important things to consider is the size of your bag. When you are fishing, especially for bass, you will probably want to have a bunch of stuff with you. Different types of bait, different types of lures, and so on and so forth. You want jerk baits, topwater baits, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and of course even soft plastic baits. These all have to fit in your carrying trays or storage boxes before you toss them into your bag. And so, naturally, you need a bag that can carry all of the above.

If you go about it carefully, you can probably store all of your lures in one 3700 box – something that all bags for bass fishing should be able to hold. Don’t limit yourself to the basics, however, because experimenting is really just much more fun.

In the end, the ideal bag for you will carry everything that you need, PLUS some extras. But of course, you want it to be the right size so that you don’t end up with a bag that is too much of a hassle to carry around. So, find a balance between size and portability.

Ease of Access and Functionality

When you fish, you will want quick access to a lot of stuff, especially pliers and clippers. Thus, you need to find a bag that has outside pockets where you can deposit these quite easily. They should have easy access so you can grab your tools on the fly.

Zippers are usually the easiest way for you to get your bag open and closed, which is why manufacturers use it most commonly. Unfortunately, this means that your bag will not be fully waterproof. To counter this, look for a bag that has the zippers high up on the bag’s body, so that you can safely put your bag on a wet surface without the stuff inside getting wet.


One thing that you should look for in tackle bags is durability and resistance. You have to make sure your bag is made of a material that can handle pretty much all the conditions you throw at it. Nylon and/or polyester are both great materials that offer a great deal of protection to your bag. They are tear resistant and can also keep water-resistant to a degree, even if it’s not water repellent treated. If the material is treated for water protection, you’ll see it marked with the letter D on the material’s type. Check for this to ensure you’re absolutely waterproof.

Also, consider UV resistance. Some bags may fade in color if left out in the sun long enough. But that’s not what you really have to worry about. Rather, you should be worried about the material deteriorating if exposed to UV rays too long. Some materials can get brittle if left too long in the sun, so do consider that too. You want to be able to get years of use out of your tackle bag, instead of it simply falling apart after a while. The last thing you need is to have a bag get all brittle and crunchy and fall apart in the middle of your fishing trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it important to get a branded bag?

Quite honestly, this one is your prerogative. It’s not always necessary to get a bag that’s got a brand, because there are some out there that aren’t. You can certainly buy a bag that’s unbranded, as long as you look closely at its quality. Make sure you consider the material used, its functionality, and pretty much the things we’ve mentioned above in our buying guide. Don’t forget to look at reviews as well since this can truly make a difference in your decision.

Do you really need a special tackle bag?

A question that many new fishers might ask is do you really need a special bag for your bass fishing escapades? Well, technically you don’t, especially if you already have a bag that fulfills all of the prerequisites in terms of the things mentioned above. However, you may find that to get a bag with everything you need and more, it’s probably best to just get a bag specifically made for bass fishing. After all, they aren’t really that pricey, unless you choose one of the more expensive models.

Final Thoughts

The tackle bag for fishing is something that you will certainly have to decide on for yourself. Hopefully, our recommendations along with our buying guide will help you decide properly on the features that you need. Just remember to look for something that’s durable, reasonably water-resistant, and spacious enough for everything that you need to bring. And of course, make sure you have quick access to all of your tools! With all of that in mind, finding your perfect bag should be much easier. Happy fishing!

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