Best Snowboards For Freestyle In 2021 Reviewed

The snowboards for freestyle riding are amazingly versatile and incredibly maneuverable. A good board is truly necessary for freestyling!

Freestyle snowboarding is a fun and skillful hobby to take up. There is also no denying how much of a thrill it can be to learn all the tricks, regardless of where you do it. Terrain parks are just the start – you can certainly freestyle wherever your creativity takes you (as long as you go about it safely). However, to truly be able to enjoy your new hobby, you can and you should have a proper board for the purpose. If you want one of the greatest snowboards for freestyle, we’ve reviewed five of the best here today. To further help you out, we’ve even included a buying guide – just to make things much easier for you. Let’s get right to the boards, shall we?

1. Propaganda Twin Tip Snowboard for Men by Academy

If you are looking for a snowboard that offers you both high quality and low cost, the Propaganda by Academy is a good choice. It is built to be ridden in terrain parks and even on streets. This rig offers a twin tip build, along with a camber (micro level) to give you extra added spring. This is done without the curves getting overworked. From the tip to the tail, there is an extra light core of wood. The board includes a base that is sintered, with 10 millimeter stainless inserts to add some strength without adding weight on top.

The Propaganda works best for street riding (snow covered streets of course), but it also works rather well on pipes, in parks, and even at the resorts. The micro camber gets further amplified using rockers on either side in order to help you with transitions and tricks – even on flat surfaces.


  • Versatile, great for any terrain
  • Usable even on surfaces that are flat
  • Great value for money


  • Not many colors and designs to choose from

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2. Twinpig by Ride

If you know that you’ll be riding in the parks more than on any other terrain, the Twinpig, a snowboard by the company Ride, is a fabulous choice. It’s great for any ambitious park snowboarder. It features an asymmetrical shape to make for easy entry, regardless of what stance you are using. Nevertheless, there is still a small degree of differing radii for your heel. The toe-side edges also help you to reset it for whatever your next trick is going to be.

Twinpig’s base is sintered, and it delivers you a durable yet fast ride. For a bit of an extra pop, there is a hybrid profile for the rocker. The tip and the tail are wider when compared to more traditional boards that are all-mountain. The wider tail and tip give you a shovel-shaped board cut which allows you to conquer in the park or on the pipe – no matter where you go. On powder, you can rest assured that the Twinpig will still float. And, it still cuts, even on groomers.

The core on this board is aspen, running from the tail all the way to the tip. This helps you to optimize the pop and the flex. 2x impact plates are under binding areas, aiding in compression. For lamination, hybrid glass is used – so you get a balance between stiffness and flex, without slowing you down.


  • Different sizes available
  • Good balance
  • Best for parks


  • Not many color options

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3. Ravine by Rome Snowboards

If you want to ride freestyle but you don’t think you want to be stuck to a park, try the Ravine by Rome Snowboards. This board is great because it allows you to explore the terrain of the mountain, no matter the boundaries of the resort you are staying at. Ravine is built for the purpose of freestyle riding, and all-mountain riding at that. There is also a 3D Camber (“Free-the-Ride”) which adds some rockers to the tip, and a flatter section under your lead foot. Furthermore, it also adds a camber boost on the board’s back, so it can float when you’re on powder. All of these features combined will give you the pop that you desire no matter the condition.

Ravine by Rome Snowboards is a medium-flex. It uses a core made of strong and responsive wood. However, there are also two zones of different, lighter species of wood. It is added to help equalize the lightness and response of this board. As a result, you get a nimble and fluid ride, further improved by the board’s sintered base so you can get high speeds.

There are two bamboo rods running from the board’s back binding, kind of near its center. These rods also branch out to the edges of the board. They help in pushing power from the board’s tail, resulting in improved carving. Combined with the laminate (hybrid), you can definitely see why it’s great for all-mountain terrain.


  • All-mountain terrain
  • Not as ideal for the pipe and parks, but still good
  • Medium flex, well balanced


  • A bit pricier than other boards mentioned here

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4. Nightshade Snowboard for Women by NICHE

Although it’s not exactly cheap, the Nightshade Snowboard by NICHE is quite a fantastic option. It’s great for women looking to get into the art and hobby of freestyle snowboarding – it’s designed in such a way that it accommodates a woman’s center of gravity rather well. This board is not just for freestyling, however – in fact, it is meant to be an all-mountain board, a twin one at that. It’s made to let you explore the entire mountain/resort as you freestyle.

If you’re a woman looking for a versatile ride, the Nightshade will not disappoint. The fact is it will offer one of the best and most versatile in rides that you will find, especially in the winter. This board has a directional shape (don’t forget it’s twin). It features a profile that is camber-dominant. It is also medium-flex. All of these features put together result in a responsive and poppy ride, all in differing conditions. You still get enough forgiveness to allow you to try new tricks comfortably and with less fear.

Oh, and we do also want to mention that to dampen chatter and further improve pop, this board uses basalt stringers. Magne-traction edges make sure that you will always have your edge-hold locked in.


  • Well balanced for women
  • All-mountain with a freestyle focus
  • Poppy + responsive ride


  • Not exactly cheap

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5. Space Case by GNU

Last but certainly not the least is the Space Case by GNU. This board is rather expensive – the priciest one on this list in fact. Nevertheless, you will find that it is one of the finest snowboards for freestyle riding. At the same time, it also holds up as one of the best all-mountain snowboards you can find. It’s easy to say that the Space Case wears a couple of hats, making it one of the more versatile options that you will find on this list!

This board was originally designed to be a freestyle board. It’s amazing for jumps and has an excellent switch, so it is also great to use on a pipe. The Space Case is not ideal for jibbing but it works, just not as amazing as others on this list might. GNU’s offering is rather versatile, so you can get it and use it for many of your snowboarding adventures. It’s stable when you’re going at speed, which is something that you won’t normally find in freestyle boards. It also carves really well. In powder, however, it does have mixed performance.


  • Great for mountain use and pipe use
  • Well designed
  • Comes in multiple lengths


  • Not as great on powder due to its design
  • Also not as fantastic when used for jibbing, but still no slouch either

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Your Ultimate Buying Guide

Quite honestly, it can be quite confusing as a newbie snowboarder trying to shop for their new board. If you fall into this category, we have certainly got your back. Now that we’ve given you our recommendations above, we’ve also made sure to give you this buying guide here. The aim is to arm you with the knowledge of what makes a good board. That way, you will be able to shop for yourself – regardless of whether you’re interested in one of the products above or not. This buying guide is here to teach you how to look at a board and understand all of its features – something that will certainly be helpful for you in the long run.

And so without further ado, here is what to look for when shopping for your new snowboard. These are just some of the things you need to know – the biggest and most important things. We could go into much greater detail, but perhaps we’ll save it for a new guide next time!

What’s the Right Snowboard Size for Me?

If you’re looking for a snowboard, one of the first and most important considerations for you to make is the size of the snowboard. How long, exactly, should your snowboard be? When shopping for your board there are a few factors that determine the length you need. First of all, you need to consider your weight. If your weight and the board aren’t fully compatible, you’ll struggle to control your board as smoothly. It may even affect your balance. The next thing for you to consider when choosing your board length is what kind of riding it is that you plan.

Back in the day, people would size your board by making you stand next to it. The top hitting your chin means the board is sized right. Today, this is still a place where you can start, but now you also need to consider your weight, your skill level, and the board’s construction too. No wonder it can get confusing!

Since we’re talking about freestyling, the simplest answer is that you should likely try to get a shorter board. This will allow you to maneuver and spin more easily. Shorter boards are also ideal for beginners. However, if you are somewhat on the heavier side, you may need to find a balance with a bit of a longer board.

Choosing the Snowboard Width

The width of your snowboard also matters – as in, you will need to take that into consideration too. Finding the right width is also important in helping you get better control over your board. The perfect size will have your snowboarding boots hanging ever so slightly over the board’s edges. However, they won’t hang so far off the side that the boots will hit snow as you ride along. If your boots touch snow while you snowboard, you can end up falling and getting injured. So, you’ll have to take a look at the size of your boots (their width in particular) and then use that to get your corresponding board width.

In some cases, you may also need to factor in boots with a lower profile. Also, you might have to consider the ramp angle on the bindings of the snowboard. If you are unsure about this, it may be best to ask for help.

What Do I Need to Know About Freestyle Snowboards

The snowboards for freestyle also work well for terrain parks. They’re actually quite versatile, even allowing you to ride switch (riding using your nondominant leg/foot in front). There is also another variant of freestyle boards, namely all-mountain freestyle boards. They combine playfulness provided by a freestyle board with versatility of mountain snowboards.

Does My Skill Level Matter?

To answer your question: yes. If you invest in an expert level board as a newbie, you’ll have quite a rough time trying to get used to it and control it. So, it’s best to purchase a board suitable to your level of experience.

Final Thoughts

A good snowboard will be your companion on all of your adventures. But why stop there? If you plan to take freestyle snowboarding seriously, why not go right on ahead and invest in your equipment? Getting one of the finest snowboards for freestyle can really up the ante for you and make it easier to learn how to do tricks as you explore along. Just remember, however, that no matter what board you do get, you should always consider your safety regardless. Always watch out for yourself, and you’ll be sure to have a fun time no matter what!

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