Best Drinks for Rehydration after a Home Workout

Working out at home is a great way to improve our health, but dehydration is commonly a problem for some people with hot weather season. Cold drinks can be good to cool our body but there are drinks that are suited for supplementing the water loss in our body. Sweating, urinating, and salivating can reduce the water in our body, so rehydrating is important in order for us to avoid being dehydrated.

Hot weather is a great season to exercise and to have some sweat after a workout, but drinking is a must to replace the water in our body reduced by sweating. There are many drinks that can substitute water and we can enjoy, to replenish our energy after exercise. So here is a list prepared that is good for rehydration, let’s begin.

1. Coconut Water

A popular drink enjoyed by many, with this hot weather season it can be a good substitute for water to replenish the water in our body. Delicious and a flavorful drink if mixed in some popsicles or smoothies. With its healthy properties that they say can clean your kidneys, it’s got a high reputation for being one of the best drinks for rehydration.

2. Gatorade

Of course, this is a favorite drink of athletes after a sports game or just post-workout exercise. This drink contains electrolytes and sugar; it is good that it contains sugar as that can improve the electrolyte absorption of our body. But for some people controlling their sugar intake, there is a drink option called G2 that has less calories and sugar.

3. Watermelon

Pretty confusing because watermelon is a fruit but it contains 92% water, so most likely you’re kind of drinking it actually. Watermelon has some benefits with its vitamin A, vitamin C and also it’s electrolyte properties that help for rehydration. This fruit will be a good drink after a workout and can be enjoyed if put in a blender and mixed with some of your favorite sweet fruits to make a watermelon mixed fruit juice.

4. Pedialyte

Pedialyte is made for rehydration not only good for athletes but used by ill children to substitute water that will make their rehydration faster. This drink contains lower sugar than other sports drinks that can have 100 calories for a liter. It is designed for the balance of sugar and electrolytes in our body that contains sodium, potassium, and chloride. Also, this drink doesn’t have sucrose that can make diarrhea worse by drawing water in the intestine that will up the odds of dehydration.

5. Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is a good post-workout drink that anyone could enjoy. Dehydration mostly because of sweating, water loss, and electrolytes loss resulting in fatigue, mental confusion and sometimes muscle cramps. But this drink has a pretty high water content that can replenish the lost electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Chocolate milk is a really great way to rehydrate and enjoy a drink with its double carbohydrate content.

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