Best Carry On Luggage for Business Travel Suits

If you travel for business frequently, you need the best carry on luggage for business travel suits. This will keep your suits and ties neat, be it for domestic or international flights. Since not all carry ons have suiters, you have to be meticulous with the one you’re going to purchase.

Aside from housing all your belongings, your carry on for business travel should also look professional. Forget about the fancy-colored luggage you have at home. You should look for a carry on with a sleek exterior that imbibes your image as a businessperson. Still, the aesthetics should be paired with the right features and functionality.

With carry ons, you also have to be very specific with the dimensions. Most airlines will impose a maximum of 9” x 14” x 22” dimensions. Any luggage larger than that should go to checked baggage. Using a carry on, you no longer have to endure long lines and pay extra fees. It’s also easier to claim your luggage so you can hustle right away once your plane landed.

Below, we reviewed five of the best carry on luggage options for every businessperson. Check which one suits your taste and travel preferences:

1. Briggs & Riley Carry On Luggage

If you’re looking for a durable and professional-looking carry on, you shouldn’t hesitate to get the Briggs & Riley. This has a patented CX system that allows you to expand the bag for up to 2.5 inches so you can pack 25% more. Don’t worry, because at a size of 9” x 14” x 19”, you will not go beyond the airline rules.

Moreover, this luggage is made of heavy-duty 1680 denier ballistic nylon fabric shell. It’s also equipped with high-grade spinner wheels as well as aluminum telescoping handles adjustable to four heights. The internal frame of this luggage is made of fiberglass, so it’s guaranteed to endure regular wear and tear.

Aside from that, this Briggs & Riley luggage also comes with a free TSA lock to complement its YKK zippers and reinforced corner guards.

On the inside, this luggage has a deep main compartment as well as a suiter that holds everything. There are also straps to keep all your clothes in place. Overall, we were able to fit two suits in a hanger inside the suiter. On top of that, there’s a SpeedThru pocket in front to keep small items handy.

What we also like about Briggs & Riley is its lifetime warranty. If the luggage arrives broken or damaged by the airline, Briggs & Riley will repair it for free.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fiberglass frame
  • Expandable storage


  • Tends to tip when overpacked

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2. TravelPro Crew Carry On Luggage

Another option that we recommend is the TravelPro Crew. This carry on has a sturdy construction made of nylon as well as eight self-aligning magnetic spinner wheels. Also, we like how smooth these wheels glide even on carpeted areas.

The ballistic nylon material of this bag is treated with a DuraGuard coating to resist scratches and stains. Also, the top and side handles are made of premium leather. The SUPRA zipper heads of this bag also make it a rugged choice for long and frequent flights.

With a total dimension of 21.5” x 15.5” x 7.75”, this bag will pass as a carry on to most airlines as long as you don’t overpack. It’s also equipped with TravelPro’s patented Contour Grip and PowerScope handle.

As for the storage, this one comes with a large main compartment and a suiter. There are also two straps to keep your things in place. What we also like about this luggage is its USB charging port right behind the handle.

Overall, we think the strongest suit of this luggage is its spinner wheels. We’ve seen a lot of luggage before, and we noticed that the wheels are always the weakest links. We’re glad that TravelPro did that part right.


  • USB charging port
  • Self-aligning magnetic wheels
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • The wheels are too smooth it will move on any angled surface

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3. Samsonite Lineate Luggage

Be it for the best checked luggage for business travel or a durable carry on, Samsonite never fails to give us a wide range of options. For business travels, we personally recommend the Samsonite Lineate Carry On.

This 8” x 13” x 20” luggage has premium steel cartridge wheels to endure the most rugged use. The bag itself is made of tri-core nylon with the SAMGUARD treatment that adds durability against punctures, abrasions, and tears.

Moreover, this has a telescoping handle with 10 stops so you can customize it properly. Aside from that, the bag has ergo zippers that open smoothly without snagging. And for added safety, it has a kickplate and corner guards.

Inside the luggage, there’s a large main compartment as well as a suiter. There are also mesh pockets where you can stash small items.

Like the TravelPro luggage, this Samsonite unit also comes with a USB charging port hidden in a pocket at the back of the bag.

Lastly, this Samsonite bag is covered by a 10-year limited warranty to shield your purchase from damages. And as a bonus, you can choose between obsidian black and evening teal for the color of this bag.


  • Made of tri-core nylon
  • 10-stop telescoping handle
  • 10-year limited warranty


  • The USB charging port is a little gimmicky.

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4. TravelPro Platinum Elite Luggage

Another TravelPro luggage that we recommend is the Platinum Elite. This one has a very professional appearance that suits your business travels. It’s also expandable so you can pack more in your carry on.

Inside this luggage, there’s a deluxe tie-down system on the main compartment. It also comes with multiple mesh pockets and a TSA-compliant toiletries bag. And to keep your business attire wrinkle-free, this luggage has a drop-in suiter.

Moreover, this TravelPro luggage is equipped with the proprietary PowerScope handle as well as magnatrac spinner wheels for the best control during your travels.

The top and side handles of this carry on are made of leather, plus there’s a bottom cup for an array of carrying options.

And to guard your purchase, this TravelPro bag is protected by a limited lifetime warranty. If the luggage gets damaged by the airline, TravelPro will shoulder the repair cost. Just make sure that you register it on TravelPro’s Trusted Companion Promise.

Lastly, this bag is 9” x 14” x 21,” which can easily pass as a carry on as long as you don’t overpack it. The bonus part is that this bag comes in a variety of colors like vintage gray, rich espresso, shadow black, and more.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Comes with a drop-in suiter
  • Precision glide system


  • Not the best bag for storing your laptop

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5. Samsonite Leverage Luggage

Our last recommendation for this roundup is the Samsonite Leverage Luggage. This is an expandable, 20” carry on with a professional look to match every businessperson.

The Samsonite Leverage Luggage is made of 400 denier and 360 denier nylon fabric with a weather-resistant coating. It’s also treated with an oil-resistant coating to prevent stains. This is also equipped with an interior zippered suiter so you can keep your business attire wrinkle-free.

In addition, this Samsonite luggage has spinner wheels so you can pull the luggage around with ease. This bag is expandable by up to 1.5” if you want to pack more items, but note that utilizing this allowance may qualify your luggage for check in.

We also like that this luggage comes with corner protectors to reduce the wear and tear brought by regular use. There are also compression straps inside the bag to keep your possessions tucked properly.

As for the warranty, this luggage is covered by a 10-year limited guarantee for its workmanship and material. For such sturdy luggage, we can’t ask for anything else.


  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Removable suiter
  • Weather-resistant coating


  • The handle can make use of some improvements

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Carry On Suiter Buying Guide

Regardless if you’re buying the best overnight bag for business travel or the bet carry on, you need to consider some aspects. The following are some of the points you should keep in mind when shopping for your next business travel carry on luggage:

Hardshell vs. fabric

Carry on luggage can come in either hardshell or fabric material. In terms of durability, hardshell options have an edge. But in terms of a professional look, we noticed that there are more fabric options.

The right choice depends on your preference. Hardshell luggage doesn’t stain, plus it has an extra shield against impact. On the other hand, the fabric option offers a lighter option. It’s up to you to choose.

Dimensions are critical

When it comes to carry on luggage, you have to be specific with the dimensions. Again, most airlines will only allow 9” x 14 x 22” as the maximum for your carry-on. Some carriers can still accommodate up to 24 inches, which you should confirm before you head to the airport. But to be safe, limit your carry on the general dimensions accepted by most airlines.

Look for suiters

Suiters are drop-in or zippered bags where you can place your suits in a hanger. It prevents your suits from getting wrinkled inside the carry on. This feature is indispensable for business travel unless you’re willing to look for a steam ironing service in the middle of a business trip.

Spinner wheels are the way to go

Carry ons can come in two, three, or four wheels. If you want a carry on that doesn’t tip over, look for four wheels with a 360-degree spin. This way, the bag will glide smoothly, whichever direction you’re going.

Still, you have to check the quality of the wheels. If possible, look for large wheels that can take the beating of regular use.

Check the compartments

When it comes to travel luggage, storage options are a common make-or-break factor. Most carry ons will have a large main compartment with several mesh pockets. Always look for straps that will secure your belongings.

Consider the appearance

When it comes to business trips, you have to pay attention to how your luggage looks. Most businesspeople opt for the classic black. As much as possible, you should get single-color luggage. Again, this is only a matter of personal preference, but something worth noting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do airlines prefer hard or soft carry ons?

A: As much as soft carry ons are more common than hardshell ones, airlines don’t really have a preference. But if you want something that will allow you to squeeze under the seat, a soft carry on bag will be ideal. It all boils down to your personal preferences.

Q: Do airlines really measure carry on bags?

A: Airline employees don’t necessarily pull out a tape measure to check your carry on bag. Once you’re boarded, an airline employer will ask you to put the bag under the seat. If it doesn’t fit, it will be forwarded to check in, which is a bit of a hassle if you’re already inside the plane. Do yourself a favor and follow the limits.

Q: What will happen if my carry on happens to be too big?

A: If you carry on is too big, the airline employee will ask you to place your bag at the boarding gate for check in. Take note that this check in bags will cost you additional fees. Some airlines will have a box with a predetermined size where the passengers have to place their carry ons to check if it follows the right dimensions. This prevents any cramming and struggling to fit everything on the overhead bin or the underseat slot.

Final words

Choosing the perfect carry on for your business travel should focus on quality, functionality, and value for money. Although you can purchase the cheapest find on the web, it’s much better to invest a few more bucks for a unit that will endure your regular travels.

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