5 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

With the beautiful sight, its azure waters, serene ambiance, and white sand, the beach is one of the best spots and places where people go during summer.

As of now, summer is almost halfway in the Northern Hemisphere.

A lot of people want a trip to a nice place and one of these is the famous beach, wherein it will improve your mood. Going to the beach is not only a fun and a great activity to enjoy, but it also helps you to reduce your stress, to relax, to boost your mood, and to improve your well-being. And the 5 Best Beautiful Beaches are listed below:

  1. Los Roques, Venezuela as the Most Secret Place


Here is the best wonder of nature, the promise of an enchanted break. The island’s coral reefs attract many wealthy visitors. Los Roques archipelago is a federal dependency of Venezuela and it is consisting of approximately 350 cays, islets, and islands of different sizes, crystal-clear waters and long magnificent strips of beautifully refined sand. This is the best place for lovers, and it will give them great delight in the spectacle provided by this well-preserved nature reserve.

  1. Palombaggia, France as the Most Peaceful Spot


As an incredibly famous spot in France, Palombaggia’s reputation of being one of the most gorgeous beaches worldwide is completely justified through its magical and stunning beauty. On the other hand, the white sand makes a beautiful contrast with the gorgeous clear and blue water that automatically entice you to take a dip in the water right away. This beautiful beach stands out with its fine white sands, also it is a sea of calm and crystal clear waters. This beach is well worth the visit wherein you can make unforgettable memories with your family.

  1. The Pink Beach, Indonesia as the Most Colorful View


Pink Beach in Indonesia is the only pink sand beach known around the world. This beach has a unique feeling enhanced by a pure blue sky, lush deep green hills, a clear sea, amazing underwater life and stunning panorama area. Apparently, Pink Beach is the place that you must definitely include in your bucket list. The sand is powdery and incredibly soft, and one of the main attractions and tourist destinations in this place is the island of Komodo.

  1. Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles as a Place Like Paradise


Anse Source d’Argent is one of the most famous beaches in the world. It is warm, and its lush vegetation and crystal waters make it so magical finding yourself on La Digue Island. You may find it to be the one of the farthest, but it is definitely worth the visit. The water is significantly shallow. Moreover, you can actually walk a memorable distance out just to take time and admire the scenic view back to the shore.

  1. Fakarava, France as the Most Well-Preserved Place


Fakarava in France is a small atoll in French Polynesia. The beaches are in the inside of the atoll facing the lagoon. The narrow and long atoll is a scenic and charming spot. You won’t find a much better island or a beach. It is lightly populated and unspoiled which keeps the place pristine. This has the same feeling as you’ve reached the very edge of the world because of the tranquil atmosphere. Somewhere that everyone should experience once.

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