5 Best Trash Cans for Odor Control in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is where the most sumptuous food is made, but it can also be the stinkiest due to poor odor control. Peelings, food bits, and other items your dump in your trash can is a recipe for the foul odor. While your trash cans are often perceived dirty, it plays a thankless and important job in your kitchen. However, you must choose the best trash can for odor control, so all the nasty things remain inside the bin.

We know that taking out the trash is no fun. You have to deal with the smell and gross mess that may drip from the liner. And even if you’re not tasked to dispose of the trash, opening the bin every time you have to throw something isn’t a pleasant experience. For busy kitchens, the smell can be like a punch in the face.

To help you with odor control in your kitchen, we reviewed five of the best trash cans to keep the bad odors away. You no longer have to stick to plastic bins that are a pain to clean and maintain. The bonus part is that these trash cans are chic and decorative too!

1. Simplehuman Kitchen Step Trash Can

When it comes to kitchen trash cans, one of the top options is the simplehuman Kitchen Step bin. This has a classy, brushed stainless steel body paired with a Code Q custom fit liners. These are extra strong trash bags that will not rip even if holding heavy loads.

Moreover, this has a strong steel pedal made to last up to 150,000 steps. For an average of 20 steps a day, this trash can be of service to you for 20 years!

What we also like about this stainless trash can is its silent close lid. It sports a patented lid shox technology that closes the lid slowly. This prevents metal clattering and banging. You can also keep the lid open for long if you’re dumping large amounts of trash.

The simplehuman trash can also have an inner bucket that catches any drips and mess from your trash. It’s removable and easy to clean.

If you wish to put the trash bin in a different spot, you can simply push it around, thanks to its built-in wheels.

Lastly, this simplehuman trash can is available in 18, 30, 38, 45, and 50-liter versions.


  • Heavy-duty metal steps
  • Removable inner bucket
  • Fingerprint-proof coating


  • Avoid banging the can on corners because it will dent easily

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2. iTouchless Sensor Trash Can

If you have the extra budget, you can switch to Smart trash can like this one from iTouchless. This a hygienic choice because no touch is required to open the bin. The sensor will detect your hand and open the lid automatically.

This trash bin can be used in the kitchen or office settings due to its stylish and modern design. We also like that this can have one natural carbon odor filter that neutralizes the bad smell from your trash. It helps in managing kitchen odors easily.

Aside from that, this Smart trash can has built-in wheels for glide mobility. Its opening is 11.25-inch wide, which is more than enough for most kitchen needs.

To operate this trash bin, you can use four D batteries or an AC adapter to plug it into a power source directly. Take note, though, that both the batteries and adapter are not included in the package yet.

Although iTouchless costs more than other options, you’ll enjoy a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s an unconditional promise that backs the product a full-service benefit for all its parts. It’s a great way to keep your kitchen clean in style.

NOTE: Make sure that you remove the film cover on the buttons for the sensor to work well.


  • Carbon odor filter
  • No-touch sensor
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • We wish it’s bigger

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3. Simplehuman Dual Compartment Trash Can

If you need a bigger bin for your kitchen, we recommend the simplehuman 58-liter dual compartment trash can. It’s an eco-friendly choice with two compartments that allow you to segregate your wastes. Each compartment has removable buckets for easy disposal and cleaning.

It’s also equipped with a soft, silent operation that closes and opens the lid slowly. The same with the first simplehuman trash can, this one has the proprietary lid shox technology for silent operation.

This simplehuman trash can is easy to use since it comes with a stainless steel rim that flips up so you can change the trash bag easily. It also has a strong pedal that will last up to 150,000 steps. And at the back of the bin, there’s a pocket where you can store your trash bags for added convenience.

And true to simplehuman’s trash bins, the stainless steel body of this can have a fingerprint-proof coating to prevent smudges.

Overall, this trash can is perfect for those with arthritis and hand injuries. If you find 58 liters too big for your kitchen, this dual-compartment bin is also available in 30, 45, and 55-liter options.


  • Lid shox technology
  • Dual compartment with separate buckets
  • Large 58-liter capacity


  • Dents easily

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4. Kohler Step Trash Can

For those who are looking for another option, we recommend the Kohler Step Trash Can. It’s a dual compartment bin with an 11-gallon (41 liters) capacity. This allows you to segregate your trash on separate liners.

It also has raised liners that make it easy for you to change bags. And to prevent the metal noise, this Kohler step can have a quiet close lid that also prevents hurting the fingers of curious toddlers.

The low-profile look of this trash can is a space-saving feature that fits well against the wall. You can also use any 13-gallon or 8-gallon tall trash bags on this bin.

Moreover, this trash can has a sturdy pedal that will remain functional for years. Its body has a smudge-proof layer to add an aesthetic touch to your kitchen.

We also like that the lid can be locked open during busy hours in the kitchen. Just lift the black rim at the top edge of the bag and propel it against the lid so the bin will remain open.

Overall, this is a sturdy and classy trash can that also suits office settings. When the lid is open, this bin is 36 inches tall, which is just the right size for most kitchens.


  • Dual compartment design
  • Smudge-proof body
  • Low-profile design


  • We wish they don’t place stickers at the lid surface

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5. SensorCan Sensor Trash Bin

If you’re on a budget but still want to experience a Smart trash bin, consider this one from SensorCan. It has a touchless technology that will open the lid automatically when it senses motion. This prevents contact with the trash.

Aside from that, this trash comes with four removable wheels so you can glide it around as you wish. Inside the bin, there’s also a carbon odor filter that helps neutralize bad odor. This makes SensorCan a perfect choice for kitchens and other food preparation areas.

You can also choose how to power up this can. You have the option to use D batteries for wireless operation or a direct AC adapter, so you no longer have to think about replacing or recharging any batteries. Just note, though, that both the adapter and batteries are sold separately. For an affordable trash can, it’s just a small issue.

Lastly, this trash can is covered by a 100% guarantee for all parts should defects or damages occur.


  • Touchless technology
  • Removable glide wheels
  • Carbon odor filter


  • Too sensitive to use on walkways

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Kitchen Trash Can Buying Guide

When buying a trash can for your kitchen, the following are the most important considerations:

Decide on the capacity

Regardless of whether you’re looking for the best trash can for baby diapers, kitchen waste, and so on, the bin’s capacity is an essential consideration. Trash cans are available in 20 to 58-liter versions, though you can find larger ones.

For this part, you should consider how much waste your kitchen produces, the area you’re going to place it, and the budget you’re willing to spend.

The advantage of the medium to large-sized bins is you have to replace the liner less often than small ones.

For large families, a 58-liter trash bin would be ideal. However, if you only cook once or twice a day, a smaller 30-gallon would suit you well.

Opt for a quiet-close lid

A quiet-close lid prevents the can from making clattering noises whenever you will step out of the pedal. It’s not a requirement, but it sure adds value to your purchase.

Personally, quiet-close lids prevent the bad smell from the trash from wafting all over the kitchen. The quiet lid closes slowly, which also saves the fingers of young toddlers.

Others use a bin with an automatic lid powered by a motion sensor. It’s a techy option, but it uses a power source, which may not always be convenient for some kitchens.

No matter what your choice is, make sure that the lid is tightly sealed. This way, your kitchen bin serves as the best trash can to keep dogs out as well as a safer choice for curious kids.

Consider one with a deodorizer

If possible, look for a trash bin with a carbon odor deodorizer. Although it will not make your trash smell like roses, it will help curb the bad odor that may emanate from the bin.

This feature will be very useful if you tend to dump biodegradable matter into your kitchen trash bin.

However, the only downside is that most trash cans with deodorizers are often in a higher price range.

Invest in good material

Although trash cans hold garbage, it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to invest in a durable material. Stainless steel is a good option since it lasts for years and is very easy to clean. The bonus part is that the steel material offers an aesthetic addition to your kitchen.

On the other hand, cheaper options made of plastic may not hold up well on heavy use.

Your kitchen trash bin will also take the beating of busy days, so you might as well invest in a trusty model. Spending a few more bucks will go a long way in terms of quality and functionality.

Choose one with a durable pedal

If you’re not a fan of Smart trash cans, you might as well look for a bin with a durable pedal. For step cans, the pedal will take the most beating, so it has to be durable and long-lasting. The best bins will have a pedal that can last for up to 150,000 steps.

The last thing you want to happen is being left out by the pedal during a busy day in the kitchen.

Speaking of busy days, try to look for a trash can with a ‘stay open’ feature for added convenience.

Consider the maintenance level

Lastly, consider the maintenance level of the bin. Make sure that it’s easy to change its trash bag and to dispose of its contents. We always appreciate trash cans with a removable bucket inside that will catch potential drippings if ever sharp pieces of garbage punctured the bag.

Take note that Smart trash cans, or those powered by a battery or electricity, take more maintenance due to its electronic parts.

Also, a smudge-proof finish makes the outer layer of the bin easy to clean with just a few wipes.

Final words

Kitchens harbor a lot of odor, including cooking smell and the stink of trash can. Such odors will compromise the appeal and cleanliness of your kitchen. This is why you should opt for a trash bin that will keep all the unpleasant scents inside. Aside from odor control, a functional trash can is also about ease of disposal and proper hygiene.

What do you think of the trash cans we reviewed here? Share your thoughts with us!

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