5 Best Plants For Home Garden and Its Benefits

Plants brighten our day, beautify our surroundings, but also purifies the air and that helps us have a more relaxing, and restful ambiance in our home.

We all know that every time we spend our time with nature it’s linked us to lessen our stress and tension relief.

Here are the five beneficial plants that not only beautifies your home, but also is easy to take care of, and effective in increasing oxygen which cleans the toxins for better breathing air.

1. Aloe Plant

The aloe plant gel has healing properties. It soothes the cuts and skin burns and it helps to monitor the quality of the air at home. This plant could help in cleaning the air pollutants from the chemical of the cleaning products, the leaves of these plants will show brown spots when there is any amount of the harmful chemical in the air and becomes excessive. Additional information, it grows better if we put in the direct sunlight.


  • The gel from the aloe vera plant helps to heal burns and cuts.
  • The aloe vera will usually produce plantlets. These new plants could be removed very easily and used to plant and grow a new one.
  • Aloe vera plant releases oxygen every night and absorbs the carbon dioxide, it is very nice you have one in your bedrooms.

2. Rubber Tree

The rubber trees are very nice in cleaning the polluted air and it is very easy to grow, for they thrive in the cooler dimly lighted climates. The low-maintenance plants are the most powerful air purifier and toxin eliminator.

3. Peace Lily

The peace lily provides beauty and elegance, having a unique look. It prefers the bright, indirect light but does well in the medium light. When watering it, it is a droopy leaf, after watering, the plant will eventually perk up in response.


  • The peace lily will help in removing trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, and toluene from the air.


  • It has oxalates in which it might cause – if in contact – dermatitis, which is a medical term that is used for skin irritations. These irritations will result in salt crystals which are the cause of burning sensation if eaten, chewed or crushed. The curious pet could also feel the same feeling after they eat, chew or crush the plant.

4. Snake Plant

The snake plants do not need much water and light in order to survive, they are basically a nice choice to place in any corner on your home. This plant releases oxygen at night and absorbs the carbon dioxide while some of the plants do that during the day. Put one in your bedroom for a boost of fresh air.

5. Philodendron

The heart-shape of the philodendron is a very popular plant that is perfect for the outdoor platform, as they are very easy to take care of and grow faster for the decorative vines. Same with the English ivy, it is good for absorbing xylene. Grow with some sunlight, moderate water and they will survive.

Reference: Huffpost

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