5 Best Places to Travel This Summer

Planning where to spend your most anticipated summer vacation can be incredibly hard. Most especially if you are clueless about what particular places to consider if summer is what we are talking about.

For this reason, we have provided 5 of the best places that are perfect for you to travel this summer. Since this season is one of the most awaited moments of the year, make sure to spend it wisely.

1. Azores, Portugal

The self-governing territory in Portuguese named the Azores is just approximately 1,000 Miles from Portugal and it is the best summer destination where you can start. The magnificent capital is accessible in just less than 6 hours but the small city is not actually the only attraction in the place.

Since the greatest thing to do during summer is to refresh yourself from the whole intense year you had because of work and life, we will not pick the Azores for nothing. Actually, the archipelago has nine islands which include São Miguel known to be the main island and the starting point of Azores. You can behold untouched landscape beyond the capital known for whale watching, hot springs, hiking, and sheep abound as well.

2. Tbilisi, Georgia

There are new direct flights coming from London through Wizz Air and Georgian Airways that makes Tbilisi reachable more than ever before. The capital of this previously Soviet Republic delivers a comprehensive appeal of a European city which includes the ancient landmarks, excellent wine, and intimate cafes that won’t include the choking summer throngs.

Tbilisi is a perfect place for those who are searching to find unique and real traditions like the khachapuri. For Tbilisi, this is bread full of cheese that is topped with a combination of runny egg and water.

3. Malawi, Africa

Summer is one of the most exciting moments for safari season. And with the arising best destinations like Malawi, you will probably hustle with yourself in deciding which place to travel this summer season.

What you can find in Malawi is the astounding Majete Wildlife Reserve, the Liwonde National Park as well as the Nkhotakota Game Reserve. You will definitely see a lot of animals there which will definitely satisfy the inner wildlife lover in you.

4. Ticino, Switzerland

If you are looking for a place like Italy but with less crowds, Ticino, Switzerland is the best place for you to start. The majestic and hidden wine region of Ticino is actually a good alternative to the crowded destinations of Italy. As a matter of fact, everyone who visits the place almost believes that they are actually in Italy. It is because Ticino borders near Lake Como and its residents speak the Italian language.

5. Faroe Islands

Between Norway and Iceland, there is this magical place called the Faroe Islands. The Faroe Islands are considered an under-visited archipelago composed of 18 islands. Moreover, more and more people are getting attracted to their beauty.

As you enter the autonomous Danish territory, you will get to meet the rugged, historical landscape that is emphasized by green valleys, gushing waterfalls, and volcanic mountains. So, what more can you ask for?

Explore these 5 best places to travel this summer and return home with so much energy and vigor.

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