5 Best patio umbrellas for the price

No matter how large or small your patio is, a good umbrella always makes a big difference. It provides relief from the sun, rain, and even your nosy neighbors. The good thing is that patio umbrellas are available in different styles and colors to suit the motif of your patio. To help you shop for the best patio umbrellas for the price, I reviewed here my top five options in the market.

If you’re in the market for a patio umbrella, you must always check the size, material, and construction. All these three are basic things that will dictate how sturdy the umbrella is. You also have to factor in the conditions in your area. Is it very windy? Or are you dealing with excessive UV rays? All these will help you find the right patio umbrella for your property.

I always recommend investing your money in a trusty umbrella. Cutting corners is always at the expense of quality. If you want a patio umbrella that will last for years, you might as well find a durable option.

Below, I reviewed the five best patio umbrellas in the market. Check which one suits your property and your needs:

1. Abba Patio Offset Hanging Umbrella

If you’re looking for self-standing patio umbrellas, I highly recommend the Abba Patio Offset Hanging Umbrella. It has a vented canopy made of durable polyester fabric. It’s made of solution-dyed fabric that retains its colorfastness for up to 1,000 UV hours.

Moreover, this is water-repellent and can resist strong winds. Thanks to its vented design, this patio umbrella has better airflow and stability on windy conditions. You can also adjust the tilt of the umbrella in five different positions for all-day shade. It also rotates in a 360-degree manner for your convenience.

One thing that makes Abba Patio a wise buy is its rust-resistant frame made of TIGER Drylac-coated antique bronze. The umbrella itself has eight durable steel ribs as well as a steel cross base for the best stability. Overall, its metal components are resistant to chipping, corrosion, and peeling.

This four-piece set has a cross offset base that fits in a cantilever umbrella base. Its base weighs 150 pounds with sand and 180 pounds with added water.

Lastly, the Abba Patio Hanging Umbrella is available in 11.5 feet and 9×7 feet options. Both come with an Easy Clip System so you can secure the folded umbrella in a snap.


  • Made of fade-resistant polyester
  • TIGER Drylac powder-coated frame
  • Five-position adjustable tilt


  • Only available in 1 pole color

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2. PURPLE LEAF Double Top Patio Umbrella

If you’re looking for a square patio umbrella, you should consider this one from PURPLE LEAF. This has a 12’ x 12’ canopy size made of 240 GSM polyester fabric. It’s treated with a UV-resistant solution to make it fadeless for at least three years.

Aside from that, this patio umbrella has all-aluminum bones and ribs. It’s also spray-painted with an anti-oxidation solution to boost its rust-proof characteristics. Overall, this suits residential and commercial use.

However, you should note that the weighted base isn’t included in the package, so you have to purchase it separately. The consolation here, though, is its hand-crank system that even kids can learn to use. The umbrella also rotates in 360 degrees and can be set in six angles to block the sun.

Like the one from Abba Patio, this PURPLE LEAF umbrella has a double top design to keep it steady during windy conditions.

Overall, this umbrella is sturdy and can last for years. It’s also available in 12 feet versions if you find the 11 feet version a little low. You can also choose between turquoise blue and gray umbrella colors.


  • All-aluminum frame and ribs
  • UV-resistant polyester fabric
  • Easy crank lift handle system


  • The base is not included in the package

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3. Tangkula Patio Offset Umbrella

If you’re looking for a 10-feet patio umbrella, you’ll never go wrong with the one from Tangkula. It’s made of 240 GMS polyester fabric that will shield you from the harmful UV rays. Aside from that, this patio umbrella has an aluminum pole and ribs that stay durable for years.

Unlike other patio umbrellas, the Tangkula has a 7-position adjustable tilt that lets you block the sun efficiently. It also moves in a 360-degree angle for added convenience.

The Tangkula Patio Offset Umbrella has an easy to use hand crank lift system. There’s also a base pedal so you can set the umbrella without straining your hands. It has a wind vent that lets cool air to flow down while acting as a stabilizer during windy conditions.

Aside from the umbrella, you will also get a cross base. However, the weighted base isn’t included, so you have to purchase it separately.

This 10-feet umbrella is available in coffee, beige, brick red, blue, and red colors to match the motif of your patio. Overall, the umbrella is very easy to set up, and it also comes with complete instructions.


  • 7 tilt settings
  • Aluminum pole and ribs
  • Yarn-dyed canopy for colorfastness


  • The weighted base is not included in the package

4. Classic Accessories Montlake FadeSafe Umbrella

If you’re in the market for a rounded patio umbrella, you should consider the Classic Accessories Montlake FadeSafe Umbrella. Its canopy is made of Montlake FadeSafe fabric that’s water-repellant and solution-dyed for the best colorfastness.

Meanwhile, its ribs and pole are made of 100% bamboo. It’s fitted with stainless steel hardware for utmost durability. It’s a stylish option and a great alternative for umbrellas with rusty poles. There’s also a dual pulley system that makes it easy to open and close the umbrella.

Aside from its durable construction, this Classic Accessories umbrella also offers UV protection of up to 50+ UPF with 100% UVA and UVB protection. Overall, this umbrella offers an earthy vibe since it has very minimal plastic parts.

This umbrella is 9-feet tall and available in an option that’s bundled with the Montlake cover. Both are protected by Classic Accessories’ 5-year warranty for the canopy and 3 years for the framing.

The bonus part is that the canopy is available in four colors: antique beige, heather henna, heather fern, and heather indigo. Take note, though, that the base is not included in this umbrella so make sure that you purchase it separately.


  • UVA and UVB protection
  • Sturdy bamboo pole and ribs
  • 5-year warranty for the canopy


  • No base included

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5. EliteShade Patio Sunbrella

Another round patio umbrella I recommend for this roundup is the EliteShade Sunbrella. It’s 8-feet tall and made of Sunbrella acrylic fabric that’s been solution-dyed. It’s also water-repellent and bleach cleanable without damaging the material. The best part is it’s one of the best fade-resistant outdoor umbrellas.

The canopy is connected to an aluminum frame with eight ribs. Also, the pole is 1.5-inch in diameter to ensure durability for years. Overall, this design and material block up to 98% of UV rays.

For the adjustments, this umbrella uses a push-button tilt. It also utilizes an open crank system, so it’s easy to open, even by kids. There’s also a wind vent that allows the heat to escape and for the umbrella to stabilize on windy days.

I’m pretty impressed by its easy-to-use mechanism and build made to last for years. It’s also a wide umbrella with a canopy diameter of 9 feet. It’s also pretty stable against high winds. We have to thank the beefier canopy support of this umbrella for this benefit.

But just like other patio umbrellas I’ve tried before, EliteShade sells the base separately. Anyway, it’s a small niggle I can live with considering the quality of this umbrella.


  • Sunbrella acrylic canopy
  • Crank open system
  • Wide coverage


  • No base included

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How to choose a patio umbrella

Before you put your money on a specific patio umbrella, you should have considered the following points.


Patio umbrellas are available in two main types: center pole and offset. The main difference is the setting of the pole. The following are the differences between the two:

Center pole

A center pole patio umbrella usually comes with a round canopy. It’s common among outdoor umbrellas and those that you will find at the beach. However, since center pole umbrellas don’t have the tilt setting, it doesn’t offer sun protection on different angles.


If you want the best sun protection, you should get an offset or cantilever patio umbrella. This has a jointed pole that holds the canopy which connects to the main pole. With this design, you can tilt the canopy to block the sun at any time of the day. Also, an offset patio umbrella offers more coverage, especially for outdoor dining areas. However, it requires a heavy base to prevent the umbrella from toppling.

Size and shape

Another thing you should consider is the shape of the canopy. The shape should be based on your needs and environmental constraints in the installation area:

Round. This is perfect for those who want to imbibe a welcoming vibe. Also, since it’s round, you no longer have to prune branches and surrounding foliage. Most round-shaped patio umbrellas are lower than offset counterparts.

Rectangle. For those who have a larger area to cover, a rectangular umbrella is a good choice. It’s suitable for long or oval tables that square or rounded umbrellas can’t fully cover. However, you should watch out because this option is cumbersome and will require a higher clearance.

Square. If you want a less bulky umbrella than a rectangular one, you should get a square shape. It offers maximum shade without consuming too much space.


You should also check the canopy material used on the umbrella. Here are the most commonly used materials for umbrella canopies:

Polyester. This fabric is available on a variety of colors and has a decent durability. It’s also cheaper without compromising sun protection.

Acrylic. Sunbrella is the common acrylic fabric brand used on patio umbrellas. It’s more expensive than polyester but with a good reason. Sunbrela acrylic is much durable and available in different grades.

Olefin. This fabric is eco-friendly with a high level of UV protection. It can also withstand bleach cleaning as well as intense UV rays. The bonus part is that this fabric is available in different colors and patterns.

Also, consider a double canopy for added wind resistance. The extra canopy also lets hot air under the umbrella to rise for a cooler feeling.


Next, you should decide whether you want a metal or wood frame. Metal frames made of aluminum aren’t prone to rust and will last for years.

On the other hand, wood frames offer an ‘earthy’ vibe, which suits specific patio motifs. Wood also gives a timeless appeal that’s more sophisticated and aesthetic than metal.

However, if you want a frame that can withstand the toughest conditions, you should invest in a fiberglass frame. This is the most expensive of the three, but the splurge is worth it.


The problem with cheap patio umbrellas is that the color tends to fade away fast. If you’re looking for an umbrella that will remain aesthetic, you should look for one with a UV coating. This will slow down the effects of sun rays on the color of the canopy.

Lift/open system

Lastly, check the opening mechanism of the umbrella. The easiest option is a crank lift system since it’s safe to use even by kids. Some umbrellas use a pulley system, which is also convenient to use.

Another thing you should check is the swivel setting. Offset umbrellas can rotate at 360 degrees, allowing you to block the sun at any time of the day.

Final words

The best patio umbrellas for the price will protect you from the harsh elements outdoors. Just make sure that you get the right size, material, and type to suit your needs. Above all, invest your money on high-quality and durable umbrellas that will last for years.

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