5 Best Outfits for Men

Men are typically not choosy in wearing clothes. Unlike girls, men don’t spend as much time looking for an outfit in their closet.

But it is also a must to know how to present yourself properly especially in the public eye, so we have conducted some research and we arrived at these 5 Best Outfits for Men which can be used as your guide for your daily outfit.

1. Monochrome grey outfit

You are probably having a hard time matching your clothes with your skin. Well, we know that this color matches any skin type or skin color. A simple grey outfit would be great for any casual day and this does not age. You just have to make sure that your pants aren’t grey, it should have a little touch of a darker color like black, same through with the shoes. This will greatly give you confidence.

2. Casual long tee and joggers

This type of outfit is recommended for men that have a developed apple shape body or mesomorph body type. It is so casual and would be better to wear as a light-colored top and dark colored joggers, partnered with casual canvas shoes, which is achromatic dressing. People around you will surely appreciate this kind of outfit and will keep an eye on you.

3. Button up

If you’re running out of time for some errands this will be great for its comfort and ease when wearing. You just need to partner it with either black or denim pants partnered with white sneakers. This outfit is very flexible and could match any casual event as long as you have the right accessories with you but not so over decorated.

4. Long sleeve and shorts

It maintains the business up top look but provides comfort as it allows your legs to breathe. It’s perfect for warm weather that will surely stand you in a good look. During very high summer, you can also try to roll up the sleeves to have extra ventilation, this could also add to the stylish look.

5. Polo shirt and trouser

A combination of these will give you a classic yet on-trend look. This is pretty easy and comfortable to wear since the majority of these clothes are made of cotton so expect that your body will be properly ventilated.

A polo shirt can fit any casual day and its better if their sleeves end at the mid-biceps and lightly hugs them. Trousers, on the other hand, should be rolled up slightly and make sure that you choose a straight cut so that it could give a slim illusion.

In the end, what matters most is confidence because that’s the greatest outfit that you can wear. We’re hoping that these 5 best outfits have provided some ideas about what is applicable for you to wear. So don’t panic about how you look, just be yourself and choose the right outfit that will suit you.

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