5 Best Gardening Tools to Own and Their Uses

Beginning to love gardening but looking for the right basic tools to own at first? Well, every gardener wants to make their garden beautiful and healthy as they take care of it.

Maybe there is a lot of existing gardener tools but of course, they have their own uses, some should be used by experts or can be used by practicing a lot.

It is good to familiarize with the tools needed for gardening, but the problem is you have to start from the basic tools to own. You can have your assistant or someone more knowledgeable with gardening help you, in order for you to practice and learn more about it. So here is a list of some basic tools that you can start with, let’s begin.

1. Hoe

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A tool that’s used for digging the soil of your garden plot, can be used for digging holes, moving soil, and arranging soil formation. A hoe has a few types to choose from but try to select the right one for the task you are doing. A broad hoe is used for digging holes, a shuffle hoe is good for cutting weeds, and a warren hoe with sharp triangular blades is good for narrow space.

2. Spade

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A spade is one of the most basic and important tools to own as a gardener. This can be used for digging and moving soil for planting. A spade has some varieties of shapes like the most common curve shape, best for scooping soil, and a flat shape for scooping precision. A spade is also good for breaking roots.

3. Rake

Leaves and sticks that are in the lawn can be removed in no time by using this tool, a rake that can easily use for grouping or gathering scattered leaves is a must own tool for a gardener. There is also a ground rake that’s used to smooth the soil or plot bed to remove clumps or sticks in the soil. Better choose a metal ground rake for durability and ease of use.

4. Digging fork

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Having trouble with firmly packed or very hard soil that a spade and hoe can’t break? Well, this digging fork is the solution for this problem, with its four thick flat tines that are suitable for the job of breaking this packed soil that you’ve encountered in the garden plot. Mixing soil amendments is one more task that the digging fork can do or even having to remove clumps without bringing too much soil with them.

5. Trowel

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A trowel is a similar tool for digging holes and moving soil like a spade or hoe, with its longer blade shaped like a scoop that is more suitable for moving the whole plant to another plot. If you’re going to dig some holes for vegetable plants, perennials, annuals or other small plants this is the right one to use. This tool is the best one for transplanting small plants, you might want to choose a forged type that has its sturdy and hard blade that is good if you encounter hard soils.

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