5 Best Fridge and Wine Cooler Combined

Keeping your wines at their best truly involves conscious efforts on your part. It’s known that their best phase will only be present after a significant amount of time. While patiently waiting, you must store your wines in a way that advocates for their well-being that results to a really amazing drinking experience later on. Because of this, investing in a good fridge and wine cooler combined is actually a smart idea!

Today in this blog post, we’re going to give you a comprehensive and exclusive buying guide that will help you to find the best wine cooler ever. This includes the list of the top 5 wine fridges in the market that you really should consider, especially if you’re a certified wine aficionado. Each of them may have teeny downsides, but what’s that as compared to how top-notch they are and how much fun their included additional perks are! Moreover, a buying guide follows the said list which comprises of all the factors you should take into consideration when buying a wine cooler. Lastly, this blog also collected some of the frequently asked questions with regards to wine cultivation and storage.

For these reasons, make sure to stick around until the very end of this jam-packed and entertaining blog post!

1. Phiestina Freestanding Beverage Fridge

With its top-notch quality that’ll surely keep your wine in its most delicious taste, Phiestina’s Beverage Fridge is certainly a top contender for the best c. Its beverage cooling properties added to its other perks make it not hard to grasp why this is a go-to pick by many!

Moreover, this product is portable and contact which is truly convenient for you. Meaning that you can place it wherever you want with utmost ease. It’s freestanding that’s why you can put it anywhere — office, work, garden, open air festivals, clubs, promotion centers, conferences, pool parties, open bars and more! All of these because it’s only 14.9 inches wide which is smaller than the regular wine refrigerator that’s 24 inches wide.

First of this fridge’s outstanding features is its high-tech compressor and air duct system. These make it quiet as a stone while making sure that the cold air is successfully transferred to every corner of the cooler. At the same time, this has an excellent design which allows heat to dissipate from the front, but not to stay ever. Its kick plate is also an element that adds to its tall, sleek, and flawless appearance!

When you buy this, take note that it works in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. All you have to do is to set the right temperature within 38-50°F by pressing the buttons for your favorite drinks. It also has a temperature memory function which lets it quickly go back to its previous setting even though it has ever power off.

Additionally, it also contains 6 removable shelves. You also have no reason to worry because at the end of the inner wall, there are two stoppers on each side. These actually prevent the shelf from moving and the bottles from falling down. You’ll also see that the cooler trays encourage maximum storage for a minimum space. Lastly, its handles are non-slip and ergonomically designed too which gives you a comfy grip.


  • Features an Advanced Compressor Cooling and Air Circulation System
  • Has a Built-in or Freestanding Installation
  • Features a reversible door hinge


  • Convenient with its small size, but a bit limited in terms of regular storage size

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2. Karcassin Compressor Wine Bottle Chiller

Next to this list of the best fridge and wine cooler combined is Karcassin’s Compressor Wine Bottle Chiller that allows you to store your wine collection at a perfect temperature. While doing so, it keeps your wine bottles well organized in a sleek as well as elegant stainless-steel finish.

This has beautiful interiors with 5 sliding beech wood shelves that accommodate up to 32 x 750 ml standard bottles. Moreover, it features trendy blue LED lights that add a modern appeal to it. At the same time, it has a reversible door with security lock.

Furthermore, it’s certainly intelligently designed with an option to install it in a cabinet for built-in storage. However, you can still use it as a Standalone Unit. Its kick plate allows its lower part to align with the cabinet. In addition to this, its double layer glass is responsible for its perfect cooling capacity.


  • Features a smart temperature control
  • Allows quiet operation
  • Features uniform cooling


  • Has lesser capacity in case of 1-liter bottles

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3. Smad Wine Refrigerator

Another one of the best fridge and wine cooler combined is Smad’s Wine Refrigerator with freestanding wine cellar countertop.

It’s a single zone that has a storage capacity of up to 19 bottles and 62 liters. It actually has 4 full wire shelves and 2 half wire shelves. These shelves are fully adjustable to suit various wine bottle shapes and sizes.There’s also a dip tray on the back of the cooler.

Moreover, it features a freestanding installation. It also has a LED display and light switch with a tempered and original transparent glass door. Lastly, it has an energy efficient design and an amazing no-frost cooling system


  • Features a sleek LED display and touch control panel
  • Has adjustable legs and removable stainless steel wire racks
  • Features a high efficiency compressor working system


  • Not completely noise-free, but it’s still not that bad

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4. AMANA Bottle Wine Cooler

AMANA’S Bottle Wine Cooler is another amazing high quality fridge and wine cooler combined.

It features adjustable wire shelves which are absolutely convenient. They’re also removable, meaning that it maximizes space while keeping things organized. At the same time, it has a stainless steel door frame that’s reversible. Moreover, it’s in an ideal size to keep in a dining room, kitchen, game room, bar or any other space!

Furthermore, this wine cooler can allow you to set the temperature as cold as 39°F. Take note that it maintains better cooling than the similar thermoelectric cooling. The mechanical adjustable thermostat control that it has certainly allows for both quick and simple temperature adjustments. For this reason, it’s energy efficient since it consumes less power.


  • Compact size
  • Remains constant temperature
  • Features adjustable and removable shelves


  • Not completely noise-free, but it’s still not that bad

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5. NutriChef Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Last but not the least in the best fridge and wine cooler combined is this product. NutriChef’s Wine Cooler is known for its proficient dual-zone system that keeps your wine perfectly chilled to the temperature that you set. This allows for wine storage that’s without altering the acidity, tannins, or the refractive index. More specifically, you can precisely set the temperature you want (in Celsius or Fahrenheit). There’s also an LCD digital thermostat display and touch controls. Take note that the LED light illumination enables you to show off your impressive wine collection to your guests!

Moreover, this is a freestanding unit that you can place wherever you fancy! Lastly, this Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler is energy efficient with its default low power consumption.


  • Features a perfect dual zone temperature
  • Features an innovative system with vertical shelves
  • A stylish touch for your home


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Buying Guide

We understand that picking the best fridge and wine cooler combined can be tricky. You can indeed get lost in the sea of the numerous options out there for you. To help you out, we highly recommend that you look for these characteristics or factors in order to decide if a product ticks all that you need and want in a fridge and wine cooler combined:

Cooling Properties and Temperature Controls

If you’re a new wine enthusiast, one of the questions you may be asking is “what temperature should a wine fridge be set at?” Right from the very beginning, you must know that keeping wines means you have to make sure that you’re keeping them cool, but not too much. If it’s not even cool at all, your wines swill absolutely lose their aroma and flavor. On the other hand, definitely don’t put them in a temperature where they can freeze. The ideal temperature is indeed in a range between 45°F and 65°F.

In the product that you’re having your eye on, make sure that its cooling properties and temperature controls are good enough. They should also be easy for you to navigate through.

Storage Capacity

Of course, this is another significant factor in the fridge and wine cooler combined that you’re buying. You certainly want one that can store as many wine bottles as it can. At the same time, you want to avail one that can also handle bottles of different shapes and sizes.

Compressor Feature

Another important characteristic to consider is its compressor feature. This system controls the circulation of air inside in order to reject heat that’s not good for the wines. Moreover, it’s also the one responsible for the fridge and wine cooler to operate with low vibration to prevent disturbance of sediments. With this, enhancing the flavor and uniformly maturing the wine is very highly likely!

So in the decision process, definitely get to know the product’s compressor. It’s more advisable to choose those with high-tech option since this makes things easier and convenient for you.


The size of the product also matters if you’re taking into consideration the actual place where you’ll put it. This one’s a no-brainer. If you are opting to put it in a limited area, then better pick a fridge and wine cooler that’s small. Just always remember to be picky when this is the situation you find yourself in. There are small fridge and wine coolers out there that still enable you to store more wine bottles than usual despite their size.

Price Range

Last but not the least of the factors you should take into consideration is the price range or your personal price range, to be exact. Of course, you have a budget. Definitely pick a fridge and wine cooler that fits right in that range. Just remember though that you shouldn’t compromise the quality of the product you’re buying just to fall under that. Never ever do that because your wines are precious and you definitely want them to be at their most prime state ever! So make sure to make a really good bargain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do subtle vibrations caused by electronic appliances such as a fridge can affect wines?

A: There’s actually no big studies nor evidence to back this up. On the other hand, really passionate wine aficionados say that vibrations can really mess with the sediments in older wines. This results to keeping them from settling which then makes them unpleasant.

Q: Are wine coolers with multiple temperature zones good?

A: These kind of coolers are actually utilized if you have a variety of wines such as red, white, and many more! You can certainly store them in different temperatures. Just take note that these coolers are way more pricey than those without this multiple temperature zones feature.

Q: What’s the standard size for wine refrigerators?

A: There’s actually no standard size for wine fridge. On the other hand, take note that refrigerators in general normally range from about 23 to 36 inches in width, 65 to 69 inches in height, and 24 to 33 inches in depth. For this exact reason, there are truly many wine coolers out there with the same dimensions.

Final Words

That’s the buying guide for the best fridge and wine coolers combined. If you’re a wine enthusiast, you deserve nothing but the very best product to facilitate your passion. You certainly want your wines to be at their most delicious and it’s no secret that it can only happen through time. As time passes by, they must be stored with the utmost care in order to achieve their tastiest and full on aroma. This is possible by having a really high-quality fridge and wine cooler combined. So we hope this guide has imparted lots of wisdom as well as tips for you. Have fun in your wine cultivation!

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