Best Fishing Backpack Under $100 (Budget Picks & Buying Guide)

The best fishing backpack can help you organize your tackle – from your fishing line, baits, rings, reels, and more.

The finest fishing backpack under $100 lets you bring your tackle on a budget so you can have the best fishing experience. Each angler wants their tackle to be handy whenever they are out fishing. This ensures the best catch while organizing everything.

Unlike typical backpacks, the one designed for fishing has special storage options. Most are made weatherproof to withstand the harsh elements of the outdoors. But aside from saving money, you also want to ensure that your tackle will fit inside. So if you’re looking for fishing backpacks that give the best value, these five picks are what we recommend:

1. Piscifun Fishing Tackle Storage Backpack

The Piscifun Fishing Tackle Storage Backpack tops our list of the greatest fishing backpack under $100. It’s made of 1200D high-density nylon with KAM buckle as well as SBS zippers. And to ensure that it’s durable for the outdoor environment, it has undergone 86 sewing procedures.

Also, there are 11 independent compartments inside as well as 18 smaller areas. This exquisite design suits all types of anglers with varying gears.

Aside from the compartments, there’s also a removable clapboard in the main bag. You can also open the clapboard to come up with two equal compartments. Aside from the bag, you will get four tackle boxes.

Another thing that we like the most about the Piscifun Fishing Tackle is its padded construction. It also comes with an external retractable bottle pocket and hardened top pocket for sunglasses. It’s all-in-one storage for your fishing holiday.

The Piscifun Tackle Backpack has a mesh rear so you wouldn’t sweat too much while using it. It also has a protective rain cover and rubber feet to keep the content of your bag safe from moisture. Moreover, it even has a waterproof pocket where you can tuck your phone safely.


  • 20% more water-resistant than most fishing backpacks
  • Comes with 4 tackle boxes
  • Can endure mud, rain, sun, and other elements


  • The shoulder straps can make use of added padding (not a big deal)

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2. Calissa Offshore Tackle X-Large Fishing Backpack

For those who want to save a few bucks, don’t hesitate to consider the Calissa Offshore Tackle X-Large Fishing Backpack. It’s made from durable polyester with long-lasting zippers that are both corrosion-resistant. There’s also a molded pocket on top where you can store your eyeglasses.

What makes this stand out among the rest is the 12-month guarantee that the manufacturer gives for factory defect. Also, this is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with this fishing backpack, you can send it back within the 30-day timeframe to get a full refund.

Moreover, the front trapdoor of this backpack can fit 4 x3650 containers, not to mention its multiple pockets. Overall, this bag is 20” tall, 9” deep, and 17” wide with removable sections and compartments to suit your tackle box.

On one side, there’s a quick access plier holder. It also comes with four tackle boxes so you can get going on your fishing trip. We also like the solid rubber feet that keep the bag away from moisture. However, it may not be as water-resistant as the Piscifun bag since this is made with polyester material.


  • 9 adjustable compartments
  • 4 tackle boxes included
  • Lightweight for less back strain


  • Not as water-resistant as the Piscifun backpack

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3. Spiderwire Fishing Tackle Backpack

Rugged, padded, and chic – the Spiderwire Fishing Tackle Backpack is a great choice. It’s made from 100% polyester with three advanced organizer compartments. Aside from that, you’ll also get three medium utility boxes and a foam molded sunglasses case. You’ll also receive four 3560 tackle boxes inside the bag.

We also like the Spiderwire Backpack because it comes with a middle cooler compartment where you can keep your drinks, food, and baits. Aside from that, it’s dotted with accessory zippered pockets so you wouldn’t have to dig into your bag for a small tool.

Moreover, this bag has a removable fishing tool folder and a fishing rod carry system. And since this backpack has a flat bottom, you can place this upright while you assemble your rods and lines.

We also like the durable zippers that can endure outdoor elements. Overall, this Spiderwire Fishing Tackle Backpack is a rugged beast that can carry all your gears.

The only downside we noticed is that this fishing backpack doesn’t have a waterproof pocket where you can stash your phone. Anyway, you can always get a waterproof pouch to solve the issue.


  • Equipped with a middle cooler
  • Tray and tackle boxes included
  • Durable pole holders


  • The plier holder is a bit loose

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4. Wild River Multi-Tackle Small Backpack

If you want everything to be extremely organized, you should consider the Wild River Multi-Tackle Small Backpack. It has a removable divider that allows you to convert the upper storage into a large backpack. Inside, you can fit up to four #3500 trays.

Aside from that, it also comes with a front pocket that folds down so you can have a handy work surface for your tackle. On each side of the bag, there’s a mesh pocket where you can stash pliers, knives, and other small items you need to keep handy. There’s also a separate plier holder and several additional zipper pockets.

Meanwhile, the upper flap of the bag has a transparent internal pocket where you can place your phone, maps, and other essential items. This pocket is waterproof to keep your valuables dry.

Anyway, this backpack isn’t 100% waterproof, so try to avoid soaking it in water. Also, make sure that you rinse it off if it happens to be in contact with salt water.

Overall, this is a super comfortable bag. The rear is padded and the straps are thick and adjustable to suit almost every angler. With the durable stitching and rubber feet, you can’t ask for more.


  • Fold-down flap
  • Water-proof pocket
  • Removable divider


  • A bit smaller than other fishing backpacks

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5. M MAXIMUMCATCH Fly Fishing Vest Pack

If you’re going for a long fishing holiday, we recommend the M MAXIMUMCATCH Vest Pack. Aside from the usual fishing backpack, it also comes with a chest pack so you can bring all your tackle for the best fishing experience.

This is made with water-resistant fabric with a mesh lining for added breathability. The large backpack has expandable storage as well as inside pockets where you can stash all the things that you need. Also, there are shell pockets with fly patches to keep your items protected inside.

To guarantee durability, this bag has the Maxcatch-built zippers. Overall, you’ll get one flyfishing backpack and one flyfishing chest pack. With that, you can have your tools handy as you monitor the rod.

What we like the most here is the main compartment in the chest pack. It has a zippered liner inside, which is a great storage space for your valuables. And since this is for flyfishing, the backpack will sit higher on your back to prevent contract with water. Anyway, you can always put the backpack on your camping spot and then just wear the chest pack.


  • Comes with a chest pack
  • Perfect for flyfishing
  • Expandable backpack


  • Not ideal for multiple tackle boxes

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Buying Guide

Are you looking for a fishing backpack under 100 dollars? Before you purchase one, make sure that you have considered the following points:

Storage options

The first thing that you have to consider is the storage option available in the backpack. Each angler has a specific preference and type of tackle to bring, so the bag must have sufficient space for this.

Look for zippered pockets, side pockets for your water bottle, tackle box compartment, and so on. The spacious the bag is, the better it is for you. Nevertheless, some anglers prefer a small backpack for convenience and lower cost.


Sizing is crucial when picking the fishing backpack you want to buy. This will dictate if your tackle can fit inside, or you’d have to look for another one with bigger pockets and compartment.

Basically, a large fishing backpack frees you of the need to carry another bag. However, you should also know that large backpacks can also strain your neck and back, especially if you carry heavy equipment.


Fishing backpacks made of reinforced nylon and polyester are good options. These are durable and can last for several years before showing signs of wear and tear. Also, try to look for bags with poly zippers since it will save you from corrosion should you get your bag soaked in water.

Moreover, we recommend fishing backpacks with double stitching. Fishing gears are heavy, so you have to ensure that your backpack is made to endure such weight. No angler wants a bag that will burst open in the middle of the fishing holiday.


Always look for a backpack that’s water and weather-resistant. The last thing that you want to happen is having your baits, permits, and other items soaked in water.

Look for a fishing backpack with a waterproof/water-resistant lining as well as a treated layer that will shield your things from the rain and other outdoor elements.


A good fishing backpack should have durable and rugged shoulder straps. This is so you can carry heavy equipment without worrying that your bag’s strap will come off. Always choose a wide strap to disperse the weight on your shoulder.

Take note that narrow shoulder straps will cause back pain. Also, look for a fishing backpack should have a mesh material so your back wouldn’t sweat too much.

Cooling compartment

This isn’t a required feature, but it’s a big plus if the fishing backpack of your choice has a cooling compartment. This way, you can allow your baits to cool so it wouldn’t spoil. The same goes for your food and snacks.

Additional features

Aside from the compartments and pockets, a fishing backpack can also have a hardened pocket on top for your sunglasses. Also, try to look for rod holders, retractable lanyards, and LED light.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What to put inside your fishing backpack?

A: You can stash just about every tackle inside your fishing backpack. It includes your flashlight, rods, reels, tackle box, bait, permits, and other accessories. The good thing about fishing backpacks is it comes with special storage pockets and compartments for easy organization.

Q: Do I really need a fishing backpack?

A: Unlike a regular backpack, fishing backpacks are made to withstand the wear and tear of fishing trips. Aside from that, fishing backpacks are designed ergonomically so that you wouldn’t strain your back. Most of all, this type of backpacks are made of waterproof and durable material.

Q: How much should I spend on fishing backpacks?

A: Fishing backpacks come in wide price ranges. Those who can splurge can spend up to $300. But if you’re on a budget, you can find the best value at $100. These fishing backpacks are long-lasting and can last for years of fishing weekends.

Q: I have a bad back, is a fishing backpack ideal?

A: If it’s a challenge for you to bring a backpack, you can look for one that doubles as a sling bag. This way, you can transition from carrying a backpack to a sling bag that reduces the strain on your back.

Q: What is the ideal fishing backpack volume for a 4-day fishing holiday?

A: The best choice is a 50 to 60-liter backpack for a 4-day fishing holiday. It’s enough to house all your gears together with large food and snack serving.


The fishing backpack is a great purchase to keep your tackle organized. Always look for the features that suit your needs as well as your budget. Even at 100 bucks, you can always find the best value that will last for years.

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