5 Best Exciting Outdoor Activities in the Philippines

How is your bucket list this 2020? Have you already encountered extreme outdoor activities like biking and trekking?

If you want to encounter these activities and you’re looking for some more, why not release the daredevil version of you and allow yourself to try these exciting and extreme outdoor activities that will surely spice up your bucket list this year.


Surfing is the coolest sport in the Philippines that people want to try. Get fueled and try to feel the haste of the waves when you surf beside the coast. One thing is for sure, you will get addicted to surfing once you’ve actually tried it. The adrenaline rush will directly pump into your veins as you get on the waves.

In the Philippines, the surfing capital is considered as the place of Siargao in Surigao del Sur, Mindanao as it offers extreme waves. The places that you can also try the surfing sport or activity is in La Union and Baler. These two places are the most popular surfing spots.

Mountain Climbing

Want to unwind and get away from stress and busy life in the city? The intense traffic, the polluted air and most of all the unbearable heat? If you want to get away from these stressful things then prepare your backpack now, put your hiking shoes on and climb the mountain! Feel the beautiful earth and its serenity as you climb all the way to the summit. It can be tiring, maybe you feel tired and you already want to give up but if you’re going to move forward and continue to step up, the attractive scenery from the peak of a mountain will be very fulfilling and very rewarding.

River Rafting

Forget the relaxing blue water and white sand beach, it’s time to hit the river! River rafting is one way to go if you’re looking for heart-stomping action and nerve-wracking action. Cagayan de Oro, well-known because of its white stunning water rafting, vaunts various challenging cascades which all thrill-seekers must try. Aside from that, it provides rafting trips that could be taken in four different courses (beginner, advance 1 and 2, extreme). If you accidentally fall off the boat, just stay calm, trained guides will assist you plus you have your own life jacket and your helmet so you will certainly feel safe.


The spelunking activity is progressively becoming famous in the country. The thrill and excitement of exploring the caves and its rock formation have attracted several adventurers to encounter or try this kind of activity. Some of the well-known or popular caves that are frequently visited are Ugong Rock Adventures located in the astounding place of Puerto Princesa, Palawan and Sumaguing Cave in Sagada, Mountain Province.

Cliff Diving

Boracay is well-known because of its white sand beach. But aside from that, there are many activities that Boracay can offer especially for those people who are adventure junkies, you should not miss the cliff diving at Ariel’s Point. It might be a butt-numbing experience, however, I promise you, it is really fun.

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