5 Best Active Sports for Persons with Disability

Having a disability can decrease self-confidence, self-esteem and cause an emotional breakdown in a person; they even feel worthless and insecure.

Of the total population, 15% or 1 billion people in the world are experiencing a different form of disability. Persons with disabilities are experiencing an adverse socio-economic outcome such as less education, lower levels of employment and poor health status. That is why there are programs that are organized to address the problems of the PWD (People with Disability) community. There are livelihood programs, training, and sports recreation programs for them. Staying active helps people to live with a disability by strengthening their heart, improving muscle and bone forms, and making them feel better within themselves. Below are 5 best sports that can be played by a person living with a disability.


A most common way for persons with disabilities to cycle is using a modified bike. This modified bike has the greatest stability with special seats and handlebars. Hand cycling allows the person to pedal with their arms in a reclined position. There is also tandem cycling which is a safer way to enjoy cycling especially for those people with visual or hearing impairments. Nowadays, there are many different bikes for different disabilities; this is the best way to get a cardiovascular workout to improve their strength, condition, and balance.

Snow Skiing

It looks impossible but the truth is it can be possible, as snow skiing is performed usually by sitting or standing. Persons with disabilities can enjoy skiing with the use of assistance adaptive equipment. They can ski by sitting in a bucket seat by using a mono-ski or bi-ski. There is a ski that has handheld outriggers that are used for steering and stability. Tandem skis allow them to ski with assistance to their partners. A person who is visually impaired can ski by following instructions from beside skier.


Golf is an adaptable sport for everyone, regardless of your disability. Golf can be performed by sitting or standing, this may help their stability while swinging the club and also exercise mental health through planning strategies in playing. There are golf clubs that teach a person with a disability using adaptive equipment. This is the best sport for disabilities like paralysis, visual, hearing, emotional, intellectual and mental impairments.


Swimming offers many benefits for a person with a disability, including strengthening cardiovascular systems and muscle (both upper and lower body). It may develop muscle and joint flexibility and coordination. Persons with a disability such as being deaf, blind and physically disabled can do swimming. This doesn’t require any special equipment, just do some proper training, practice, and exercises.


Tennis is also one of the trend of sports for persons with disability. There are training and programs that organize to train and teach persons living with disability to master and play tennis. With the use of adaptive mobility equipment like wheelchairs, they can play tennis. Tennis can be played individually, as a duo or even groups.

Having a disability doesn’t mean they can’t do anything. There are people supporting a program for persons with a disability, helping to regain their self-steam and confidence. Being in that situation is hard but with the help of people and themselves they can still live a normal life with happiness and a healthy environment.

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